What is Life Authoring?

People generally know what authoring is, as for example authoring a book. But can one author one’s life? Sounds queer, right? And yet, I have done it and can say it works. It works not just as a pastime activity, but as a serious self-coaching method that facilitates personal growth and high achievement.

You have certainly come across people who author books. They do research. Then they write and when they write, fantasy comes in.

I do not ask people to become fiction authors. I ask them to author their lives. When you author your life, you do not write fiction, and in a way you write fiction. You write your life story, which is fiction. You may say it’s nonfiction but in reality it’s fiction. Because we filter reality and what we perceive is transformed into something like a processed reality. We do not perceive reality in a raw fashion; our reality picture is not a photographic one, but a painted one. We apply our own strokes of imagination, we apply our beliefs, and we paint what we have seen through our unique glasses — the glasses that falsify everything. And yet you can’t say it’s false because there is nobody who says what is right, in the first place!

When you see that, when you really understand that, you will become rather humble and you do away with the false belief that you could be objective in any way. And this will help to accept your life as it was or as you have seen it through your glasses and touched it with the gloves you are wearing and that shield you from perceiving reality directly.

When you write the first draft of your life story, you may find that very hard. But that’s not because writing life stories is hard per se, it’s hard for you because you have lost the childish way of doing this with what in Zen is called a Beginners Mind. You can write your life story in five minutes, in five years or in fifty years. You can write half a page, five hundred pages or five thousand. All this does not matter. What matters is how much of your soul you are going to put in your writing.