The Power of Natural Healing

Hua-Ching Ni is a Taoist Master, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Tai Chi teacher living in Los Angeles, United States. His son, Dr. Maoshing Ni or simply Dr. Mao has gained international fame as a natural healer and author.

Master Hua-Ching Ni is by profession a natural healer, an acupuncturist, a herbalist, a traditional Chinese natural healer, since his youth. He was initiated in this holistic profession by his father, and his father by his father, and so forth, since 14 generations. This is important to know when reading his books, for the novice to integral spirituality may understand that there is a very down-to-earth and practical side to this spiritual teaching: it is healing!

Before I start presenting my quotes from Master Ni’s book ‘The Power of Natural Healing (1991, 1995),’ there is one important point of departure or assumption to this healing tradition. It is the assumption that there is an energy prior to the manifest elemental, material world. This subtle energy, it is assumed, is the creator force in the universe. Master Ni draws a parallel to the concept of ‘soul’ which is perhaps more intelligible to the Western reader than the notion of a an energy field.

Hua-Ching Ni
What is called soul is actually the universal vitality of each individual. It is a kind of subtle energy that is not as solid and heavy as physical energy; it is more essential. /iii

If our soul is actually an energy field, why should we not assume that all that is prior to the material is not a formed thing, but unformed, however informed by the field’s connectivity? Hence we could say that prior to matter is information; not coincidentally so, the subtle energy field was revealed by quantum physics and systems theory to be an information field.

When we thus apply a medicine that is based upon this revelation, namely that the unmanifest is basically flow-like, informational and subtle, we lose our grip upon matter as a focal point, and we see that when we look at the human body as a doctor, we better look at the underlying energy patterns. Master Ni writes:

Hua-Ching Ni
If a doctor treats a patient, how can the patient get well? A patient gets well mostly by his own natural vitality. Any healing method, herb or medication works by removing the external invader or the poison created in the body, thus stimulating the patient’s own natural vitality to do a better job in restoring the health of a particular organ or part of the body that is affected. An old friend who practices homeopathy estimated that 95% of all disease was cured by the strength of the patient, and only 5% by the treatment. /iii

When we see that the body is not a dull machine but an intelligent network that contains all the information that it needs for functioning flawlessly, we see that disease simply is a malfunctioning in the information flow; in other words, we see that disease is the result of energetic imbalances, or a blockage of flow in the organism. Master Ni elucidates:

Hua-Ching Ni
We take an organic view of life, while modern medicine generally takes a mechanical view. (iii)

An organic view of the body indeed will not consider it as a machine that is composed of various parts or elements, but as a functional whole that is intelligently connected with its underlying energy and information network. The essential connection between natural healing and Chinese medicine is explained by Master Ni in the following terms:

Hua-Ching Ni
So the basic principle of Chinese medicine and spiritual cultivation is integral beingness. It does not treat people like machines. Nor does it take the attitude that if you have a pain, I can simply cut the nerve so you don’t feel it, or if you have a cold, I can give you a medication to suppress the symptoms. /6

To the ancient ones, there was no problem about whether the universe started by mind or matter. An energy egg cannot be defined as either mind or matter, because it is just energy. Energy is life. If the universe is not energy, it is a dead, empty shell. It could not be you and me; it could not be life. /11

The foundation of modern science is based on physiology, anatomy and biochemistry, yet there is still a higher, more subtle sphere. /20

Another parallel that Master Ni draws is the similarity of disease with destiny. We have said that disease in the body is the result of energy patterns getting distorted, for example, by wrong thinking, by negativity, or bad habits. By the same token, destiny may serve you unlucky experiences as a result of the same, your own negative thought patterns which result in energetic imbalances in your body.

Hua-Ching Ni
In the game of life, it is the energy arrangement within an individual that determines whether life’s circumstances are favorable or unfavorable, advantageous or fatal. /37

Hence, we can say that this natural view of healing is in accordance with universal law, as even destiny works on the lines of ‘health’ or ‘disease’ in our thoughts and emotional patterns. When I go to the casino and play, while holding in my mind a grudge against my former losses, I will surely lose again. When I go to my boss for asking a promotion and I hold a grudge against him because he rejected my previous request, I will encounter another reject — and so on. The pattern has to be changed before there can be success. When there was repeated failure, there is surely a pattern at work, an energy pattern within our psyche that makes for the failure. Failure is not natural, please understand this. Success is natural, to go up and expand is natural, not to go down and lose. Both may be natural at times, but in the long run what is typical for human destiny is growth and expansion. This can be seen in the lives of all very gifted people. They do realize their gift and capitalize on it. This is actually how they realize God in their lives, for God is just a word that covers more than it reveals.

Hua-Ching Ni
God is just a name for the universal positive life energy in each of us. By manifesting that energy in our lives, we bring out the beauty of life and also some great achievements. Without that energy, nothing can be accomplished in the world. /56

In many a case of fatal illness, an aware person may see through the veil and discover they had not allowed God to manifest in their life, which is why they became fatally ill. They closed themselves in a tower in order not to feel their desire, unaware of the fact that every desire is of course also given by God. It is especially in such cases that natural healing can help, while modern medicine typically fails as it is based upon a non-spiritual view of life and the body.

Hua-Ching Ni
Many people reach the limits of modern medicine and are on the verge of death before they finally turn their lives around and restore their health by their will to live, by new ways of living, and by forming new psychological attitudes and positive emotions. /58

Modern medicine does not have the power to decide your life and death. /64

Once you hire undeveloped people to take care of your life, it is usually not as good as taking care of it yourself. /68

I just awaken the spiritual energy within to make a person well. It is not like modern medicine, which treats you like a worn-out piece of machinery. /77

Now we get at a topic very typical for natural healing. It is disease prevention. This is a huge topic, as prevention can be as simple as eating only good food until doing some kind of regular exercise, as for example calligraphy.

Hua-Ching Ni
Some people who practice calligraphy live very long lives. Why? It is the concentration. Every day they spend a certain amount of time sitting quietly in concentration, doing their calligraphy. /94

When you are doing these movements, it looks like so much movement, but practically you do nothing, because you are doing nature. Nature is not dead stuff, it is a living flow. Health and aliveness come from a smooth, natural flow of energy. Thus, while nature is stillness, it is also subtle movement. This movement starts beyond where the five senses can reach and feel. Beyond all postures, there is the unexpressed truth. /95

Again, cultivating Tao is almost like accounting: one looks for balance. It is suitable to favor the side of capital without extending oneself in debt. Overextending yourself at the emotional, mental or physical level will increase the negative side. If you correctly project your energy in all three spheres of life, then it does not cause a minus. /99

What is it that such kind of exercise, be it calligraphy, be it tai chi, kung fu or qigong, can give you. It is very simple to understand this. It gives you balance. Balance is of the utmost importance for any healthy life; without balance, you easily reach the chaos point; without balance, we easily lose or clearmindedness and become fanatic and stuck. This in turn will bring about disease later on.

Hua-Ching Ni
Any emotion or attachment or stubbornness will cause a person to lose his or her balance. I always say that balance is Tao, and I require myself, my sons, my friends and students to keep their lives in balance. In ancient times, a spiritual person watched the three demons, the Six Greedy Thieves and the Seven Bloodthirsty Devils carefully, but too often they stayed in caves and monasteries and dared not do anything for fear of arousing the thieves and demons. Consequently, they feared the normalcy of life and overextended another side of negativity. /102


Hua-Ching Ni
The Power of Natural Healing
Santa Monica: Seven Stars Communications, 1991, 1995