Social Policy and World Peace


Reforming the ‘Bad Citizen’
Violence Begins Inside
Love and Morality
The Value of Permissiveness
Pleasure Defeats Violence
Breaking the Vicious Circle
Points to Ponder

Reforming the ‘Bad Citizen’

In this article, I will be pointing out the structural changes needed for world peace to come about. For to make it clear, I do not for the least agree with our distinguished and honorable philosophers who thought that it suffices to create a world government for pacifying our globe.

— See Peter Fritz Walter, The United States of Europe: Utopia or Future Reality?, The Restriction of National Sovereignty: State Trading and the Rule of Law, and 12 Angular Points of Social Justice of Peace: Social Policy for the 21st Century.

While I have carefully reported the ‘Peace Plans’ and thereafter discussed the problem of national sovereignty, because these developments are noteworthy and important mark stones on the road to world peace, I believe in what J. Krishnamurti called a ‘psychological revolution’, the ultimate quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness being of equal if not of higher importance for reaching this goal.

Let’s come down a little from our lofty realms of idealist comfort, and consider daily reality in any of our modern or not so modern nation states.

What do we see when we look in our prisons and jails, in our juvenile correction homes, or orphanages, and our madhouses? We see violence.

Why are human beings treated in a violent and utterly disrespectful way in these institutions, not by their personal enemies, but by the very roof structure that is considered to protect, educate and subtly guide its citizens toward their best deployment, namely, their government.

When we think about the matter, without being blurred by our great ‘philosophies’ that more often than not have justified violence and injustice with nice-sounding formulas and grandiose ideas, we discover that most governments are inspired in their evildoing against their citizens by something called ‘the human nature.’

Through a terrible mix of largely misunderstood religious doctrines with equally misconstrued political ideas, over the last two thousand years, we have got nowhere, collectively, in our task for understanding the human being, while there are of course many intelligent, wise, far-sighted and truly humane individuals, who have the right vision, and who have written wonderful books. But collectively, on the governmental level of each and every of our glorious civilizations, embodied in our nation states, what we see is the grossest possible misevaluation of human nature that one can possibly imagine.

Most governments, in their overall approach toward their citizens, even today, are not far from the Calvinist belief that ‘the human soul is rotten and the flesh weak,’ and that without punishment and reward, humans would behave in criminal and chaotic ways; this is why, under the header of moralism, the upside-down perversion of genuine morality, so much violence and oppression is inflicted upon the ‘impossible human.’

The human race was not always violent, and violence is not something mysterious and ‘fatal’ we have to accept; much to the contrary, the roots of violence have been elucidated by an abundance of research over the last fifty years or so. We have today conclusive evidence for the fact that contrary to the beliefs of fundamentalist religions, homo sapiens is not violent by nature!

Historical and anthropological research shows that most of the prepatriarchal cultures were peaceful and nonviolent.

— According to most anthropologists and historians, the term prepatriarchal, after newest research on the roots of patriarchy means prior to the last five thousand years. Older research that resulted in admitting the shift matriarchy-patriarchy to have happened around twelve thousand years ago has been superseded within the last twenty years of scientific investigation. While the topic is still controversial, and while there are many divergent theories on the real causes for the shift, most researchers agree that on a timeline, the shift could be located to have happened between 6000 to 5000 years ago.

A particularly revealing example for this fact is the ancient Minoan Civilization from Crete.

Riane Eisler, an eminent scholar on ancient civilizations, speaks of their ‘partnership orientation’ versus the striving of later civilization for domination and control.

She writes in her book The Chalice and the Blade (1995):

Especially fascinating is how our modern belief that government should be representative of the interests of the people seems to have been foreshadowed in Minoan Crete long before the so-called birth of democracy in classical Greek times. Moreover, the emerging modern conceptualization of power as responsibility rather than domination likewise seems to be a reemergence of earlier views.

— Riane Eisler, The Chalice and the Blade (1995), p. 38.

Another example is the still existing Trobriand Island culture that has been studied extensively in the 1920s and 30s by Bronislaw Malinowski and Margaret Mead.

— See Bronislaw Malinowski, Crime und Custom in Savage Society, London: Kegan, 1926, Sex and Repression in Savage Society, London: Kegan, 1927, The Sexual Life of Savages in North West Melanesia, New York: Halycon House, 1929, and Margaret Mead, Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies, New York, 1935.

In recent years, it was first of all the publications of Riane Eisler about what she called the ‘truncation of civilization’ through patriarchy, and her research on sacred pleasure that have informed even popular circles of modern society about the unique, and uniquely non-violent, culture of ancient Crete.

As the field research on Trobriand and other parts of Melanesia and Polynesia are not as popular as Eisler’s writings, I shall refer to them more in detail below.

A culture perhaps still less discussed that shows low incidence of violence is Bali, which is a basically matriarchal culture that knows no shame of nudity, where infants and small children are abundantly fondled, where extended breastfeeding is still the rule and where children enjoy a relatively high respect with regard to their emotional life, especially in their first years of life.

As I have myself lived and worked in Bali for almost ten years, I have not only theoretical knowledge about this matter.

I was collaborating professionally with Professor Dr. Luh Ketut Suryani, co-author of the book The Balinese People (1992), who is a Western-trained psychiatrist and at the same time a traditional healer or Balian.

—The authors question some of the assumptions that Margaret Mead and other Western anthropologists made in their field research on Bali, and emphasize that Balinese culture is focused primarily on values such as peace, communication, love, and the abundant care for children that implies a high level of permissiveness in child-rearing.

The exchanges and the work with Dr. Suryani gave me many insights in the cultural setup of this rare traditional island culture that is very little influenced by the mainly Islamic ruling caste it is politically associated with, the Republic of Indonesia.

These island cultures, perhaps because of their wistful adherence to millenary traditions and their lack of exposure to patriarchy-bred modern lifestyle, have in common the following characteristics:

  • Absence or low incidence of violent crime;
  • Absence or low rate of child rape, abduction and murder;
  • Protective environment for children outside of the home;
  • High social integration of children without constant supervision;
  • High mobility of children for school rides and visits to friends;
  • Relatively high freedom of children to form friendships;
  • High respect for the female and the female child;
  • Abundant tactile stimulation for infants;
  • Extended period of breastfeeding for the newborn;
  • Absence or low incidence of physical punishment of children.

I have listed these characteristics intentionally here already, a bit out of context, as the listings provided by the main researchers on the roots of violence, to be discussed further down, will show exactly the opposite values as to be associated with violent patriarchy and one of today’s most violent patriarchal cultures, the United States of America.

But please note that my intention is by no means to blame any particular culture or country, but to show the roots of violence, across cultures, and as a concern for all of humanity.

I have focused on American literature for both reflecting the present situation in the United States, including present-day statistics on violence and violence against children, and the alternative views and possibilities of a turn of the tide toward peace in the future. It will namely become clear that it is particularly American researchers who are sharply aware of the wrong direction their culture has taken. We also have to see that it is still a young culture compared to the whole of patriarchy.

