Book Contents


The Natural Order (Thesis)

The Early Natural Order
The Pleasure Function

The Destruction of the Natural Order (Antithesis)

Reductionism and Moralism
Repression and Perversion
Love vs. Split-Love
The Disintegration of Sexual Paraphilias
Parent-Child Codependence and Emotional Child Abuse
The Oedipal Mold and Oedipal Culture
Mysticism and Atheism
Denial of Complexity
The Plague of Sadism
Conspiracy Thinking vs. Critical Thinking
Youth Fascism

The New Natural Order (Synthesis)

The Eight Dynamic Patterns of Living
The Twelve Branches of the Tree of Knowledge
The True Religio
Toward a Science of Life
Primary Power and Permissive Education

Research Bibliography

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The present book is based upon Walter’s Encyclopedia, in which I explain the main results of my 30-years of research on human emotions and sexuality comprehensively and systemically.

—See Walter’s Encyclopedia, Academic Edition, on Scribd.

In accordance with Hegel, I see human evolution under the evolutionary scheme of thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

Based on this evolutionary approach, I show how humans have originally stayed with Eight Dynamic Patterns of Living that allowed them to integrate their emotions, and to live their lives in an integral and sane manner, peacefully and in alignment with nature’s wisdom.

The antithesis, then, was basically the last five thousand years of patriarchy. I show that phenomena like pathological codependence between parents and children, emotional abuse, repression and perversion, the disintegration of sexual paraphilias through moralism, together with the rise of rampant violence and sadism, mysticism and narcissism were the result of straying from nature’s wisdom in the hubristic attempt to better the ‘impossible’ human.

More specifically, I show that we are right now living in the ending phase of antithesis, indicated by rising youth fascism and an outright denial of complexity at the highest level of our governments.

In the last chapter, I show the baseline of the synthesis that I project to come about during the New Age, with a reintegration of the wisdom of native peoples and the recognition of what I call the Twelve Branches of the Tree of Knowlege, true Religio, permissive education and integrative and human social policies that are based on a new understanding of the ‘possible’ human.


I have written the present book with an intention to bring order to my holistic research on violence as the ultimate perversion of the human setup. As my approach was topic-based, I was getting ahead through little chunks of insight that appeared to randomly elucidate seemingly unrelated domains of human behavior.

It was only after twenty-four years of virtually tapping in the dark that I eventually realized the basic interconnectedness of all my research topics. In the evening of my 54th birthday, listening to Olivier Messiaen’s La Nativité du Seigneur I wrote, in a sudden flash of intuition, the outline of the present book. It was really a sudden flash. The outline was on paper after five minutes. And in only ten days, I finalized the entire book.

This was a surprising event as I had by no means intended to write a new book. My intention was to write a series of scholarly articles that would bring some order to my research glossary that was published since several years on the Internet, and that never got any attention from the public.

The holistic vision I received was not conscious, but underlying and subtle; it was a driving force for writing the book. The lucidity I experienced in that moment helped me to see clearly what was highest priority and mere secondary in my research, thus helping me to eventually focus on the main topics, instead of wasting my time with the little critter.

I believe that human written history is truncated in the sense that it has never presented a valid and complete outline of human behavior. It is, if ever, an example of how ideologies, religious or political, can forge a science of history, and all science, in a world where truth, if not politically correct, is felt as a threat to human togetherness. We have learnt through quantum physics that not objects, elements, stuff and matter are of importance, but how we look at them. On the subatomic level, all is movement and potential, but I do believe this is even true in our everyday reality.

What we give attention to, we increase and strengthen, what we overlook tends to disappear not only from our regard, but even physically, in some way or the other, from our lives. Hence the need to give attention to detail, which is love!

I believe that within our patriarchal societies, this attention to detail was given too much to things unrelated to the human body. It was given to deities, concepts and ideas, to religions and holy scriptures, to grandiose promises of Heil and salvation, to gurus and saviors, to warriors and crusades against this or that, but it was hardly ever given to what is natural and plain, to happiness, to the love play, to sensual bonding, to feelings, to friendship, and to good sex with the right partner at the right moment, and in the right mood …

The natural order, as long as it was kept by female door keepers, was a functional one; when the door keepers changed and became males, decay set in, and stupidity. Behold, I am a male, so you won’t be able to dismiss me as a hate-bitch or feminist! I am a man and yet I know that man’s wisdom is inferior to woman’s, man’s strength inferior to woman’s, and man’s endurance inferior to woman’s. We owe woman that we are born, for who did carry us as infants in utero … , our fathers?

