Fatal Consequences of the New Russian-Turkish Cold War

The end of a long friendship … between Erdogan and Putin … has fatal consequences for both countries. This can teach us an excellent example. Putin was not obliged to interpret the downing of a Russian jet as an aggressive act.

—The violation of the territorial integrity of a nation state by another nation state either by air, by land or by sea is a flagrantly hostile act under international law and condemned by the United Nations Charter. This is aggravated in the present case through the fact that it was a war plane, not a civil airliner, that violated Turkey’s airspace. Russia violates the airspace of other NATO members by his patrolling war planes in just the same manner, repeatedly over the last 18 months, which is documented, while Russia treats those violations as ‘errors of perception’ by individual pilots or belittles them as ‘minor incidents.’ They are not, under international law. They are breaches of trust that can ruin international relations not only on a bilateral but also, down the road, on the multilateral basis.

He knew that Russian war planes quite negligently violate the airspace of various countries, not just Turkey. He knew what was at stake, 3.5 millions Russians go to Turkey for vacation every year, and Turkey gets 80% of its natural gas supplies from Russia — to mention only these two facts of many that show how entangled both countries are.

It seems to me that both men have a puerile mentality, with all their show-off attitudes, almost obsessionally wanting to prove that they are men at all. It would be hilarious if not the consequences for world peace would be so dire. These two men smash their own interests with their battle against each other, as both countries will suffer huge losses because of that single fight of two adolescents who have never grown up. It is a disaster but also a lesson for all of us.

But truly, as an international lawyer and expert in international relations, I can tell you I see black, overall, for the development of the world over the next eight to ten years. Our leaders are insane for our masses of people have never known to ask for real leaders, they are asking for school boys with a blown-up chest and a stiff neck, they are asking for slaughterers and executioners, not for humane, complete humans. This will get us all in big trouble in the years to come.

We need a new movement of international elite, we need to establish a new elite based on reason, not on bloodlines, a new elite based on humanity, not male prowess, we need a new elite that revives the spirit of aristocracy, dignity, and human distinction.

We are gliding into an abyss, worldwide, and all your optimism is fine with me — but I have become a realist. Our smart scientists will not prevent this to happen for 80% of all scientists in America are funded by the military, so the great believers in science will see how they are going to lose ground in this infernal machinery of marching global fascism that I have seen coming since 30 years.

From the many articles, see only this one that I found well-written and informative, and reasonably critical: