Rhonda Byrne: The Magic

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This is only a little note. But as I came to see that little things are important in life, so perhaps little notes are as well?

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When I started the 28-days program for learning to be grateful, as Rhonda Byrne proposes in her well-written book ‘The Magic,’ I had a feeling I should first of all be grateful for the big things I got in life, my multiple talents, the fortune I inherited, the many languages I got to master, the many books I have written, and all the music I composed — and so on.

Rhonda Byrne

Then, on the 5th day into that program, I was suddenly blocked. Writing 10 statements of gratitude per day then became a difficulty. What should I be grateful for? Had I not written it all out already?

After some sincere prayers for being enlightened what the reason of my writer’s block was, I got an insight, a deep and really shocking insight!

Back in 2011, when I left Cambodia for Thailand for investing there in real estate, going out with a loss of 1/3 of my fortune in 2014 after selling it all off again, I was not aware that in all those years from the year of my inheritance in 2000 to 2011, I had not been grateful at all. 11 years in the land without gratitude!

And with deep remorse I then understood what Rhonda Byrne writes, namely that a total lack of gratitude attracts really a kind of gross misfortune so hard to bear that it looks like a ‘divine punishment.’

Of course, our universe does not punish us and in this sense this statement of hers is of course a metaphor, but such a hard financial surprise really seems to be, or is perceived like, a punishment ‘from Heaven.’

Already during my childhood, what my mother told me was always the same: ‘You are an ungrateful nerd!’ It took me really 50 years to see that she was right!

Now, this shocking insight was really a blessing! For I eventually saw how important for me it had been to have found Rhonda Byrne’s books (also, ‘The Secret,’ which I found already some time ago). But I would never have thought I could find the reason for that terrible financial misfortune in Thailand.

With this remembrance of my times of ungratefulness, I began to really understand why we should be grateful, and the story of Job, from the Bible, came to mind. Was not Job simply an ungrateful person? Entire libraries have been written why he had that struggle with God, and perhaps the most plausible answer would be that he lacked gratitude.

Also, then, finally I could understand that mysterious dictum in the Bible that says that one who has will be given more, and one who has not, will be taken the little rest he has! That sentence revolted me when I first learnt about it in the religion class in high school! But in the explanation of Rhonda Byrne it makes total sense. That ‘thing’ one has or one has not, in this sentence, is gratitude!

Now, my writer’s block was not only dissolved, but I got into such a stream of thoughts that the following days I wrote more than 10 things for which I am grateful — but the surprising change was that I did not need to mention ‘big things’ any longer, but many little details of life came to my mind, like being grateful for living in a country where the sun is shining the whole year, having any kind of help in the household and when carrying grocery shopping home, being in a residence where both the cleaning staff and the electrician are smart and diligent people and can solve any kind of maintenance problem, and so on.

Then I realized many other things I should be grateful for, and eventually was really feeling blessed for, like healing my arthritis condition simply by a change of diet, thanks to the precious information I got from the books of Dr. Mao, Dr. Young, Dr. Watson, and Dr. Walker — that are on my review list.

Finally, I realized that I am grateful also for things I even considered as misfortunes in the past! I suddenly felt immensely grateful for my mother having insisted that I study law, and not musical education, or working as a recording technician, as I had dreamt of in my times of youth. I realized that without having studied law, I would not understand our social and political world so well, and the structures of power in every kind of society, and even in every group of people. And I would not have come to understand how important social policy is, and how much a good social policy making contributes to peace, and how much a bad or neglected one contributes to war and civil war!

Rhonda Byrne

And I saw then that Rhonda Byrne had not promised too much in her book when she wrote that developing gratitude really scrambles one’s life in a way that one feels one is no more the same person! It’s 100% true, at least for me. And how grateful I feel for this book, and also her book ‘The Secret’ in which she so well explains the Law of Attraction.

While I had learnt it over many years through the books of Joseph Murphy, somehow I had not applied it for I had remained negative on the thought and feeling level toward life! It was ‘The Secret,’ first the movie, then the book that was able to change that.

Don’t ask me how, as even Joseph Murphy, a writer I admire so much over so many years, was not able to? I don’t understand it myself. It’s pretty much a mystery to me why now, and not before, and why through the productions of Rhonda Byrne, and not the books of Wallace D. Wattles, Charles Haanel, Ernest Homes, and Catherine Ponder — to name only these?

And I see now that as I am humbled by this mystery, we should be humbled and simply feel grateful, without always wanting to know the why and how! We cannot know all in life, and this is our human limitation, but we can be grateful for what we do know, and even for the mystery of our not-knowing which Albert Einstein called ‘wonder.’ We then stay with this wonder, with this grateful acceptance that Life is filled when we are grateful, and empty when we are not.

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