And yet, when you read most scriptures from most religions, it’s all about men and seldom about women, while all those men were all born and breastfed by women. It’s as if they wanted to blind out that they once had mothers and loved them, and perhaps loved them too much, and felt ashamed for that early love?

This book is about intimacy, in a very large sense, intimacy as the antidote to patriarchy, intimacy with ourselves, first of all, when we enter that inner dialogue and listen to our shadow, or our inner child. Intimacy was shunned by patriarchy, and today it’s one of the things that are under tight supervision of our police departments, our secret intelligence services, our prosecutors, and our neighbors as the spy-frontline in an altogether paranoid theater of global dimensions!

This book tells a story, the story of intimacy, as a thesis, an antithesis and, hopefully, a synthesis to come. The thesis was matriarchy, the antithesis was patriarchy, and the synthesis has no name. It is potential reality, a quantum field at best. It consists, on the plane of this book, in a 12-Point Peace Agenda that serves as a basis for proposals to be sent to some of our enlightened governments.

I think this book is queer and uncomfortable, not easily digested, not to be read on full stomach. I almost wanted to add … and not for minors!

When you begin reading, you hopefully question what you know of intimacy between majors and minors, for example, or the reason why minors are called minors, in the first place.

Sounds like … of minor value, right?

Legally speaking, children are of minor value, really. Their consent to pleasure and sex is deemed ‘legally invalid;’ and in correction homes for children no human rights declarations have been enacted so far, only for prisons and jails, for adults.

You didn’t know that? Then it’s a good time to learn about it, and a few other things, among them that queer construct called the ‘Oedipus Complex’ that serves as a fantastic candy for surprise parties. Simply because everybody seems to know about it while everybody knows to know nothing about it. This is then what is called a myth.

And there are more myths around in our glorious postmodern international consumer world, for example the myth that sex causes trauma in the brains and hearts of children, or that infants, when beaten or circumcised right after birth, do not really feel anything because ‘they have deserved that.’ Or the myth that every boy is deeply in love with his mother and every girl deeply in love with her father, and that this love is ‘of course’ only platonic.

In the world of parties and of myths that is our standard day-and-night soup, in a standard world that has forgotten about nature, about women, about love, and about children’s genitals, this must be so. Because what is below the belt is private, right? So private obviously that it can be mutilated by circumcision, but not touched for giving pleasure, as the first is considered necessary for hygiene and the second ‘a crime.’ Does that make sense to you? Perhaps. Not to me.

This book can’t do away with all accumulated myths in a deeply irrational society that is pervaded by scientific and psychoanalytic mysticism. What this book well can do is to point a finger and say ‘this is myth’ and ‘this is reality,’ and when you apply quantum physics, you will have an easy way out from feeling responsible for your mess, right? You will say, oh, this is just the ‘observer perspective’ of the author. He’s simply a queer looker, he sees it all with his black glasses, that’s why it all sounds so black.

You may do that, think that and believe that. But in that case, and that is why I write it here, I suggest you to read no further and throw this book far away, as far as possible, so that it may not cause you discomfort in your holy sleep! I do believe it will cause this discomfort and I am not here to hold my hand over your head, if that happens. It has happened to me, for years, for decades even.

Don’t ask me if I have hope for what is called ‘the future.’ I would not have written the 12-Point Peace Agenda if I didn’t. I have hope that I wake up tomorrow morning, that you will get over your initial discomfort and read the entire book, and write me some comments. I have hope that some governments will listen and reform criminal law, and that, therefore, the timing might be not bad after all. I also have hope that all scientists around the world will recognize the cosmic information field, and eventually start to see life as what it is, subtle energy, not a box of old brownish papers that smell myrrh, and on which is written ‘God created the world in 7 Days’ and so on. You know the story.

And by the way, if you think that this introduction is written in colloquial language and looks strangely unfit for the rest that follows, then I congratulate you to your habitual lucidity that reveals you subtle truth.

I had to fill a few pages. Just to let you know I can do that.