The Teaching of Rabbi Dr. Gabriel Cousens

The following is adapted from Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine (2003), Chapter 1.

The theory that I am sharing with you is what is presently known as the pleomorphic theory, developed over a period from the late 1800s to early 1900s by several people who have influenced my understanding of holistic health. The first is Antoine Béchamp (1816–1908), who was a master of pharmacy, doctor of science, doctor of medicine, professor of medical chemical pharmacy, professor of physics and toxicology, and professor of biological chemistry. What he discovered was the process of fermentation, which is described as the process of digestion by microscopic ferments of life forms. As a genius in his field, he saw that blood is not a liquid but a flowing tissue. In his work, he discovered what he called ‘microzymas’ or ferments in the blood. The microzymas are living microscopic and colloidal elements capable of fermenting the sugar in our system. The microzyma is the smallest living unit in nature and in our bodies; it is much smaller than the cells.

The cornerstone of Béchamp’s theory was that maintaining a healthy terrain and biological physiology is the key to health. When the biological terrain was disrupted, when people got too acid, then the natural fermentation process in the body was accelerated, and a morbid evolution of these microzymas would take place. They would coagulate and pleomorphically permutate into bacteria, yeast, fungus, and eventually mold. As these morbid pleomorphic forms from the microzymas developed, they fed on our vital body substances and produced more toxins, which we call mycotoxins. This toxic process resulted in a degenerative disease symptomology.

Another grand researcher who came a bit later and based some of his work on Béchamp was a physician, Professor Gunther Enderlein (1872–1968). (I had the opportunity to study with one of Dr. Enderlein’s German students, Dr. Maria Blecker). Dr. Enderlein proved the pleomorphic theory postulated by Béchamp, through his sixty years of observations of living human blood. He also proved that the cell was not the smallest unit of life, and that within the cell are protits, which is the tiniest unit of life. Perhaps most important of all, he validated Béchamp’s theory of pleomorphism, which states that these protit-microorganisms change in their form according to the conditions of the blood and its tenor in general. Instead of calling them microzymas, Dr. Enderlein referred to them as protits, but the principle is essentially the same. For the purpose of this book, I am choosing to use the word ‘protit,’ as that is the term I am accustomed to using. Dr. Gasten Naessens in Canada has also discovered these pleomorphic forms, and he calls them somatids.

Fundamentally, what these researchers have discovered, which can be readily seen in a microscope, is that these protits, which are of very small size (.001 micron), form a colloidal energetic field, not only in our human system within the cells, but also in extra-cellular fluid and the lymph and the blood. This is, essentially, everywhere in the body. This colloidal field, if it is healthy, helps to create health. It the living colloid field is disrupted by toxic influences, then the energetic and physiologic electromagnetic field changes in the direction of pathology, and we move to progressively poorer health.

This theory was further developed by Dr. Robert Young. In my discussions with him, I added my theory of Tachyon energy and subtle organizing energy fields (SOEF) (as explained in Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, Conscious Eating, and Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing), which he felt comfortable with. In essence, the combined Tachyon, SOEF, living colloid theory is key for understanding this new concept of nutrition. The subtle organizing energy field (SOEF), which is energized by the Tachyon energy (energy just faster than the speed of light), creates an energetic matrix from the protits’ colloid suspension on the physical plane. This manifests first as a living colloidal field in the space between and within the cells. This protit colloidal field is affected by the environment, as well as the normalizing SOEF matrix. Acid food, acid thoughts, low oxygen, environmental toxins, heavy metals, and lack of exercise all have the power to distort this living protit colloidal field. They can shift it from a healthy, creative, energetic matrix for cells and tissues into a morbid pleomorphic expression: an unhealthy field. These negative environmental stresses create a morbid pleomorphic change from the healthy protit energetics of life to bacteria and higher forms of yeast, mold, and fungus, as the protits pleomorphically transmute and coagulate.

