Morsels of Systemliteracy

The Five Truths

1/5 Growth is Nonlinear

Growth processes are nonlinear. They cannot be described with the tool box of conventional mathematics. They can only be described with a special non-Euclidian mathematics, which had to be created for this purpose. Growth processes can only be observed in living systems, not, as it was the case with conventional biology, in dead organisms. In the living organism, all is interrelated and there is a communication structure within the whole system, in which the totality of the system participates.

2/5 Living Systems are Self-Regulatory

Self-regulation is a major functional key element in living systems. Self-regulation can be understood as a system of checks and balances. Regulatory functions are part of the system itself, not coming from outside. This means that a living system possesses a certain amount of autonomy. Besides biological self-regulation, human self-regulation as a behavior pattern is important for peaceful living, and for the blossoming of creativity.

3/5 Intelligence is Self-Organizing

Human intelligence is characterized by a single most important feat. This key element is self-organization. A good example is perception. The human perception matrix is actively and passively self-organizing, perceiving life by cognizing whole patterns that are added to the human memory surface as patterns, and not as single elements. When a small child learns their first language, the child is not learning the language as we learn it in school, but picks up whole patterns of the language spoken. That means that for example the syntax rules and grammar are not learnt separately and are not needed to be learnt at all because they are contained within the patterns that are, as such, stored in the memory surface.

4/5 Emotions Service Cognition

Emotions possess their own intelligence, which is different from the intelligence of the mind. The intelligence of our emotions is related to the intelligence of our body. While the mind operates through thought, our emotional intelligence expresses itself on the subconscious level, and the level of the body, through automatisms, symptoms, habits, dreams, body language, and in relationships. Emotional intelligence translates in excellent communication and relational abilities, as well as polyglot language mastering.

5/5 Love is Functional

For somebody who understands well the functional smart of love, the level of emotional intelligence of that person can be assessed by their responding easily to all kinds of feedback, positive or negative. If such a person engages in relations that are forbidden by conventional morality, the man or woman will manage to be marginalized and even rejected, without losing out on self-respect and positive outreach to others. For this to happen, it is however necessary that the person fosters a non-judgmental attitude toward the world.

The Seven Virtues

1/7 Express Yourself. Love is Self-Expression.

What is commonly called love is actually love for the unique self, our higher self; that’s why it is called self-expression.

2/7 Be Self-Contented

Stop chasing for fame, but practice daily quietude of mind and heart. True happiness comes from that.

3/7 Validate Your Creations

Recognize all your creations. Validate them. Publish them.

4/7 Have Faith That Good Comes to You

Create, write, and be in silence. Your needs are met. Have faith that what you attract is good.

5/7 Embrace Your Shadow

Value all there is in yourself, also the irrational, the queer-minded, and the weird. Take time and rest to nourish your soul being. Give full latitude to yourself — your Self. First, be in peace with yourself.

6/7 Ward Off Paranoia

I lost many creations because of fear, paranoia, lacking self-respect and the anticipation of anything negative. And each and every time I saw in hindsight that my fears were completely vain and unjustified, and that thus I had destroyed creations of mine — which is about the worst a creator can do.

7/7 Be a Warrior, Not a Rebel

Be a warrior. The difference between a warrior and a rebel is that rebels have agendas, and destructive ones at that. A warrior is alert, vigilant, and obeys to principles. He or she is aware of the complexity of life. Be a warrior! Have no agenda, except a creative agenda, but beware of social agendas, activist agendas, or conspiracy agendas.

The Twelve Reminders

1/12 Remain Balanced

Avoid excesses and marathons of all kinds! Do every day a bit, and do it consciously, with joy, and with gratitude. Avoid indulgence. Do not control your emotions, or they control you. For being emotionally balanced, you need to integrate your emotions, not to control them.

2/12 Remain Committed

Commitment is almost all to success there is! To be committed means to stay your course, and to remain constant in your attitude, and to persist despite all obstacles you may face on your way!