This means that, without putting up a value judgment or blame on America, for the researcher the particular situation in the United States with its atrociously high violence statistics and its horrifying physical and sexual violence against adolescents, children and infants can serve as a lesson and point of departure for a wistful reorientation of modern society in the future.

Please note also that I do not share in this respect the view of some American authors who see their culture lost in evil, using the expression ‘The Evil Empire’ or similar terms to denote their society, because such a view is both one-sided and hopelessly pessimistic.

I am convinced that America as a leading modern society is basically a learning culture! That means it’s a young culture, a society in constant change, a soil that is fertile in development and progression.

And while it is true that it does quite often indulge in extremes, it learns from its mistakes, questions itself, and thereby builds new paradigms considerably faster than most other cultures!

America may have started out, originally, on fostering the wrong values, which becomes obvious when you read on one hand the United States Federal Constitution affirming that every citizen has the right to be armed and to freely buy explosive weapons, and on the other the latest statistic poll by the Children’s Defense Fund and National Center for Health Statistics saying that between 1979 and 2001, gunfire killed 90.000 children and teens in America, more than three thousand in one single year — which is one child every three hours, eight children a day and more than fifty children every week.

— This information is published on the web presence of the National Education Association Health Information Network (NEAHIN), in their document on School and Community Safety, Gun Safety and Gun Violence in Our Communities.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the Department of Health and Human Services found that in the United States more children are killed by firearms than in any other industrialized nation, and among children under the age of 15, the rate of firearm deaths is almost 12 times higher in the United States than in 25 other industrialized countries combined.

— Id. In one year, firearms killed no children in Japan, 19 in Great Britain, 57 in Germany, 109 in France, 153 in Canada, and 5,285 in the United States. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services).

This means that in one year, more children and teens died from gunfire than from cancer, pneumonia, influenza, asthma and immune deficiency syndrome combined.

— Id.

And here we are talking only about gun violence and not about the United States’ record rates on sexual violence against children and teens that I am going to discuss further down in this study. It really sounds like a joke considering the lack of child safety and rampant physical and sexual violence against children in the United States, that the nation’s political leaders go out in the world as missionaries for peace and child protection, harshly blaming lesser developed nations for tolerating child labor and prostitution. Blaming others always shows guilt and is motivated by projection. It shows a blind spot in one’s own conscience.

My focus when analyzing the roots of violence goes of course beyond gun violence, which is a problem relatively easy to solve, once the legislator is ready for changing the initial direction given by American history and constitutional values.

This is not an easy decision of course, but chances are that there will be a reorientation as research on violence against children now has been largely sponsored and promoted by the United Nations, and thus has become truly an international concern.

The United Nations World Report on Violence Against Children was launched in Geneva in 2006 and it will in the long run certainly have repercussions on the building and reforming of legal policies on protecting children from violence, while at the present moment it is too early to make an assessment in this respect.

— See Peter Fritz Walter, United Nations Report on Violence Against Children: Research at the basis of the ‘Declaration on the Rights of the Child’ which was adopted by the UN’s General Assembly in August 2006.

In this present article, I will try to show another way out of the violence trap, by pointing out alternative solutions that are more effective than all the coordinating efforts of international organizations, and more effective also than national policy making combined; this is so because mainstream efforts today are mainly focused upon law enforcement and informing citizens about the dangers of violence, which makes for a very limited outcome because what triggers violence is not under the willful control of those who are caught in the violence trap.

Violence is the result of wrong conditioning, a conditioning namely that is based on repression and projection, and the denial of all basic life functions including our natural pleasure function, and accordingly a lacking personal effort to integrate and accept these functions. What is namely deeply affected when pleasure is denied and desire is repressed is our internal emotional flow.

All violence, therefore, can be said to be learnt. It’s a cultural disease and it has its roots mainly in the repression of natural pleasure together with the educational unlearning of our innate emotional flow awareness.

Violence Begins Inside

All violence begins inside. This is an insight that is above all others, and a way to get out of the violence trap that has so far been overlooked by both science and religion. It is the insight that violence is a projection of inner processes. My thesis is that all violence we see in the world is but our inner violence projected outside. Violence is a way to escape from facing life, from facing conflicts, contradictions, oppositions and all we do not really understand.

Religions and ideologies of whatever kind have gradually but decidedly got us on the wrong path. They have alienated us from our own inner wisdom which is understanding life in its complexity.

This understanding is based upon holistic perception, a form of knowledge gathering that is characterized by our two brain hemispheres working in synch. Instead, humanity hypertrophied the left brain hemisphere, yang qualities, logical thought, reasoning and deductive processes, neglecting the qualities of the right brain, yin qualities, associative thought, fantasy and inductive processes. More and more alienated from our inner selves, humans search for outside sense-givers in the form of organized religion and ideologies.

Religious organizations have in common that they claim authority to judge what is right and wrong. They replaced natural self-regulation by moralistic behavior norms. They repressed the individual and blessed the group and group pressure. Individual wisdom became marginalized and even persecuted. They established schools, engaged in mass alphabetization and missionarism, undermining parental authority and more or less totally disregarding the individual creative continuum of each and every child.

They began to slaughter those who know better, the native populations and ethnic minorities who, perhaps through their historic struggle have gained more wisdom than most dominator societies.

They created the Hero Cult, a single male god they call Yahweh, patriarchy, male dominance and all the rest of it.

This happened long before the division of the three main religions Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It is part of our cultural heritage.

This culture cannot help us to find peace because it has never practiced peace. It has systematically bred violence through an obsession for control that is the result of its disregard for pleasure and permissiveness and its insane rejection of the female principle.

Peace comes with dialogue and understanding, not through persecution and control, with respecting nature and not through violating nature, with accepting differences and not through Holy Wars and Crusades that are out to bring more standards, more uniformity and more stupidity for all.

What we really need cannot be brought about through outside action or revolution, but only, as J. Krishnamurti has clearly shown, through a ‘psychological revolution’ from inside.

All violence begins inside and is first of all a lack of inner communication, of inner dialogue.

Self-knowledge comes with seeing the truth of our inner landscape that all outside sense-givers, authority and wordly powers cannot reveal us. This knowledge about our true nature comes about through abandoning all attachment to those outside authorities, through building trust in the self-regulating wisdom of nature, which is the wisdom of all-that-is.

As all violence is first of all inner violence, world peace can only come about through inner peace that is gradually projected outward, in the form of wistful action, fruitful cooperation, healing and respectful dialogue.

This, in turn, brings about real solutions, true solutions, not the fake solutions that are brought about through so-called political action that is cunning and deceitful.

Once we see that evolution comes from inside, we might open up to relearn the vocabulary of love instead of engaging in the next holy state war against drugs, pedophiles, terrorists or other social poison containers and scapegoat groups.

It is through seeing and acknowledging our own self-delusions, our own antisocial desires and hangups and our own inner violence that we gradually begin to clean up the mess inside and begin to understand life through understanding our own opposites.

