Vegetable and Fruit Juices

What’s Missing in your Body, by Dr. Norman Walker, D.Sc., Prescott, AZ: Norwalk Press, 1970/1978.

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About Dr. Walker
Sample Chapter
— What’s Missing in Your Body?
— Enzymes
— Why Not Eat the Vegetables?
— Cooked Foods
— My First Carrot Juice
— Juices Are Not Concentrated Foods
— Protection against Pesticides
— How Much Juice To be Taken Safely?


I found Dr. Walker’s four booklets, Raw Vegetable and Fruit Juices, Become Younger, The Vegetarian Guide to Diet & Salad, and The Natural Way to Vibrant Health last year, in the midst of a gout attack. I had been browsing the Web for advice on healing gout, and found the books already reviewed, the books of Dr. Walker, and the books of Dr. Maoshing Ni and the latest book by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, One Spirit Medicine, which I am going to review further down in this blog.

As soon as the first of Dr. Walker’s book arrived from Amazon, the present one, I read it in a few hours and immediately set out to act on this new knowledge. I bought a Philips juicer and started with lots of carrot juice, just as Dr. Walker began his journey into juicing.

Further down in the book I however discovered that carrots still contain a certain amount of fruit sugar (fructose) which when the body is very acidic, should be avoided, so I replaced the carrots by broccoli, kale, spinach, leak, cucumber, parsley, ginger, a little mix of all of this, while putting sparsely of the spicier herbs. The first reaction of my digestive tract was reject, nausea, and a very uneasy feeling immediately after having drunk the juice, however I was lucky enough that I did not actually need to vomit.

With every day I found that my body accepts the alkalinity with more ease while I did restrict juicing to the morning (on empty stomach) only in order not to overdo the new regime.

Dr. Walker’s books are very practical and highly convincing. They are written by a mind very competent in science and the biochemistry of the human body, including various techniques for testing the body’s pH balance.

— See also Robert O. Young, The pH Miracle, which I have reviewed as well and which I was reading at the same time as the books of Dr. Walker.

I recommend Dr. Walker’s books to anyone who seriously searches to improve their lifestyle, and go for optimal health. Juicing surely is one of the best ways to get there, gradually, without doing any harm to the body and without the need to take any supplements for fresh vegetable and fruit juices are true bombs consisting of vitamins and all the essential minerals the body needs for its metabolism.

About Dr. Walker

You don’t need to relate your health to your age! For more than 100 years, Norman W. Walker, PhD., proved through research that well-being and long life can go hand-in-hand. Modern day nutritionists and medical researchers are just now discovering the truths which Dr. Walker has known and expounded throughout the twentieth century. Dr. Walker himself was living proof that a longer, healthier life may be achieved through proper diet, mental soundness, and intelligent body care. Every year we read about a new fad diet, a ‘cure-all’ drug, a food supplement, or a revolutionary exercise program that will save our lives. The Dr. Walker program is unique in that it doesn’t use the promotional words, ‘miracle, fad, or revolutionary’ … it doesn’t need them!

Dr. Walker’s contributions to our living longer, healthier lives began before the turn of the century in London, where as a young man he became seriously sick from over-work. Unable to accept the idea of ill health or a sick body, Dr. Walker cured himself. Since that time, he spent the balance of his life searching man’s ability to extend life and achieve freedom from disease.

In 1910, Dr. Walker established the Norwalk Laboratory of Nutritional Chemistry and Scientific Research in New York, and thus began his important contributions to a longer, more active form of living. Among his great contributions was the discovery of the therapeutic value of fresh vegetable juices, and in 1930 the development of the Triturator Juicer.

We believe Dr. Walker was one of the world’s leading nutritionists; his unique contributions are all available to you through his books.

Foreword by R.D. Pope, M.D.

I wish to acknowledge my indebtedness to Normal W. Walker, D.Sc. for his untiring co-operation in the preparation of this book.

Dr. Walker has placed at my disposal, without reservation, the results of his experience, experiments and analyses which have made possible the compilation and publication, for the first time in history, of a fairly complete guide of the therapeutic use of our more common, every-day vegetables when these are taken in the form of fresh, raw juices.

It is hoped that this will prove to be not only a useful and handy reference guide for all the members of my profession, but will also be of considerable help to those who wish to drive the utmost benefit from the natural foods which God created for the nourishment of Man.
— R.D. Pope. M.D.

