Why Spiritual Guidance is a Challenge

It can go both ways. We expect it to go positive, but it can go negative as well. And then you feel guilty. As I am feeling guilty and a friend of mine feels guilty. We both received information from the field that expected us to take a certain action. In my case it was to meet a destitute family and build a home for them, in the case of my friend, it was a dream in which she got information about the death of a friend.

I did not know what the reason was for the command back in 2008, a week before the great storm and national disaster in Myanmar, that a voice told me in a dream, the last dream that night, so I cleary remembered it when waking up:

—You shall meet a woman today and her two children. Build a home for them.

When I came down to my hotel lobby in the morning, my driver looked embarrassed. He said:

—Sorry, there is a local woman with two little boys who wants to meet you. She says she wants to ask you for something …

I replied, ‘Yes I know, so let’s go outside.’

He stared at me.

It was all as it was described in the vision, for I had got not only that instruction but also a kind of photography of the woman and her boys, in that dream vision. And it corresponded 100%.

So I was ready to help. The problem was however that I had no idea there would be a disaster in the country just a week later, otherwise I would have acted out correctly. That, the voice did not tell me, while it said I should leave the country as soon as possible.

While the voice had said ‘build a house for her,’ I thought it was to interpret metaphorically, so I rented an apartment for her in the basement of a house I found in a village that accepted her with open arms. I made a contract for six months. Behold, in Myanmar, it’s not very common that a single-parent family is accepted in a village other than their origin — and they may even be rejected in their own village for that matter. That’s the prejudice against divorced women that exists in many countries all over the world.

But in this case, all went fine. I went back to my hotel at the end of the afternoon, exhausted from the long trip, and the terrible heat in that country.

But my contentment was harshly turned over when in that night I had another dream vision, encountering that same spirit, telling me:

—I am very disappointed about you. You have not carried out my command in the right manner!

I was bathed in guilt upon waking up, feeling very bad about myself. I had not known that such a disaster would happen in that country, otherwise I would have built a house of stone for that family. That guilt went with me all the recent years till now, 7 years later …

And today a friend of mine told me a similar story. She had a clear dream that a friend of hers would die of cancer but she thought it would be better to keep that dream for herself.

A few months later that friend of hers died of cancer, exactly in the way it was told her in the dream. She feels very guilty now to not have informed him about the dream, for she could have suggested him to change his lifestyle and, for example, seek advice by a live blood test, as well as anticipating his fear by giving him timely advice for alternative and non-harmful cancer cures.

I know that guilt is blocking our spiritual unfoldment. But then, how is it possible that you get spiritual guidance that gives you only half of the information, leaving you completely on your own with managing to carry out the spiritual requests you are receiving?

What do I mean? Simply, if I had known there will be a storm devastating the country in a week, I would have built that house. If my friend had known that her friend would really die of cancer, she would have told him about the vision and also about alternative cancer treatment.

Now let us look into that a little more deeply. A friend of mine suggested that in both cases, it was a spirit whogave us the information, and as spirits have different levels of evolution, there is a probability that the spirits who informed me and my friend were of a lower spiritual development, struggling with getting through to our dimension as this requires an adaptation of their much higher cellular vibration to our, lower-frequency rage, spacetime continuum. Given that difficulty, they may have had rather limited time to convey it telepathically, or that through the energy transformation, a part of the message got lost.

I am thankful for that information given to me by somebody who has made an astounding spiritual ascension with the practice of Hatha Yoga. I think his explanation is plausible, yet I have come to reflect a bit more on this matter and found another possible explanation.

Would it make sense to you if I argued that perhaps the spiritual realm is testing spiritually evolved souls if they truly have faith? For as truthful as my friend’s explanation sounds, it is also possible that the spirit guides who informed us, deliberately withheld a part of the information. Why? It may have been a test, for they may want us to trust spiritual guidance without wavering, without doubting. What is faith, and why is it important to have faith?

You’ll easily remember the stories in the Bible, Abraham, Joseph, and Noah. They were also not given the whole information, only a part of it, and for the rest, they had to trust it all! And it was their trust that was rewarded after all, later on, when all was accomplished as predicted. It was not the fact that they were avatars. In other words, they became avatars through having firmly believed in the guidance they received!

What can we learn from that?

I believe we learn that we never really know if we are avatars or not. It doesn’t matter for the universal spirit if we have that kind of awareness. What that spirit asks us for is faith, constant unwavering faith, and that is the reason it does not give us the full information, and leaves a space open for our faith to enter, and blossom …

Now, for all of you who have had similar experiences, I would like to give you some ideas how to cope with the guilt! Yes, the guilt!

My friend and me shared today that we are suffering from a very strong and nagging feeling of guilt because of these spiritual challenges that we were unable to meet because, as we only know today, we were lacking faith!

I know there are thousands of you here who, after reading this story, remember similar experiences. Don’t you agree that guilt is destructive, that it turns us away from godly spiritual guidance, rather than get us more attuned to such guidance?

Yes, guilt is very destructive for our self-esteem, and also for our spiritual receptivity. So the reason I published this today is to share with you a prayer I have created to address the godly voice in you, asking for forgiveness. Practice this prayer in the style the late Dr. Joseph Murphy has suggested in his books.

Thus, put yourself in a relaxed condition, ask your body to participate in this quest, take some deep breaths and let your brain get into the alpha state, when your brain waves are elongated, which allows your subconscious mind to crop out and be more receptive than usual.

It helps to choose a time when this happens naturally in your brain, right after waking up in the morning and before you fall asleep. Then repeat this prayer several times until you have a feeling of saturation. Repeat this day after day, until when you feel inside, there is no more sting and no more guilt, and you feel at peace with yourself and the universe:

I hereby forgive myself any lack of faith in the past! I know that when I focus on this lack, I create more lack. Instead I decide to focus on my present level of spiritual ascension, and I feel contented doing so. I am now cleansed of guilt entirely for I know how destructive it is. Instead, put all my faith in Divine Guidance and trust myself to be sufficient in thinking and acting the next time I am asked to help the spiritual realm achieving its goals.