This understanding might be painful once we abandon our drug addictions and our 1001 beliefs in technological progress, machismo, physical prowess, racial superiority and all the rest of I-am-Better-Than-You philosophies that are so rampant today. This painful awakening is the beginning of wisdom, and the journey into a new and peaceful lifestyle. It is what brings about humility.

This attitude listens to our opponents instead of shouting or shooting them down, knowing that we have got a part of their worldview in us and that, thus, we can empathetically understand their inner and outer tragedies.

And then, change can come about, also outside, peacefully and totally uncontrolled.

Love and Morality

The reason why I entitled this chapter ‘Love and Morality’ is that I am convinced that love is the original thing and that compulsive sex morality in the form of moralism is a perversion of love; it is the corruption of natural love into artificial morality that has got us on the violence trap, in the first place.

Once you see that, you will agree that the discussion of patriarchy-matriarchy is absolutely random. The root of violence is denial of nature however we may call this denial.

Alienation from nature and natural functions comes about through a hypertrophy of the intellect, the new brain, the rational mind, the left brain and language. It is equally random if this happened, on a timeline, five thousand or twelve thousand years ago or if it happened, as some meteorologists believe, through a climatic shift that led to a desertification of those regions in the Middle East where we know patriarchy first originated from.

— See, for example, James DeMeo, Saharasia (1998).

All these phenomena are secondary; they are but effects, not causes.

It is of little ontological value to know why and how people turned and turn away from nature, most of them not even being aware of their bias against nature. Compared to the amount of research spent on such scarcely relevant issues, it is in my view of overwhelming importance to know what turning away from nature exactly results in and what it costs us, in terms of organically grown networks destroyed, human life destroyed, animal life destroyed and plant life destroyed, and what it costs us in terms of planetary ecology.

It will then namely be seen that all religions and political ideologies that are nature-hostile will have to restitute to humanity the high price we are paying, as a human race, for the immense destruction their misled policies and beliefs have caused us collectively! Indeed I believe they have to be rendered responsible for the destruction of human potential and the many possibilities of human realization they have annihilated.

And if they do not act upon this insight, there is only one solution: they have to be disposed of, and as soon as possible, not as a matter of iconoclasm, but as a measure of world-political sanity!

When we begin to think functionally, holistically and systemically, and in the way nature herself ‘thinks,’ we will learn that we need neither religions nor political salvation in any form to expand human potential in hitherto unforeseen ways.

We will then see that being united with nature and her wisdom implies a natural and free spirituality that is based upon knowledge, and not belief, and that needs no gods or saviors because it is naturally complete and whole.

When love is again love and not a split-off concept that came about by a schizoid thought structure, violence will naturally disappear, without grandiose international efforts to counter it, and without billions of dollars spent on prevention that are better spent to feed the billions of hungry children worldwide who are left at stake by our well-fed, well-groomed and well-churched politicians.

The present state of violence is the result of wrong relationships!

Extensive research on the roots of violence has been undertaken and yet, it seems to me, one factor in the etiology of violence remains overlooked by most researchers.

I contend that violence begins inside, in the sense that when our inner team is in conflict, we are torn apart and begin to project the schizoid split upon our outside reality; the deficient or distorted or totally lacking relationship of the inner parts of the psyche to each other brings about strife and conflict equally in our outward relationships. Abuse namely is the result of a power vacuum that, in turn, comes about through an inner fixation or complex within the lower self that acts as a compensation to suffering early in life.

People who are in touch with their inner truth and who are liberated of culturally created fear blockages are able to realize greater personal and collective happiness.

More and more, it should be possible to make responsible love choices for relations that are unusual or even tabooed by former moral laws that belonged to the collective supremacy of the Pisces era.

The slogan ‘Live Your Love’ that I have coined as a viable new love paradigm is consciously contrasting with nonsensical ideological and religious doctrines.

It is these doctrines and their coercive dogmatism that have heavily contributed to bring about the chaotic state of violence that we face today almost everywhere in the world.

Overcoming the violence trap means people have to relearn getting in touch with inner truth so that they are again able to realize their greater vision of happiness; this includes to relearn making love choices in accordance with a higher form of wisdom that cares about synergy, and mutual positive development, and that is very little concerned, for example, with the age of the partner involved in the relation.

One of the main objectives I gained from 30 years of research is the urgent need to redefine natural sexuality for all ages both on an individual level, through healing abuse, and on a collective level, through social reform.

Part of this endeavor is to unveil the roots of violence and abuse, on both a personal and a collective level.

Among the main reasons for violence being the repression of natural body pleasure and free love between people of all ages in general, and the child’s free sexual life in particular, my task was to retrace the wrong turn that humanity has taken since prehistory and to embed this truth in a cross-cultural perspective that is focused upon the importance of love as a major factor of human evolution, and against compulsive sex morality which is the major factor of human devolution in general, and the debasement of human sexuality, in particular.

The pioneering work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in this field of research is of paramount importance, which is why in the present guide I shortly recapitulate and explain the findings of Wilhelm Reich and the science of orgonomy he created.

Furthermore, it will be shown in my research that the findings of Wilhelm Reich only update for the ignorant West a science tradition in the East that knows since millennia the details of what Reich called orgonomy.

The essential truth gained from years of research on the functional processes of life is that all parts of the psyche must be given a voice so that a constructive inner dialogue can be setup. In the present guide, I favor an integrated approach to the problem that has seven complementary perspectives:

  • A psychological perspective
  • A historical perspective
  • An artistic perspective
  • A pedagogical perspective
  • A political perspective
  • A humanitarian perspective
  • A spiritual perspective

Part of this task was to show the role of erotic attraction to children as an important manifestation of human love as it develops naturally as a compensation for lacking child-child sexual contact in our society and the general widespread emotional abuse of the child in the patriarchal and feel-hostile culture.

It is to be shown that the repression of those compensatory love functions disturbs this natural love orgonomy and creates violence and abuse.

What I am saying is that my research showed that child abuse and violence against children is not brought about by so-called ‘pedophilia’ but in the contrary through the repression of our natural pedoemotions.

Abuse is ill-defined in our culture. It only considers the victim and not the abuser. However, the abuser is a victim in as much as the person he has victimized. For truly, nobody can be victimized who has not previously chosen to act as victim in a given situation.

The abuser is trapped by the victim’s paradigm in as much as the victim is trapped by the abuser’s power problem or hangup. Both attract each other and there is no abuse without mutual implicit consent about acting out the two sides of abuse, the active and the passive part.

That is why fighting abuse is not a moral cause but must start from a rational, functional and two-sided view of the problem as an entanglement situation that is karmic and inherent in both parties’ life matrixes.

Moral wars, by contrast, lead only to more confusion, more destruction and more abuse. For they do not tackle the roots of abuse that are the same roots of violence and of incest, but only are concerned with the reflects that such shortcomings produce on the surface of society at large. They are for that matter entirely ineffective and superficial.

A viable solution can only come from tedious study and observation of all the factors involved in abuse and those factors are for the most part unconscious entanglement patterns hidden in the psyches of both abusers and abused, vital energy blockages that have cut off the stream of life in one or the other way so that parasitic patterns were to overlay the natural structure of natural charge-and-discharge systemic patterns.

There is an urgent need to change the reigning love-and-abuse paradigm so as to combat violence and bring about positive change for constructive new relationships that are based upon the golden rule of conduct as it is taught by sages since times immemorial, and that are respected and applied by most peaceful native cultures. It is to be seen in what ways both clerical and politically fascist movements and leaders have since centuries tried to veil this essential truth and thus spread the emotional plague all over the globe.

After extensive research on mythology, and here particularly the writings of Joseph Campbell, I gradually figured how the present love-killing paradigm came about us from ancient times. I namely asked the question how it was possible that the former love-based world order was completely overthrown and violently eradicated by a new world order that has replaced love by morality and natural care by obligatory and largely standardized family relations?

Historically, the transition in human prehistory, from peaceful and life-affirming matriarchal fishing-farming cultures to violent and life-denying hunting-killing patriarchal cultures is of particular importance for the understanding of the present Hero Culture with its strong ‘Puritan’ life denial, its obsessive focus on child protection and its repression of natural emotions.

There are important political consequences of my research. Truly, the corner stones of my social reform strategy and legal policy are the implementation of permissive education together with a complete abandonment of all age-of-consent laws and their replacement by emosexual counseling for all ages, effected by trusted experts, while the police completely retreats from interfering in human love and intimacy, whatever the age of the mates, as long as mating is consenting and nonviolent.

These policy changes, without further, would do for a complete change in all our thinking, living and behaving; wars and massacres would cease; slavery, in which form ever would naturally cease when people’s emotions are in balance, and all efforts for countering sexual pathologies and perversions would focus on prevention instead of punishment; related problems would be handled in a no-nonsense, peaceful, professional and non-punitive manner that is effective socially and that involves therapeutic and love-based spontaneous help, instead of police intervention and the disruption of family bonds.

Most of these problems originate in system-prone dysfunctions that in the present legal system are inflated, like the disappearance of the extended family and the widespread acceptance of the totally neurotic, dysfunctional and insane family concept known as the ‘nuclear family.’

I believe there are important humanitarian consequences of my research. Special care must be bestowed upon children who can still be reformed and healed from biopathic deformations and characterological armors. There are millions of orphans kept in state institutions all over the world. If only a small percentage could be taken care of in collaborating with responsible institutions that understand and support the need for permissiveness in education and the intelligent understanding of human emotions, true evolution would be possible.

The spiritual or religious impact of my concept of social and legal reform seems obvious. It would lead human beings back to their Divine Origin, through reconnecting us with our Higher Self.

As long as humans are ruthlessly conditioned to comply with the often unreasonable and irrational demands of religions and ideologies, they cannot connect to their higher selves because they are torn up inside by either-or choices, and by an unruly inner controller that drives them into restless and rushy behavior, which is shallow and superficial, keeping them in a state of constant aloofness that results form their alienation from natural inner guidance.

This is true for all involved, the children, the educators and all those who help building this new worldwide educational system.

And let me add, negatively put, that any attempt to change the dysfunctions and reduce the violence potential in any given society without attempting to change the educational paradigm will always be a ridiculous fake-solution that is based upon eye-wiping and ‘quick fix’ thinking.

Our relationships collective-individual, and state-individual need to be redefined; these areas have to be freed from the moralistic roof structure that keeps these vital areas of human living in a state of dysfunctionality and stagnation, which is in no way justifiable by any true and genuine morality.

In the contrary, true morality goes along with responsibility, and to deny or obstruct change in our catastrophic state of the world means to contribute to the rise of evil through the denial of responsibility, individual and collective.

The Value of Permissiveness

My hypothesis is that the destructiveness of civilization is the result of the repression of the natural emotions of the child and the building of a moralistic roof structure that gradually replaced the primary self-regulatory processes that nature has coded into the growth of all living.

Violence and destruction that characterize human history have their roots not in a biological or genetic error, but in the failure of civilization to keep in touch with nature’s wisdom; this is mainly done by perverting children into obedient robots who have repressed their feelings in order to survive and to be accepted. To express it in a slogan, not civilization is wrong, but a civilization that civilizes against nature.

As examples to the contrary, I shall have a regard on tribal cultures, the prepatriarchal high cultures of Antiquity and some cultures that survived until today, as for example the Balinese culture, and where people are emotionally balanced, happy and productive, loyal and intelligent.

I already mentioned the highly developed Minoan Civilization with its natural focus on art, the senses and beauty, free sexuality and a matriarchal worldview that respected the female. This culture excelled with a low crime rate, absence of slavery, equality of women, a goddess cult and low level of violence.

I also mentioned already that crime rates in those cultures, if we take only the Balinese culture as an example, are relatively low, and violent crime such as murder and rape, or abduction, rape and killing of children, is as good as non-existing.

Marriages are long-lasting and divorce rates are considerably lower than in modern industrial cultures. These native cultures are more matriarchal in character than our highly violent modern civilizations which are predominantly patriarchal.

History reveals that already the first highly developed cultures, such as ancient Sumer, Babylon and the Maya and the Inca civilizations were belonging to the ‘solar’ patriarchal system.

With patriarchy began the oppression of women and children and the reduction of sexuality toward certain sexual ‘acts’ that were allowed and certain other sexual ‘acts’ that were prohibited.

With the increase of power for the patriarchal system, repression, denunciation, intolerance and structural, political, collective, domestic and intimacy violence began to reign where before freedom, peace, sexual permissiveness and tolerance were blooming. An important factor within this process that keeps worsening until today is the repression of the child’s natural emotions and sexual life.

As early as in 1929, Bronislaw Malinowski, a renowned anthropologist, published his report on the sexual life of the Trobriands in which he draws the reader’s attention particularly to the sexual life of children and adolescents.

Malinowski found, not without surprise, high sexual permissiveness toward children’s free sexual play. More generally, he noted the total absence of a morality that condemns sexuality in children.

Malinowski observed that children engage in free sexual play from early age through a peculiar social institution. In fact, Malinowski found Trobriands maintain special houses for children and the youth, where the children, from age three, spend their nights, and where they gradually are initiated by older children in all forms of sexual play and later also coitus.

Upon further inquiry, Malinowski learnt that the relations children maintain in these houses are meant to be promiscuous. He was told that Trobriands think that children should live their inborn sexual drive in promiscuity in order to be able, after puberty, to form steady and stable relationships with a partner for marriage.

— See Bronislaw Malinowski, Sex and Repression in Savage Society (1927) and The Sexual Life of Savages in North West Melanesia (1929).

Notably, initiatory rites are absent with the Trobriands since children are initiated from about three years onwards, generally by older children, in all forms of sexual play.

Interestingly, the Trobriand culture thus differs from most other tribal cultures in that there is very little stress upon the importance of adolescence, and initiation rites for growing into adulthood.

With the Trobriands, who probably possess the phylogenetically more archaic social system compared to most other tribal societies, adolescence is reported to be smooth and gradual, without any kind of revolt.

The only marked difference of adolescence compared to childhood, in Trobriand is, as Malinowski reported, that originally promiscuous sexual behavior gradually transforms, during adolescence, into stable and non-promiscuous love relations, that seemingly prepare the young boys and girls for their later monogamous marriage.

The most interesting finding for Malinowski was that in Trobriand culture violence is as good as non-existing and that there are no sexual dysfunctions.

Trobriands were found to be almost ideal marriage partners and divorce is statistically under five percent, and thus a rare exception. Violent crimes are virtually non-existent and incest is tabooed and inhibited by social norms.

In his book The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality, Wilhelm Reich quoted extensively from Malinowski’s field studies, and actually used them for corroborating his own sex-economic theories.

— Wilhelm Reich, The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality (1971).

Other researchers found a similar social setup with the Muria in South India where children stay until their maturity in so-called ghotuls where they live their sexuality freely and in utter promiscuity, and where older children initiate younger ones progressively into sexual play.

— V. Elwin, The Muria and their Ghotul (1947), Richard L. Currier, Juvenile Sexuality in Global Perspective (1981).

These researchers found that after a phase of total promiscuity, the children, from the moment of sexual maturity, begin to form strong, stable and rather lasting bonds and partnerships which are based not on a desire for sexual adventure, but on love, and care. They further found that these first steady relationships form the basis for later marriages that, regularly, last lifelong.

— Id.

Cultures with a matrilineal inheritance setup tend to raise children within the child’s natural continuum balance whereas patrilineal cultures tend to condition children according to firm cultural or ideological values and a rigid morality codex. This ideological and religious conditioning that alienates the child from nature and from the natural functions of their body is primarily effected through indoctrination and through alienating children from their bodies. The most effective way used to indoctrinate children with cultural prohibitions and taboos proceeds by implanting early in them a deeply rooted doubt about who they are!

This doubt which creates a vacuum will then be filled with magic formulas such as Be not what you are! The next step is to force the child to play roles in order to please their parents. The main role in this drama which is the Drama of the Gifted Child, as Alice Miller called it, is the role of the child as father or mother of his own narcissistic parents.

— Alice Miller, The Drama of the Gifted Child (1996).

This education that I describe with the formula ‘rearing narcissistic comedians’ is very common in Western industrial culture.

This is precisely why Narcissism, as a serious emotional affliction, is rampant in all our Western nations. However, few researchers are able to look through the cultural veil and see the roots of narcissism where they are, namely in our child rearing paradigm. Those who do, such as Alice Miller or Alexander Lowen were not representing mainstream psychiatry, despite the brilliance of their work.

— See, for example, Alice Miller, Thou Shalt Not Be Aware (1998), Alexander Lowen, Narcissism (1997).

They found that education that typically leads to narcissism is rich in inventing and executing several other magic formulas that are given to the child as ‘hypnotic spells.’ Some of these are:

  • Be adaptable and flexible until self-alienation
  • Never be yourself in front of your parents
  • Be not childlike
  • Be mature in immaturity
  • Understand what your parents don’t understand
  • Be logical and uncomplicated
  • Respect your parents while disregarding yourself
  • Mistrust your intuition
  • Follow authority without questioning

Many parents who educate their children in a system-conform manner are not conscious of the fact that they act as the long arm of political systems and ideologies subtly hypnotizing their children with the concepts they have themselves been fed with.

Education toward autonomy is based upon the unique truth of every single child, also and especially if this individual truth is contrary to the reigning sociopolitical ideologies.

It is particularly disturbing for industrial culture that the child be a complete sexual being from birth, and that, as a result, children have a birthright to have their emotions and their sexual feelings respected.

Françoise Dolto, in her book La Cause des Enfants (1985), wrote that it scandalizes most adults that a child be their equal and that, therefore, most parents raise their children as formerly princes ruled their kingdoms.

The sociopolitical reasons why this is so are obvious: a body-oriented child is not a consumer of toys and a thousand devices artificially created by industrial culture. For those who object this view, I recall that the repression of the child’s sexuality has started precisely with the onset of the Western industrial bourgeoisie, at the end of the 17th century.

— See Susanne Cho, Kindheit und Sexualität im Wandel der Kulturgeschichte, Eine Studie zur Bedeutung der kindlichen Sexualität unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des 17. und 20. Jahrhunderts, Zürich, 1983 (Doctoral thesis), and Françoise Dolto, La Cause des Enfants (1985), pp. 28–29.

Historical studies about child-rearing practices in Europe stress the fact that still during the Renaissance the sexuality of the child was not interfered with, and that, back in the Middle-Ages, apart from orthodox Christian circles, it was completely free.

Consumerist industrialization brought the societal replacement of body pleasure or a state of To Be by ersatz body pleasure, or a state of To Have, to quote Erich Fromm’s terminology.

— Erich Fromm, To Have or To Be (1996).

Ersatz body pleasure is the pleasure that replaces original body pleasure; thus first of all the toy. Not the self-made toy that still has some connection with the body, but the industrially produced toy that is completely alien to the child’s body. Typically this toy — which in the meantime is produced by a gigantic worldwide industry — consists of materials not akin to the human body, such as plastic and metal.

Both materials have in common that they are cold and rigid while the body is warm and pliable. Unconsciously children are conditioned upon the characteristics of the toys they is playing with. Be plastic! translates into Be without feelings, artificial. Be metal! translates into Be hard and mechanical. These are the characteristics of the culture you are growing into. So mold yourself accordingly!

In addition, techniques of confusion are used in education to gradually alienate the child from their own truth — which is their body continuum. The child namely thinks from the body toward the mind, and thus inductively

while the conditioned adult thinks from the mind toward the body, that is, deductively. This means that the child’s truth is defined and experienced as the truth of their body. Every truth that disregards this body or tries to set it aside will not be regarded by the child as truth.

It is for this reason that children cannot comprehend morality and moralistic educational concepts as those concepts deny the body and are to be understood only by the rational mind. The result are lifelong giant babies with water heads, adults who have never made the cut with their childhood and that remain erotically immature. True virgins.

But life has not made us to remain virgins, but to leave virginity and grow into loving copulation — otherwise life could not continue.

Pleasure Defeats Violence

Herbert James Campbell, a renowned English neurologist, found in two decades of research a universal principle which controls our brain: the pleasure principle. His book The Pleasure Areas (1973) provides a summary of many years of neurological research.

Campbell showed in his extensive study that our entire thinking and living is primarily motivated by pleasure, pleasure not only as tactile, sensuous or sexual sensation, but also as non-sensuous, intellectual or spiritual pleasure.

With these findings, the old theoretical controversy if man was primarily a biological or a spiritual being, became obsolete. For it is in the first place our striving for pleasure that induces certain interests in us, that drives us to certain actions and that lets us choose certain ways.

During childhood and depending on the outside stimuli we are exposed to, certain preferred pathways are traced in our brain, which means that specific neural connections are established that serve the information flow. The number of those connections is namely an indicator for intelligence.