Sample Chapter

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices


The human body is inextricably dependent on the quality of food and no less its compatibility with the needs of the body. People have awakened to this realization, but only in the past two centuries. Gradually, more and more light was shed on the mysterious workings of the human anatomy and the manner in which the body utilizes the minerals and vitamins composing such food.

The results obtained in helping the body recover from nearly every disturbance or ailment, have been almost phenomenal the world over, particularly in the area of Juice Therapy. Today, any person not familiar with the nutritional and recuperative value of fresh vegetable and fruit juices is woefully uninformed.

Since the turn of the 20th century, fresh vegetables and fruit juices have come into their own. Their value is now definitely recognized by the well-informed, including professionals as well as laymen. The reason for the efficacy of such juices lies in the fact that, by separating the mineral elements and the distilled water in the food from the fibers, this liquid food is digested in a matter of minutes. The digestive processes required to separate the mineral elements from the fibers, on the other hand, involve labor and time — actually hours — to be expended by the digestive organs. These processes of digesting whole vegetables and fruits use up much energy, and the means with which to nourish such energy is derived from the food. A portion of the ‘solid’ food eaten is thus diverted from its nutritional goal to be used as fuel to generate this energy.

This answers the frequently asked question: Why not eat the vegetables and fruits whole, instead of making juices? Actually, there is no nourishment in the fibers, however, fibers serve a very useful and much needed purpose. Fibers act as an intestinal broom. After having traveled through the stomach, the duodenum and 25 feet of small intestine, these fiber particles reach the colon in the form of microscopic cellulose. The colon still considers the cellulose as fiber and uses it as such. Without fiber, the colon, and the body as a whole, cannot be maintained in a healthy condition. (…)

What’s Missing in Your Body?

In know that if I do not drink a sufficient quantity of fresh-raw vegetable juices, then as likely as not, my full quota of nourishment-enzymes is missing from my body.

How about you?

You, and you alone are responsible for the result of how you nourish your body. The life in your food is what counts.

Your body is composed of billions of microscopic cells. Your very existence depends on them. They need nourishment, live, active nourishment. It depends on you, and you on you alone, whether the food you eat results in nutrition or malnutrition!


The basic key to the efficacy of nourishing the body is the life which is present in your food and of those intangible elements, known as enzymes.

In other words, the element which enables the body to be nourished and live, that element which is hidden within the seeds of plants and in the sprouting and growth of plants is a life principle known as enzymes.

Enzymes have been described as complex substances which enable us to digest food and to absorb it into our blood. It has also been claimed that enzymes digest cancers. In order to perform such classified operations, enzymes would require a body of some kind, a physical or material organism. This they do not have, any more than electricity with its multitude of phases, such as voltage, amperage, wattage, etc., does not have substance, but it activates substances of which it is not an integral part. Thus enzymes are not ‘substances.’ Enzymes are an intangible magnetic cosmic energy or life principle which is intimately involved in the action of every atom in the human body, in vegetation, and in every form of life.

Once we get this clearly into our consciousness, we will know definitely why our food should be intelligently and properly selected, and why it should be raw, uncooked and unprocessed.

We cannot have life and death at the same time, either in connection with our body, or with vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Where there is life, there are enzymes.

Enzymes are sensitive to temperatures above 118ºF. Above 120ºF enzymes become sluggish, just as the human body becomes languid and relaxed in a hot bath. At 130ºF the life of enzymes is extinct. They are dead.

Within seeds, enzymes are in a dormant state, and under proper conditions will remain in a state of suspended animation for hundreds and thousands of years.

As a matter of fact, carcasses of prehistorical animals found in the northernmost regions of the earth, in Siberia and other glacial regions where they were instantly frozen by cataclysmic ice formations some 50,000 years ago, have been found to contain enzymes in abundance, which became active when the flesh was thawed to body temperature. Thus, enzymes can be preserved at any desired low temperature without loss.

Life cannot be explained, so we describe enzymes as a cosmic energy principle or vibration which promotes a chemical action or change in atoms and molecules, causing a reaction, without changing, destroying or using up the enzymes themselves in the process.

In other words enzymes are catalysts and as such they promote action or change without altering or changing their own status.

With this brief explanation, you are better able to appreciate the value, reason, logic and intelligence of choosing the food with which you intend to nourish your body, not only food in the raw state, but also food used and prepared so that it will nourish the cells and tissues of your body in the most speedy and efficient manner possible.

The great law of life is replenishment. If we do not eat, we die. Just as surely, if we do not eat the kind of food which will nourish the body constructively, we not only die prematurely but we suffer along the way.