These higher morbid pleomorphic forms give off mycotoxins, which tend to break down our living tissues. These morbid pleomorphic forms, for which I use the word ‘mycosis,’ also eat the sugar in our systems, the DNA, the proteins, the enzymes, and the hormones. They live off our tissues and vital fluids, and as they increasingly give off mycotoxins (in essence, their fecal waste), they further imbalance and acidify the system and create favorable conditions for more of these pleomorphic organisms to grow and, therefore, increase the state of mycosis.

In an undisturbed, healthy state there is a clear and full expression of the vital subtle-organizing, high-energy fields into the colloidal field. Undisturbed by toxic influences, this energetic continuum — from Tachyon energy, to SOEF vital life pattern, to a healthy energetic protit colloidal system — is the foundation of optimum health. The living colloidal system is the first level of physical manifestation of life energies. This healthy protit colloidal field is needed for a healthy coagulation system and for proper building blocks for all cellular, lymph, blood, and intracellular structures. When this protit colloidal field, which is very sensitive to morbid effects, is energetically healthy, then we have a perfect, supportive field for a healthy matrix for the creation and life force of our cells and tissues. When the subtle organizing energy field matrix on the colloid field is disrupted by degenerative influences, then this protit colloidal field acts as a sensor to the physiological imbalance. It reacts to the environment and creates a morbid energetic field to compensate. This shift to a morbid field takes us toward degenerating health.

The protits — independent living elements — seem to have critical roles of being a builder as well as a recycler of organisms. In essence, ‘from dust to dust.’ This recycling is the dying and death process. As long as the subtle organizing energy field imprint of the colloidal matrix of the protits is not too significantly disturbed, then the protit colloidal system acts as a builder and restorer of life. When the colloidal energetic matrix is disturbed significantly, then the ‘recycling button’ or ‘composting button’ is pushed and the protits begin their function as recyclers of whatever organism they are in. In essence, they begin to accelerate the rate of fermentation of the system.

At the turn of the nineteenth century, candida was primarily seen in people who were dying of cancer or other very serious diseases. What was going on was that the recycle button had been pushed and they had already begun the cycle of degeneration.

The process of chronic disease is activated in a person who is toxic enough to push the ‘composting button.’ Depending on the degree of toxicity, this composting process leads to chronic disease, misery, and ultimately death. The key to restoring health is minimizing or eliminating the toxic conditions so that the composting button is turned off. A low-sweet, live-food, non-acidic diet and a healthy mind are the key factors in turning off the composting button and reestablishing vibrant health. These reverse the forces of entropy or composting. Activities that enhance the flow of the energetic continuum, from enhancing the flow of Tachyon energy, to energizing the SOEFs, to all forms of positive lifestyle habits, all help to reverse entropy or the aging-degeneration process.

This diet is designed to turn off the self-composting button. Today we have a great many more morbid influences on us including hybrid, high-sweet fruits, radiation, intense pollution, heavy metal toxicity, and an accelerated amount of stress in the environment and within our minds, as well as the use of genetically engineered food, irradiated food, processed food, fast food, junk food, refined white flour food, white sugar food, and canned foods. All of these foods specifically are morbid influences on the protit colloidal field as it attempts to express the pure subtle organizing energetic matrix in our cells and tissues. Whereas a diet high in fruit was considered an excellent diet fifty years ago, because of the greatly increased physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual toxicity in ourselves and the world, we now need to shift to a diet with lower sugar content. The purpose of this, of course, is to have less fermentation and therefore not feed the morbid pleomorphic evolving organisms. In addition, because of the conditions in our environment (and I see this as a global issue), I have had to look at adjusting the live-food diet to counterbalance the toxic conditions of our planet and the conditions that all of us human beings are facing. It is in this context that I am offering and explaining the Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine.