The more of those preferred pathways exist in the brain of a person, the more lively appears the person, the more interested she will be in different things, and the quicker she will achieve integrating new knowledge into existing memory.

High memorization, Campbell found, is namely depending on how easily new information can be added-on to existing pathways of information. Logically, the more of those pathways exist, the better! Many preferred pathways make for high flexibility and the capacity to adapt easily to new circumstances.

Campbell’s research indicates that the repression of pleasure that is since centuries part of our Judeo-Christian culture, has strongly impeded evolution and impaired the integrity of the human psyche and health. This is exactly what Wilhelm Reich found — without however having had at his disposition Campbell’s new neurological findings. But not only neurologists such as Campbell have nowadays thought about the basic functions of life and living, but also people who were formerly active in totally different fields of science.

The American scientists Ashley Montagu and James W. Prescott had very different points of departure for their extensive research. Montagu wanted to know why in animal experiments small rhesus apes died when they were deprived of their mother while they survived when a ‘velvet mother’ doll was hung in the cage as surrogate of motherly tactile affection.

Prescott researched on the origins of violence, and the relationship between pleasure and violence. He was from the start skeptical regarding the age-old myth that man was per se a violent creature even though human history, or what historians saw of it, seemed to prove it. Both scientists came to the same results, namely that tactile stimulation of the infant as a main source of early pleasure gratification is the primary condition for human health, for harmony, and for world peace.

Ashley Montagu’s research developed quickly a specific focus on the importance of the human skin as a primary pleasure provider. Grant’s Method of Anatomy (1980) defines the skin as the most extended and the most varied of all our sensory organs.

Ashley Montagu’s study Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin (1971) was the final result of years and decades of skin research, not only Montagu’s, but also of other researchers whose findings Montagu summarizes and evaluates in his extensive study.

This research elucidates the importance of tactile stimulation in early childhood. Montagu’s specific focus in his research was upon the mammal mothers’ licking the young. He found astonishing unity in zoologists’ opinions as to the importance of motherly licking for the survival of the young. Montagu namely discovered that it was in the first place the perineal zone, the region between anus and genitals, of the young animals that the mother preferably and repeatedly licked.

Experiments in which mammal mothers were impeded from licking this zone of the young resulted in functional disturbances or even chronic sickness of the genito-urinary tract of the young animals. Montagu concluded from his research that the licking did not serve hygienic purposes only, but was intended to provide a tactile stimulation for the organs that are underlying the part of the skin that was licked.

— — Ashley Montagu, Touching (1971), pp. 15 ff.

Montagu further concluded that licking rarely happens in the mother-child relationship with primates or humans.

— Id., p. 18.

Most researchers found that during evolution, licking was gradually replaced by eye or skin contact between mother and child. The tactile needs of the small child correspond to the desire of the parents to express love through tactile affection such as kissing or fondling, pressing the child’s naked body against one’s own during play hour, and the naked co-sleeping of parents and children, which is something common today not only with Eskimos or Indian tribal cultures, but also with emotionally intelligent parents in our own culture.

In the run of industrial civilization, from about the end of the 17th century until very recently, this has changed fundamentally.

Modern pediatrics or child psychologists until recently recommended parents to put their children in separate rooms and beds so that parents and children are physically separated.

This is why the civilized child by and large gets much less tactile stimulation in early childhood than children from most tribal cultures, a fact that was observed even by casual observants of native lifestyle, such as Jean Liedloff, a cinematographer and author of one of the most revealing studies on tactile deprivation of infants. Liedloff also is credited with having coined the expression Continuum Concept (1977), title of her book, that has been accepted by most of postmodern anthropological and psychological research on early tactile deprivation.

Ashley Montagu and James W. Prescott, coming from different scientific angles, concluded as to the importance of early tactile stimulation for the psychic and physical health of the child. A direct relationship was discovered between early tactile stimulation and the functioning of the immune system of the child. The relationship was corroborated by France’s first and foremost obstetricians, Frederick Leboyer and Michel Odent. As Michel Odent writes in his book La Santé Primale:

It is not yet completely understood that sensorial perceptions at the beginning of life can be a way to stimulate the ‘primary brain’, at a time when the ‘system of primary adaptation’ is not yet grown to maturity. More specifically, this signifies for example that, if one fondles a human baby or an animal baby, one also stimulates his immune system.

— Michel Odent, La Santé Primale (1986), p 24 (Translation mine).

Montagu states in his book that love was once defined as the ‘harmony of two souls and the contact of two epidermises.’ In this sense the peau à peau that is now recommended to mothers by their pediatricians is really the primary condition for the healthy growing up of children, the good functioning of their immune system and, last not least, the early creation of preferred pathways in their brains.

Abundant skin contact thus favors high intelligence!

In his research with rhesus, Montagu came to astonishing findings. When he deprived the newborns of their mother and put them in a ‘naked’ cage, they died. When he did the same, but put a velvet carpet in the cage, they survived, although they carried away some brain damage from the deprivation of the mother. However, it was a fact that the ‘hairy’ carpet assured their survival. How could that be?

Montagu went one step further. He replaced the mother through a ‘velvet doll’ that was hung in the cage. Now the young did not only survive but they also had almost no more brain damage. It was especially the first part of the experiment that intrigued Montagu, that the young survived simply by the fact that a velvet carpet was put in the cage. Further observations led Montagu to see that the young rhesus used the ‘carpet’ to give to their bodies tactile stimulation, which obviously served as a compensate for the tactile stimulation they normally got from their mother in the form of licking.

The interesting thing about this experiment is that it was not the milk of the mother nor her care that was essential for the young’s survival, but exclusively her providing some form of tactile pleasure. The velvet of the carpet was similar to the mother’s fur and therefore acceptable for the young as a mother surrogate. This research amply demonstrates the importance of tactile stimulation with all mammals, and so much the more with humans where primary symbiosis is even more prolonged!

Already in the 1930s Wilhelm Reich disproved the widespread misconception that sadistic and destructive tendencies were part of human nature. He namely opposed Sigmund Freud and his theory of a death instinct, demonstrating through bioenergy research that those assumed destructive instincts are but secondary drives, a direct consequence of the cultural repression of the natural sexual instinct which had brought about a collective neurosis in the human animal.

Reich’s theses, while at his lifetime violently opposed by the majority of his scientific colleagues, now are confirmed by Prescott’s findings which bring statistic evidence as to the malleability of the human individual through his early tactile experiences or the absence of such experiences. Prescott, using R.B. Textor’s supra-cultural statistics to scientifically prove his highly explosive political conclusions, writes:

Unless the causes of violence are isolated and treated, we will continue to live in a world of fear and apprehension. Unfortunately, violence is often offered as a solution to violence. Many law enforcement officials advocate ‘get tough’ policies as the best method to reduce crime. Imprisoning people, our usual way of dealing with crime, will not solve the problem, because the causes of violence lie in our basic values and the way in which we bring up our children and youth. Physical punishment, violent films and TV programs teach our children that physical violence is normal. (…) Recent research supports the point of view that the deprivation of physical pleasure is a major ingredient in the expression of physical violence. The common association of sex with violence provides a clue to understanding physical violence in terms of deprivation of physical pleasure. (…) Although physical pleasure and physical violence seem worlds apart, there seems to be a subtle and intimate connection between the two. Until the relationship between pleasure and violence is understood, violence will continue to escalate.

— James W. Prescott, Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 10–20 (1975), partly reprinted in: The Futurist, April, 1975, pp. 10–11. R.B. Textor, A Cross-Cultural Summary (1967).

Prescott thus fully confirmed Reich’s earlier research and corroborated his socioeconomic and sex-economic findings. More specifically, he found a remarkable relationship between pleasure and violence. Referring to laboratory experiments with animals, he could detect a sort of reciprocal relationship between pleasure and violence, that is the presence of pleasure inhibits violence — and vice versa.

— Id., p. 10.

Furthermore, Prescott found a direct relationship between the child rearing methods of a given culture, and the violence potential present in that culture. In detail, he found that societies that tend to rear children in a Spartan way, hostile to pleasure and with little or no tactile stimulation, cherish in their value system various forms of violence, do warfare, torture their enemies, practice slavery and progeny and concede to women and children a rather low social status; these societies also exhibit a high crime rate.

— Id., p. 12.

Another violence-indicating parameter in a society, Prescott found, is physical violence towards children in form of corporal punishment.

— Id.

Furthermore, repression or tolerance of children’s sexual life plays a decisive role in the assessment if a given society has a high or low violence potential. Prescott elucidates:

Thus, we seem to have a firmly based principle: Physically affectionate human societies are highly unlikely to be physically violent. Accordingly, when physical affection and pleasure during adolescence as well as infancy are related to measures of violence, we find direct evidence of a significant relationship between the punishment of premarital sex behaviors and various measures of crime and violence.

— Id., p. 13.

As a result of his extensive research, Prescott advocates the abolition of any form of corporal punishment of children, a rise of the social status of women, the reinstitution of the extended family, the reintegration of the elder and a more active participation of men with child rearing and the granting of physical affection to children in their role as fathers, foster fathers, step-fathers or educators.

— See James W. Prescott, Deprivation of Physical Affection as a Primary Process in the Development of Physical Violence (1979), pp. 77, 78.

Breaking the Vicious Circle

The research outlined here so far should suffice for a first assessment of the ‘impossible human’ that governments around the world, and their police forces, target for ‘improvement,’ and ‘social education.’

Their attempts are obviously fighting violence with violence, evil with evil, and socially sanctified schizophrenia with legalized paranoia. When so many researchers, from very different scientific angles, come to the result that not the human is bad, but how the human is educated and distorted in early childhood, and how natural love is thwarted into compulsive morality, then we have to question the base assumption behind our whole legally incensed altar of violent moralism!

The base assumption in this system namely is that the human being was originally bad and corrupt, or had been rendered so by ‘original sin’ or its worldly correlate, the so-called ‘hereditary hangup.’ The first idea, favored by our major monotheistic religions, says ‘The human being is born evil but can be redeemed by our Great Religion,’ the second variant, now fashionable in the ‘science society’ says ‘The human is born with a hereditary defect and can be repaired by our Great Psychiatry.’ It’s exactly the same mechanistic and nonsensical idea, only that the vocabulary changed.

Neither our great religions nor our great psychiatry obviously have ever understood that the human being is without fault, but that the mold the human is baked in roots out the last little rest of good, by distorting our perception early in life, and by blocking our natural emotional flow through the worldwide plague of moralism, that is the nature-hostile and blasphemic idea there was something fundamentally wrong with the human setup.

What is wrong here is not the human, but the fact that the worldwide religious and political power conglomerates have an interest in upholding the myth of the ‘impossible human’ for their sordid politics of divide et impera, their relentless flow of income from all wars, civil wars and rampant genocide of tribal populations, and their dominion over the world banking system.

It is easy, when you are a doctor, telling your patients how sick they are, to inflate your doctor’s bills. It is easy when you are a pharmacist, telling your clients how bad their doctor is, to inflate your pharmacist’s bills. It is easy when you are a psychiatrist, to tell your clients how insignificant the body is, and that’s the human mind that is the big culprit in human history, to inflate your psychiatrist’s bills. It is easy, when you are a lawyer, to tell your clients how helpless doctors, pharmacists and psychiatrists are in the face of the single valid reality that every human is a criminal by birth, to inflate your lawyer’s bills. It is easy, when you are a politician, to tell your voters that doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists and lawyers are all bad advisors as only politics can change the impossible human in the long run, to inflate your politician’s budget.

It is easy when you are a holy man, to tell your disciples how ignorant their doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists, lawyers and politicians are of spiritual reality, to inflate your good karma.

All these people have an interest to tell you how bad you are, what a bad karma you have, what a bad karma your society has or your nation, and how hopeless the overall situation is for our globe to survive global warming and all the rest of cataclysms that are going to rain upon us and plague us like the proverbial Pandorabox.

You are bombarded virtually every day with catastrophic messages that are not per se catastrophic but become so because they are inflated by the modern mass media and the fact that the globe is networked for telling you that on the other side of the globe a woman was raped, a child was lust-murdered and a man had sex with his small daughter, while the world strangely enough is not networked for telling you what improvements were made, and how happy people are in their families, compared to the misery of togetherness you are in since twenty-five years and that you call ‘my marriage.’

And what you are never told is how abysmal the situation is in your glorious democracy for those who are unable to handle the bioenergy contained in their emotions, and who are jailed for years, if not for decades, for having taken so-called drugs, had the wrong kind of sex with the wrong kind of person or killed a neurotic, dominant, oppressive or abusive mother or spouse!

This reality is carefully veiled from you so that you continue to believe how well off you are in your particular reality soup that is largely brewed not by yourself, but by those on top of the media hierarchy. And you have never seen how a prison cell looks from inside, and how cruelly children are beaten in so-called ‘correction homes’ which are jails for children for which your government, in whatever country you live, has till this day not enacted the anti-torture conventions and human rights precepts because they are valid only for adults, and for prisons that keep adults. For children, sorry, are not legally valid consumers, which is shown very clearly by the fact that their consent to sexual embrace with adults is ‘deemed legally invalid.’

So if these young members of our society are jailed, they can be treated in any possible way because nobody will feel responsible, their parents having been discredited as ‘abusers’ or otherwise declared unable for caretaking, and the government doing what is prescribed by the laws.

And the laws, sorry, have forgotten to enact any of our glorious human rights protection instruments and conventions for our smallest members; and our child protection laws target abusive parents and of course the proverbial stranger-rapist, but not abusive governments!

This is a little snapshot from the behind-the-stage of your magnificent democracy, but you prefer to read what’s hot in your news, right? And you think that on top of this mess of brutality, ignorance, and confusion of values, you are going to establish world peace?

So, when you see that, you see all, namely the fact that before we can even think of peace for this globe, we have to clean up the mess inside of our minds and behind-the-stage.

