Coaching Your Inner Child is a systematic road map for the whole of the procedure of Inner Child Recovery, Healing and Artwork. It is a selfhelp guide and provides many examples and sample dialogues.

The content has been structured so as to provide some meat for all tastes. Each of the main chapters is different in style and addresses issues that speak to a different inner self.

Exclusiveness in fostering only the Inner Child is unwise and not recommended since the other main actors of our inner stage, your Inner Parent and your Inner Adult which compose your Inner Team, are always present and active; thus, they have to be involved if an effective outcome of voice dialogue is to be achieved.

Only once a flexible and dynamic equilibrium within this inner team is achieved, the person can be said to play out her full potential of personal power, creativeness and inner strength.

That means this inner process is a truly religious quest; this, however, does not imply that it is for that reason a strictly serious affair. In the contrary, working with the Inner Child is highly amusing at times, and that punch of humor and wit is one of the most rewarding aspects of Inner Child work, for it is one of the most typical character traits of the recovered and healed Inner Child.

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