As we delve deeper into this theory, which helps us more profoundly understand the process of disease, we enter into a debate that has been going on for the last hundred years, which is the theory that the terrain is of primary importance in establishing conditions that then create disease. This is, in essence, the pleomorphic theory. Once the terrain becomes disease-inducing, the organisms that are in us (the protits) pleomorphically change into morbid forms and create the actual conditions of disease. The opposing theory is that we catch bacteria or viruses, and that they then become the cause of disease. Somewhere there is an in-between place that combines both concepts. However, there is an old statement that ‘The swamp breeds mosquitoes. Mosquitoes do not breed a swamp.’ If your terrain (your basic physiology) is strong and healthy and in proper pH from eating the right foods, you are less likely to get any exogenous acute disease, and you are likely to be better able to fight disease. Chronic disease is more easily understood when one’s framework is the pleomorphic theory. Most chronic diseases are not an acute invasion in an immunologically and pleomorphically weakened terrain, but a chronic breakdown that can degenerate or devolve all the way to cancer. It is hard for any disease to invade a person who has a strong terrain. That is why some people do not get sick when there is an epidemic going around, and why other people are always getting sick. Usually those people who do not get sick are those with a very strong physiology or basically strong biological terrain.

We are all hooked up by the subtle organizing energy fields to an optimal terrain. However, by disrupting the acid-alkaline balance (most usually by becoming too acid: eating acid-promoting foods, living an acid-promoting stressful lifestyle, and thinking acid thoughts), we shift the terrain. Another factor that shifts the terrain significantly is the level of toxicity to which we are exposed. Heavy-metal toxicity, environmental pollution, lack of oxygen, poor nutritional status, mineral depletion, poor lymphatic flow, loss of electrical charge in the cells, and exposure to electromagnetic pollution all increase toxicity. Drugs that encourage yeast and fungus, which imbalance the biological terrain, include steroids, antibiotics, birth control pills, alcohol, and cigarettes. Lack of exercise, lack of rest, flesh and dairy products, white sugar, and white flour have the same effect.

As a result of all these acid-producing conditions (or any one of them, but usually it’s collectively all), the red blood cells actually lose the normal, healthy negative charge that keeps them repelled from one another and prevents clumping. The cells living in these conditions become invaded by mold and fungus, lose their charges and turn positive, and begin to clump. They also clump to healthy cells, which have a negative charge, infecting them as well. As the electromagnetic field changes more and more, cells are disrupted. There is more and more clumping. The bacteria-yeast-mold sequence beginning to take place because of a lack of oxygen also promotes clumping. The more clumping you have, the less oxygen is getting to the tissues and cells in the terrain. This whole cycle can be easily identified with dark-field microscopy.

The fungal toxins that are given off are called mycotoxins. When people are very toxic as a result of fungal growth, their condition is called mycotoxicosis or mycosis. These mycotoxins further increase the acidity, acting as acids that eat away at the tissue. Symptoms are experienced as one’s body attempts to deal with the poisons that result from the action of the acid toxins on the cells and tissues. They produce metabolic waste called exotoxins, as well as endotoxins, which are poisons within the organism. (…)

These mycotoxins and the breakdown they cause eventually exhaust the immune system. As this whole process continues, the biological terrain an increasingly and chronically changed to an abnormal fermentative metabolic condition, which has often been identified as a pre-condition or condition of cancer. In many of my clients who have significant mycosis, their cancer profile (done at an outside laboratory) shows a pre-cancer condition. When the systemic condition localizes, like in a tumor, we call it cancer. In my theory, the tumors show up where the body is constitutionally the weakest. (…)

Most of the people I see in my clinical practice have had ‘their recycle button pushed’ and are working on returning to health, which can take anywhere from two months to three years. It depends on being able to turn off the button. I would like to note that I am not an oncologist. It is increasingly common knowledge among natural healers who treat cancer that there is a connection between the degree of fungus in the blood and body and the increasing potential for cancer. This theoretical view established by Dr. Antoine Béchamp and Dr. Enderlein is not part of the educational system in allopathic medical schools, where the germ theory of Louis Pasteur, Antoine Béchamp’s rival, prevails. It is interesting to note that on his deathbed, Louis Pasteur said, ‘Claude Bernard was right. The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.’