The Better LifeThe Better Life: Transforming Yourself From Inside-Out is the result of a wisdom quest the author engaged in after having lost more than one third of his fortune in an unlucky real estate investment. During this time of great loss and financial difficulty, he remembered and applied some of the teachings of the ancient stoics, and this helped him overcome the personal crisis and recover both emotionally and financially.

The intention behind this book is to share helpful and practically useful methods the author applied to bring a new balance in his shaken life, and to live life more consciously, more happily, with more gratitude, and a stronger grounding in the present.

The main questions the book asks and answers are how to use the power of your subconscious mind to steer your life in alignment with your higher purpose, and how to adjust your thinking process so as to attract harmonious conditions, success, and wealth.

Furthermore, the author explains the creative process with many practical and biographical examples, and teaches techniques such as creative writing, affirmative prayer, and spontaneous art. Besides, topics such as positive parenting, health, making friends, and success strategies are covered in this uncanny selfhelp guide that comes with an extensive bibliography and Q & A sessions after each of the 9 chapters.

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