The truth is that you are not born in sin, that you are not born in destructive karma as a predestined fate, that you do not need to be ‘professionally’ treated for being acceptable for society, nor ‘religiously’ treated for being acceptable to the otherworld. The truth is that you are a complete god when, and as long as, you are a complete human!

You don’t need to imitate heroes and avatars, for they were and are just that, complete humans. The hero is like you, only that their message and expression are tailored to their individual mission. There is no high and low among humans. You have all within you that you see in your favorite heroes but god manifests through you in a different way than the supreme spirit manifests through this or that hero, and that is why you are important for creation.

If you were like the heroes you admire, the supreme highest spirit could not manifest through you because you are created for manifesting a particular Gestalt of spiritual truth, which is expressing itself through your particular life’s mission. Therefore, you are important as you are and you are less important as long as you feel compelled to imitating others. In fact, if you mold yourself into the image of your cherished hero, you are useless for the universal mind to manifest spiritual truth through you. Affirm this truth over and over:


Infinite Spirit in its Wisdom opens up the Gateway for My True Expression in Life and Guides Me Every Day in Perfect Health, Happiness and Prosperity!

You don’t need a doctor, spiritual advisor or healer. You can heal yourself. There is a simple method to heal early trauma; you don’t need self-hypnosis, and expensive therapies. You have the gift of expressing yourself through writing. Write the simple truth.

The simple truth is how you have lived your childhood, how you have experienced your early life. You do this without judging, without positive or negative, without inflicting a good-or-bad judgment on each episode, anecdote or experience in your childhood.

You simply jot down how you felt it. This is how you are going to heal your inner wounds, namely by seeing yourself, and your life, objectively, without adding on and without leaving out details. The healing is a self-healing that is part of your spiritual perfection as a complete human.

Breaking the vicious circle of violence used for fighting violence, there is only one way, focus upon love, undivided, unspoiled, unconditional love, which is not passion, not desire, not entanglement, but freedom and respect of the other as a god-manifesting creature, just as yourself.

When you realize this, you see that violence in the world is the violence in us projected upon the world, and that for fighting violence, we have to find a way to end our inner violence, our inner strife and turmoil, which is brought about through the many contradictions we are in.

Points to Ponder

  • In this article we have dealt with a lot of negative thinking, and it was perhaps not an easy read for some of you. But that really needed to be said! I have not exaggerated here, and believe me, as a lawyer who was initially specialized in criminology and prisoner care, and who has taken that serious, you get to see a lot of ugliness, a lot of things also that our governments do not really like people to see, and report about.
  • It started when I was still at law school in my home town, in Germany, and visited our local jail, and was so horrified that I wrote a letter to the Mayor, that same day — and never got a reply. I was scandalized about, for example, the toilet standing in the middle of a group cell with no walls around it, so that there was not a tiny bit of personal intimacy, which is today surely considered as degrading human treatment, a form of torture. But that was back in 1976, and standards were perhaps not yet very high, and our Mayor, Oscar Lafontaine, did not do a good job, in my opinion.
  • Subsequently I have seen prisons and jails in other countries, also through being a member of Amnesty International and following up to their news, and I also learnt that there are countries who put even children in jail, as the Philippines did for some time, until major Western NGOs put an end to that, to my knowledge — at least officially. However, the so-called correction homes for children that exist in all countries around the world are even worse than formal prisons, because human rights find no application there — to the astonishment of anybody who is not a legal researcher, as most lay people simply ignore this important fact.
  • While human rights protection has been enacted since long for prisons for adults, and also for prisoners of war, the same was not being done for children correction homes. In addition, the beating of prisoners has been abolished by all major Western nations, as a matter of constitutional guarantees, but the same was not done for children correction homes, where children are still being beaten on a daily basis, and this even in the most advanced Western industrial nations — as the United Nations report shows it. This is simply scandalous for nations that arrogate themselves to being ‘child-protective,’ and it’s just another piece of evidence for my claim that child protection is a form of structural child abuse, and besides, is based on purely commercial motives that have very little to do with the welfare of children.
  • When I speak of ‘negative thinking’ here, I should say ‘institutionalized negative thinking,’ as it’s through this kind of conspiracy against nature that the myth of the ‘impossible human’ could come up, in the first place. And it came up rather early in human history, through the patriarchal tribes that murdered and raped the Minoan Civilization and other matriarchal cultures that were the highest developed cultures that humanity has seen to this day.
  • These self-righteous patriarchal tribes were negative through and through, their educational systems were barbarous, they punished their children often to death, they savagely raped not only the women of their enemies after each major victory, but also raped their children and ‘smashed against walls’ their babies, and even their dogs and other domestic animals, as the Bible reports.
  • They raped, murdered and plundered, and then burnt all the villages behind them in their eternal warfare. And our cultural dogmas, and our laws including our sex laws, all have been conceptualized by these hyper-violent patriarchal tribes. King Hammurabi was one of them, and one of the most cruel leaders of those tribes, and his Code of Hammurabi, was the first of those sex laws that obviously should restrain what was rampant at the time, the rape of girls and women namely, and it was the first time in human history that a coercive sex law was enacted that punished the rapist with the death penalty.
  • It was also these violent cultures that came up with what I call ‘moralism,’ the hyperviolent, sentimental, hypocrite and persecutory attitude that makes believe it was genuine morality, while it is closer to criminal and psychopathological behavior than to anything else. True morality is spontaneous and doesn’t need coercive sex laws to be put in place. True morality comes about through respect, and understanding, not through violence and punishment. True morality is, as already Wilhelm Reich found with his early sex research, the natural behavior pattern for people who are sexually active, and have had non-abusive childhoods, and could build their soul power and autonomy.
  • Only a turn from hypocrisy to truthfulness and from violence back to love can save us from the ultimate abyss, as a culture — which is total destruction. These violent tribes all perished later on, as the karma they had created was terrible.
  • The Bible reports long and large about all of this and it paints a doomed world, because unfortunately there is not much left in the Bible of good and decent, at least in the Old Testament. It seems to be one huge horror story, and I believe, it was, and it was not like today; to say, the authors of the Bible didn’t write all that because of a lust for the sensational. I believe they wrote it in a good intention, as a warning of hubris, like the story of the Tower of Babel, even more specifically, is a warning of hubris, but right now, we can see that same hubris once again, with our big leading nations in the world who behave as if they owned the globe. We do not own the globe, we do not even own our bodies, all that is given to us by the universe and we should maintain it in the best possible shape.
  • Then, and only then, we are responsible, only then, we are religious in the right sense. But we are not, we are inflated balloons, and our youth has no more trust in our leaders, and for good reason. The main reason is that behind the grinning façade of joyful consumerism, there is still so much negativity, a general black negativity that paints the human as a potential offender, a potential rapist, a potential criminal; so, a huge machinery is being built to spy out and control citizens, using chips and detector devices, and mobile police vans where the officers can see what everybody around watches on their computer screens.
  • It borders madness, it’s a sacrosanct paranoia, governmental insanity, and the starting point of the next civil war if there will not be a paradigm change. The evil, this has to be clearly seen, is always in the eye of the beholder!