Evidence and Burden of Proof in Foreign Sovereign Immunity Litigation: A Guide for International Lawyers and Government Counsel (10)

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The Unasked Question

Back in 1986, meeting Thai Ambassador Sompong Sucharitkul in Geneva, I suggested to him in his quality of Special Rapporteur of the International Law Commission (ILC), during an ILC meeting in Geneva, to insert provisions in the ILC Draft Convention pointing to the repartition of the burden of proof for both jurisdictional immunities and immunity from execution.

Dr. Sucharitkul replied shortly that he was not convinced that any such rule could at that time be considered to be a standard of international law.

When I told him that my thesis research clearly demonstrated that there was something like a baseline standard in international law pointing to a specific burden of proof situation for jurisdictional immunities, and another burden of proof situation for immunity from execution, he told me he found my assertion daring and premature.

Some time ago, I contacted him again upon drafting the new edition of my book, but he did not respond to my question repeated to him why in the 2004 ILC Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and their Property, there was no clause dealing with the burden of proof? It seems to me that I am asking the most unasked question.

I perused the amendments to both the FSIA 1976, and the STIA 1982, as well as the Australian FSIA 1985 in its final 2003 version, and I also went through the international conventions once again, the Harvard Draft Convention, the ILA Draft Convention, the European Convention, and the final ILC 2004 Convention but the research was completely and utterly fruitless. Nothing was to be found on the burden of proof.

From a systematic point of view, and for finding a rule in international law regarding the allocation of the burden of proof in foreign sovereign immunity litigations, we need to peruse not only existing national statutes on foreign sovereign immunity, but also international conventions and draft conventions.

But what to conclude when these legal texts are silent on the question of the burden of proof? From these simple articles of the ILA Draft Convention, no conclusive statements can be derived as to the burden of proof:

Art. II (Immunity from jurisdiction)

In general, a foreign State shall be immune from the adjudicatory jurisdiction of a forum State for acts performed by it in the exercise of its sovereign authority i.e. iure imperii. It shall not be immune in the circumstances provided in Article III.

Article III (Exceptions)

Sovereign immunity shall not be granted when the case in question involved a commercial activity of the foreign state.

Art. VII (Immunity from execution)

A foreign State’s property in the forum State shall be immune from attachment arrest and execution except as provided in Article VIII.

The only thing we can safely assert is, it may become apparent that the burden of proof is not identical for jurisdictional immunities and immunity from execution into property belonging to a foreign state.

This has mainly, but not only, historical reasons. The main reason is that seizing property belonging to a foreign state is a quite strong measure, and can, if going unhindered, deeply disturb diplomatic relations between states.

This is so because most of the property nation states maintain within other states serves diplomatic and consular purposes, and to touch such property for satisfying private creditors could render diplomatic and consular relations unsafe and distressing; it is thus something to be avoided as much as possible in international relations.

This is also the reason why historically, the two immunity rules have developed differently, a fact which has already been considered in the Harvard Draft Convention of 1932 and which was decisive for the drafting of the International Law Association (ILA) Draft Convention.

— 26 AJIL 453 (1932 Suppl.), Comment on Art. 22, p. 690.

Whereas article II of the Convention (immunity from jurisdiction) was seen as a somewhat flexible rule, the comment on article VII (the rule of immunity from execution) was: … there should be an absolute rule of immunity unless a particular exception applies. Consequently, the two immunity rules have been drafted differently, so that the burden of proof becomes visible through the formulation.

It is obvious that Art. II is formulated in the way as to make clear that the foreign state enjoys immunity only in the case it has acted as a sovereign, i.e. engaged in a public, governmental activity.

This corresponds practically to the situation under sections 1604 to 1607 of the FSIA. However, under Art. VII of the Draft, the foreign state loses its immunity only in the case one of the exceptions applies and that the plaintiff shows and proofs this fact.

The burden of proof, under the ILA Draft, thus can be supposed to be exactly what was found in the present study, that is, the burden is upon the foreign state regarding immunity from jurisdiction, and on the plaintiff as to immunity from execution.

To show that this is grossly stated the current standard of procedural international law in matters of foreign sovereign immunity litigation was precisely the challenge of my doctoral thesis.

And my answer was in the affirmative, despite several discussions with ILC expert Sompong Sucharitkul who thought I would never be able to prove such a standard, while both Sir Ian Sinclair and Lady Hazel Fox were affirmative that I might be on the right way.

None of the 1996 and 2004 amendments to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act 1976 nor amendments to any of the other immunity statutes has dealt with the burden of proof. The content of these amendments regarded matters by far outside of the research scope of the present study.

— The Australian Foreign States Immunities Act 1985 is one of the least documented national statutes on foreign sovereign immunity. It is very much alike the acts that were cloned after the British model, the STIA 1978. It doesn’t contain any original or noteworthy provisions other than what has been largely discussed in this study. There is absolutely nothing to be found on the matter of the burden of proof, as if it had escaped Australian legal scholars to even bother about the problem which is of high practical importance. Hence, it was not worth the time and effort to discuss that statute in the present book.

Yet despite this lack of explicitness regarding the allocation of the burden of proof in international conventions, and despite the fact that amendments to the existing immunity statutes we examined have not dealt with clarifying the burden of proof, there is sufficient evidence brought forward in this study to assert that a baseline standard of the burden of proof has been accepted in international law theory and practice and can be expected to be applied in future jurisprudence and law making on the topic of sovereign immunity litigation.

This has more than one reason. The main reason is that from a practical point of view, the burden or proof issue is of the utmost importance for both government counsel, and international trial lawyers for successfully litigating their way out of court, and for doing the right job when drafting contracts for both governments and private merchants, in their commercial or not so commercial dealings.

The burden of proof is immensely important also from a point of view of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Costs in such kinds of litigation, including arbitrage litigation, are known to be high and at times extremely high. In such a situation, any kind of measure to reduce cost on both the government and the merchant sides will be welcomed. Producing evidence to a high court or federal court, or even supreme court takes time and involves cost; it also involves expertise, and expensive and highly qualified lawyers.

When the burden of proof is known in advance in any particular situation during the trial, in a jurisdictional immunities suit, or in a suit involving property of foreign states, producing unnecessary evidence can be effectively avoided; thereby costs can be reduced.

This is perhaps not an argument that is of much interest for an international law professor or lecturer, but it is certainly one that is of the utmost interest for practicing international lawyers and government counsel.

Today, even governments need to be cost-effective and have a higher responsibility toward their national parliaments to reduce unnecessary cost, and from that point of view, the present study is certainly of high import.


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57 TUL.L.REV. 1274–1342 (1983)

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