Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis in Human Evolution

Book Contents


The Natural Order (Thesis)

The Early Natural Order
The Pleasure Function

The Destruction of the Natural Order (Antithesis)

Reductionism and Moralism
Repression and Perversion
Love vs. Split-Love
The Disintegration of Sexual Paraphilias
Parent-Child Codependence and Emotional Child Abuse
The Oedipal Mold and Oedipal Culture
Mysticism and Atheism
Denial of Complexity
The Plague of Sadism
Conspiracy Thinking vs. Critical Thinking
Youth Fascism

The New Natural Order (Synthesis)

The Eight Dynamic Patterns of Living
The Twelve Branches of the Tree of Knowledge
The True Religio
Toward a Science of Life
Primary Power and Permissive Education

Research Bibliography

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Let me start with a Youtube example, one of thousands and thousands of videos in the same style.

Note that this is a random sample. I needed less than ten seconds to find it, and it really pervades that community, it is all over the place, so to speak. When you take off the TV shows from that community, and the music videos, the art and dance, and the private videos, the core remains, and that core looks pretty much like the following sample, and includes the whole arena of conspiracy that is one big multifaceted and endlessly repeated fascist plot of mostly young people from the USA, Britain, Holland, France and Italy.

Or let me put it that way. Those who live in a prospering modern country, with civil rights in place, and a functional government, but who are endlessly talking about their ‘fascist government’ have a reason to do so. The reason is in my view that they secretly wish to be governed not by their present government, but by a real fascist dictator, because they secretly adore these kind of abusive leaders.

The reasons why this is so are to be found in my books. It’s a sadistic fixation that turned into self-destructive and fatal masochism with many young people because they feel they are not loved, not given enough attention, and not promoted for what they really want to do. It’s really, as history shows, a dangerous situation for any government, for this mob of youngsters may one day explode, unite, and then represent a major force of upheaval and social unrest.

User Name: AnonymousTruther
Title of Series: Jesuit World Financial Control 1/5
Static screen picture shows an Aryan looking presenter
Quote from the audio track (3:22–4:30)

Gentiles rule it all, and specifically white gentiles because I believe in the supremacy of the white race as evidenced by the cultures that it builds for good, and evidenced by the horrible terrible conspiracies that it carries out for evil.

That’s why I call this the pope’s international white power structure centered in Rome; and thus the devil has chosen the white race for its greatest accomplishments, even as the Lord has chosen the white race for his greatest accomplishments.

White supremacy is a historical fact that we must accept if we are going to understand the present day. There is no such thing as universal equality among the races and nations. It doesn’t exist in humanity, it doesn’t exist among equestrians, it doesn’t exist among nature; there is no such thing as universal equality anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Needless to add that there is at that point no factual information at all, no evidence presented, no proof of actual wrongdoing by either the order of the Jesuits or the Vatican or any other alleged or implied persons or organizations. What there well is present is racial prejudice, very clearly expressed and voiced.

In the same style, and depicting the same racist values, there is a series of productions on President Barack Obama, when he was just in the office for two months. These productions left me speechless. Two of them reached hundreds of thousands of views.

I have observed this phenomenon since about the change to the 21st century. What I have observed are the following details:

