Hillary Clinton vs. Julian Assange

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This is not the kind of blog I usually post. It’s an exception to the rule, okay? But face reading is a gift I got from birth.

So let us inquire logically. What was said in this article, to begin with?

A conflict between Assange and Clinton may have plenty of personal motivations, but it also seems inevitable in some sense. Hillary is obsessive about maintaining control of information. She created a personal server located in her home to handle all of her emails as Secretary of State, something no other Secretary has ever done. She then deleted all the contents of that server after self-selecting the emails she believed were work-related. More recently, she has refused to speak to the press for more than three weeks, even as she runs for President. By contrast, Assange has made a career out of parceling out what was once secret information.

So let me reveal my face reading analysis to you, and you may be surprised.

Hillary Clinton

  • A face that is an expression of power-seeking, a face that is dominant in the sense that this woman does not want to be contradicted.
  • Yet her face also expresses that when she meets with intelligent people and arguments, she is ready to yield, she is ready to compromise for she knows as a politician that nothing in life is a result of chance, she knows that we create reality from inside-out, and that political success is the success of people getting together for a solution — not a one-sided game of willpower to seek crashing one’s enemies.
  • It is the face of a woman who is decisive and clear about her mission, a woman who would not call herself ‘spiritual’ but who is spiritual for I see that in her eyes.
  • However, there is conflict in her Self. The area between her firmly closed (very beautiful) mouth and her (very strongly willed) nose shows that there is a strong conflict of principles in her Higher Self.
  • She may be conscious of it or not. What this tells me is that she would be way more successful as a politician if she could be non-judgmental, while this is not a politically correct attitude in America. But permissiveness is really the solution to conflict, it is the solution to political dilemma.
  • Now, let me tell you the greater perspective, by comparing her face with the face of Barack Obama, the face of Angela Merkel, and the face of François Mitterand.
  • There is absolutely no connection of her face with the face of Barack Obama, but there are very clear correspondent lines with the faces of both Angela Merkel and Françoise Mitterrand.

My prediction is that she will win the next Presidential Elections for these reasons:

  • She represents many very creative women in the USA who are not just Americans, but of Polish, German, French, Russian, Irish, Scottish, Mexican, Cuban, and other origin.
  • These women want more power and that is a quest that is in alignment with Higher Purpose, for sure! It is in alignment with an agenda that ultimately leads to World Peace, for without women in politics, Peace of the Globe will never be reached. Women are called upon to help, in law, in Social Policy, in Education, in the Reduction of Violence, and in a Smarter and more Emotionally Intelligent Education of our Children.
  • Hillary has a clear sense of realities to cope with the conflicts in international law as they are set into her agenda, the conflicting gap between Europe and the USA first of all, the very alarming development in both the Ukraine and Palestine, the growing commercial conflict between China and USA and Europe and USA. It is also an ideological and political conflict that so far, no American President has been able to tackle this issue. She will be able, if she gets the chance to being elected!

Julian Assange

A really totally different face for it expresses different characteristics, a different worldview, and most importantly, a different strategy to realize political power.

I do not consider any of the ridiculous claims he is facing, such as rape allegations for I know as a lawyer that they are made up — while his challenging situation may and will foster his personal growth, and surely does. He is a great soul but his face expresses inner conflict!

  • His very retreated eyes are virtually canon balls shooting out of a silent castle; these eyes are aggressive-minded!
  • His eyes tell a story, they tell a vision, they say that ‘Nothing in life will ever defeat me.’ Hillary’s face says that, too, but in a different way. Her face says it openly, with inner power behind the claim, Julian’s face says it in a way that is lacking that inner power, because that power is thwarted, not liberated, a Minotaur in his maze!

I am also seeing a question mark in these eyes compared to the eyes of Hillary Clinton.

  • While the eyes of Hillary are projecting energy outward, facing and even welcoming challenge, the eyes of Julian are withholding energy, they are inward-looking and defensive, the eyes of a person who wants to start a Revolution.

What do these faces project into the future? In Hillary’s case I see a good chance to gain more power and recognition, especially in the relations of America with Europe, where she and her husband have built a terrain since many years, a diplomatic channel, and a certain level of trust, especially in the relations with Germany.

In Julian’s face I see a projection of inner conflict upon the scene of his outward life. He will get out of the confinement he experiences right now, and probably will be successful as a politician in Australia, but his human relations will be conflictual as long as his inner vision of life doesn’t change. And that inner vision is not ready to embrace life and people, but rejects a large slice of human experience, because he rejects a part of himself, probably his inner child!

©2015 Peter Fritz Walter. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.