3/12 Remain Creative

Your self-expression is all you have in life to make your point in this world. If you don’t express yourself, you leave no trace. In that case you are like a dream walker or a shadow worker, and the source of your light remains hidden. But it’s your light that seeks expression in this world, while of course you need to care also of your shadow — it’s your shadow that gives depth to your picture, but it’s your light that makes others can see it

4/12 Remain Focused

If you are an expert in only one discipline, remain single-focused. If you know many disciplines, remain multi-focused. Avoid to be single-focused when you know many disciplines and are interested in many things. It is easy to be single-focused when one only knows one discipline. But it is self-betrayal to follow coaches who preach single-focus when you are, like me, a Renaissance spirit.

5/12 Remain Fluid

Consciousness is fluid. That means all is in constant change and flow. Hence the need to be and remain flexible, and adapt smoothly to circumstances. Growth cannot be hastened or the fruit will be destroyed because all the vital juice goes into the leaves. Do you want to be a wild bush or a beautiful flower?

6/12 Remain Integral

Integral Life. Integral Spirituality. Integral Philosophy. What does all that mean? It means to remain committed to a vision of the whole, not to lose yourself in the contemplation of the parts of the whole. The parts are not really there, they are organic elements cast in a systemic arrangement called a network; and within that network are nested other networks. When you contemplate life, you contemplate a hologram. When you want to improve your relationships, you need to practice integrity which basically is a principle of non-violation. You respect others and they respect you in return. The integral vision, which is the systems view of life, is a vision that sees patterns and relationships in life, instead of clockworks and parts.

7/12 Remain Mindful

Remain mindful of change, for change is the one single most striking thing that characterizes life. We need to embrace change in order to be prepared for readjustment. Every change requires us to adjust again to new circumstances, new relationships, a new environment, and new challenges. To remain mindful means to be prepared, to remain vigilant, to be a Warrior.

8/12 Remain Organized

Keep your life uncluttered. Keep your affairs organized. Keep your desk clean and functional. Keep your house tidy and welcoming to others. Keep your relationships uncorrupted. Clutter manifests in many ways, in disorderliness, in dysfunctional relationships, in wasted expenses, in things you keep without using them, in rooms you pay for but that you never use, in bribes you pay to get others out of your way, and in abuse of your power. All this is simply … clutter. You can live without it and the empty space will make your life sparkle.

9/12 Remain Passionate

There are no passion crimes. It’s a linguistic misnomer. All really horrific crimes are committed in a totally dispassionate spirit, an administrator spirit, a manager spirit, an executor spirit, a rational spirit, or a governance spirit. All holocausts, throughout human history, were and are committed in a non-passionate spirit, with an agenda that sounds reason-bound but that is total madness. When you remain passionate, you are connected with your light, and your fire — which is your heart! When you decide to remain passionate, you decide for life and against death, for love and against war, for construction and against destruction.

10/12 Remain Sexual

To be sexual means to be energized. To remain sexual is vital for not only survival but also for remaining creative. Do not judge your longings, for such behavior is self-destructive. Do not listen what others say, what society says, what your culture or religion says—your longings are part of your self-expression in life, and they are part of your soul being. Accept your sexual longings with humility, and you will be able to cope with them.

11/12 Remain Soulful

Care for your soul. You do not only consist of a body. You consist of layers of energy. Your body is the densest of various energy layers you are made of. You are a layered, patterned organism. Besides your body, you have a psyche, a mind, and a soul. You need to care for all of it without neglecting one part, and also without making one part dominant over the others. You need to maintain a creative balance between body, mind, and spirit. All is one unity. If you do that, you remain connected to Love, for Love is Unity!

12/12 Remain Stereo

Get beyond the flatland spirit, the one-dimensional soul, and maintain a good vibration. A good vibration is always stereo, not mono, just as in music. A good recording doesn’t scratch your ears off, it has no tape hiss. It is live music. There is no scratching needle. The advancement in recording technology from analog to digital parallels the advancement of human consciousness from a partial to integral. You want to sound like a good recording. So you want to sound stereo and digital: get rid of noise in your self-expression, become crystal-clear in your wording, and full of light. Express all you want to say, don’t hide back. And embrace your poles, your light and your shadow, your white and your black, your four inner juices, sweet, sour, salty and bitter. And bring shadow into your self-expression, then you become a painting. Otherwise you remain to be a vector drawing.

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