  • Young people, not only girls but boys as well, remain sexual virgins for many more years than ever before in human history, lacking out on the very basics of loving intercourse and sexual activity, which is a direct result of society’s fascist attitudes regarding child and adolescent sexuality and it’s deliberate confusion with pedophilia and child abduction and rape.
  • Only to search Google with the keyword ‘child sexuality’ throws me out 53,300,000 results, most of them about child abuse, and you can be lucky to find a single site that really deals with the biological and psychological facts of child sexuality. I found one, but at the bottom of the page there is a Google Ad, and guess what it links to? Child Sexual Abuse. It must be so in a society that focuses on abuse instead of focusing on love, and love making, which shows how upside-down and alienated from nature modern consumer culture really is.
  • Young people develop fascist attitudes and a basically fascist worldview without being conscious of it in most cases. This fascism is thus latent, and it is widely, in my view, the result of prolonged sexual virginity, and a negative attitude regarding sexual activity as such, which in this case doesn’t necessarily come from a religious education. In my view it is the result of a total hypertrophy of the left brain hemisphere, that leads to an early intellectual overdrive, and a tendency toward neurosis, from early childhood. The home may even have been a liberal one, but the person may have developed a strongly negative view regarding sexuality or intimacy, or closeness with others. The main reason why this happens is that there is no incentive from home or school to seek out loving mates, so that the youngster encloses himself or herself in an almost incurable narcissism — which is a lack of self-love that goes pathological. Needless to add that, as I was showing it in my criticism of the Oedipus Complex, the fact that children are supposed to be auto-erotic only, and not to have active loving embraces (that is, intercourse), contributes to this isolation of our children and adolescents. Often, these youngsters are very good in school, over-performing almost all the time; they are the quintessential ‘good boys’ and ‘good girls’ to their mom, and they often excel in a sport or with playing an instrument; else they may handle the computer in brilliant ways, may become good software engineers, or they are good in sales and marketing. These people are most of the time intelligent, but they are not erotically intelligent. The problem is paradoxically that their intelligence, because of lack of a love and sex life, becomes in itself a problem, a pathology, and then develops a tendency toward evil, toward negative thinking and large-scale projections that serve to shield and defend the widely pathological lifestyle and worldview of those youngsters.
  • This fascism is propagated largely under different headers than before, it is sold as neo-paganism, a nature-loving antidrug position, widespread conspiracy thinking with a fascist hateful regard upon secret societies and large-scale techno-thinking, formulas like techno-shamanism, techno-fascism or even more strange-looking encoded or encrypted formulas that serve the same purpose as it served under a Goebbels, that is, to denunciate, emasculate, or even openly spit upon certain people, certain groups, certain minorities, certain countries or blocks of countries, or certain governments. This is done by putting ruthless labels upon those people, groups, countries, institutions or politicians.
  • Another argument forwarded often by these youngsters is that a world government can only serve fascist purposes. They for the most part ignore the doctrine of national sovereignty as part of international law, and they also ignore that in Europe, hundreds of years ago, great philosophers such as Kant or Rousseau made peace plans that intelligently debated the evil effects of national sovereignty and therefore suggested states should make an end to war and get together to confer a part of their sovereignty upon a supranational or international authority, such as a world government. Needless to add that the European Union as well as the United Nations are fruits of these ideas, while we are not as far as having a world government yet. So I am wondering if those youngsters want to do away with the European Union and the United Nations as well? The question remains open and I am quite convinced the answer can be found, and I pretty much know in advance how it looks like.
  • What confirms the above conclusions is that these masses of young people are widely anti-Semitic in their overall mindset, without of course voicing it, because that would defy their self-imagine as benefactors of humanity; many of them, it is true, are on the spiritual track and expect to make a large ascension during their lifetime, if they are not outright obsessed to be angels or aliens instead of what they most abhor, that is, to be simple humans.
  • Through personal exchanges with a number of those people that are mostly to be found in countries like the United States, the Netherlands, Germany and France, I have become aware that what they most hate are people like myself, who are older and who have a good deal of direct life experience, who have had a vivid sex life as children and who therefore can tell them worlds of knowledge that they ignore. I have found through the hate and reject I received from these people that what they most hate are self-thinkers, people who are really independent of the system and who have developed their own worldview, and created their own reality, also, but not exclusively because they are financially independent. I have been rejected in the strangest ways by these people. They are violent through and through and society will one day wake up when the big explosion happens, for this human mud really is explosive!
  • Their fascism is largely unconscious and blind in the sense that the young people who sign up for those ideas are talking about themselves, to repeat it, as benefactors, not evildoers, as positive-minded and fully mature individuals, while they are in most cases not even able to have a single nonconflictual exchange with another person without throwing them their 101 conspiracy theories over the head. I’d not be astonished to learn that some of them are still at thirty complete virgins, wearing pampers at night, and are sucking their thumb or otherwise need to be mothered for every little experience they are making. They are surely Oedipal Heroes and their narcissism is their pride and public smokescreen.
  • This fascism also typically sees the world dominated by a single black-and-white scheme such as ‘The Banks,’ ‘The Jesuits’ or ‘Five Families,’ or else ‘The Rothschilds,’ ‘The Warburg’s,’ ‘The Habsburg Clan,’ ‘The British Crown,’ ‘The Federal Reserve,’ or certain bloodlines are blamed for all the evil in the world. To remind that bloodline thinking is quintessential fascist thinking. Sane people think of human beings, not of blood, to remind only Hitler’s notorious allusions to Blut und Boden (blood and earth), which was perhaps the forerunner of all those fascist ideas that ghost around in our young people today.

What these young people obviously never learnt is psychology, mythology and symbolic as well as abstract thinking. When a journalist like David Icke tells them that there are reptiles around and famous politicians are shapeshifting into reptiles or dinosaurs in front of their eyes, they may believe it as one hundred percent true, instead of asking the question if those reptile and serpent figures, or obelisks and other mythic symbols seen on churches or public buildings are perhaps mythic animals, representations of a religious reality, of mythology, and thus metaphors? And then they might want to inquire in the past of humanity, and with today still existing native peoples and ask them what those mythic animals represent?

The danger here is obvious that misguided youngsters may get strange ideas under the spell of those widespread conspiracies. What are they going to do under the spell of those ideas? I think we should have a watchful eye!