Our body needs to be supplied daily with the same elements with which it is composed. Due thought, attention, and consideration to the other two parts of our being, namely our mind and spirit, provides our total life with complete health.

We can eat the finest and most constructive food in creation, but this will not prevent the disintegration of the body if resentments, fear, worry, frustration and negative states of mind are permitted to obsess us.

Health is the indisputable foundation for the satisfaction of life. Everything of domestic joy or occupational success must be built of body wholesomeness and vitality.

Nutrition must be vital and organic. Salts and mineral matter must be vitally organic in order that they may be assimilated by the human body for the rebuilding and regeneration of the body cells and tissues.

The rays of the sun send billions of atoms into plant life, activating organic or life-containing elements for food.

Thanks to scientific research, we are now able to analyze and know exactly the elements which foods carry, and to harmonize them in the body according to its needs.

Our body is made up of many atomic elements. The principal ones are:

— Oxygen
— Carbon
— Hydrogen
— Nitrogen
— Calcium
— Phosphorus
— Potassium
— Sulphur
— Magnesium
— Iron
— Iodine
— Chlorine
— Fluorine
— Silicon
— Manganese

Except for accidents, all the repair and regeneration of our body must come from within. The body is out of balance when the blood stream, cells, tissues, organs, glands and the rest of the body do not contain these elements in proper proportion or are deficient. The result is a condition that is just plain poisonous. It is called toxemia.

In order to regain and maintain the proper balance of health, most of the food we eat must contain live, vital, organic elements. These elements are found in fresh-raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Oxygen is one of the most essential elements. As soon as food is cooked, its oxygen is lost. The enzymes are destroyed at 130ºF, and most of the vital force needed for nourishment is dissipated.

The fact that for generations, millions upon millions of people have lived and are living, who have rarely if ever eaten anything but cooked foods, does not prove that their being alive is the result of eating cooked foods. As a matter of fact, they are in a state of decadent existence which is confirmed by the toxic condition of their bodies. Else, why the overcrowding of inadequate hospital facilities? Why the millions upon millions of pounds of painkillers sold annually? Why such a high rate of incidence of heart trouble, diabetes, cancer, emphysema, premature senility and premature deaths?

Our Creator developed the human body with an inherent colossal amount of tolerance. When we eat anything that is ‘not good’ for us or that is incompatible with our nutritional requirements and balance, we suffer. We are warned and punished by pain and by cramps, leading eventually to disease and perhaps to any one or more of the infinite number of ailments which afflict humanity.

Such punishment may not manifest immediately, nor be immediately apparent, but because of the body’s miraculous tolerance we will be kept waiting for days, perhaps months or maybe years before the long-range retribution called for by Nature for the infraction of her laws, catches up with us.

Once we discover the natural means to regain and to maintain our health at a high rate of vibration, we experience the bliss which results from putting that discovery into daily practice. It seems both strange and pitiful that so many people will not consider the matter, but will deliberately continue into inevitable toxemic decadence. Mental and intestinal fortitude coupled with a little study could help them avoid premature and often painful disintegration.

Why Not Eat The Vegetables?

Without the knowledge of the principles involved in the use of fresh-raw vegetable and fruit juices, one would naturally ask: ‘Why not eat the whole vegetable and fruit instead of extracting the juice and discarding the fibers?’

The answer is simple: solid food requires many hours of digestive activity before its nourishment is finally available to the cells and tissues of the body. While the fibers in solid food have virtually no nourishing value, they do act as an intestinal broom during the peristaltic activity of the intestines, hence then need to eat raw foods in addition to drinking juices. However, the removal of the fibers in the extraction of the juices enables juices to be very quickly digested and assimilated, sometimes in a matter of minutes, with a minimum of effort and extertion on the part of the digestive system.

For example, it is well-known that celery because its high sodium chloride content is our best food to counteract the effects of extreme heat. To eat the celery would involve so much time in the process of digestion that one may readily be overcome by the intense heat before the beneficial effects of celery can be obtained. On the other hand, by drinking a glass or a pint of fresh-raw celery juice, we get quick results. This has often made the sizzling Arizona desert heat quite bearable for me.

Whole vegetables and fruits are composed of a considerable quantity of fibers. Within the interstices of these fibers are enclosed the atoms and molecules which are the essential nutritional elements we need. It is these atoms and molecules and their respective enzymes in the fresh-raw juices which aid the speedy nourishment of the cells and tissues, glands, organs and every part of our body.

The fibers of vegetables and fruits are also valuable. When the food we eat is raw, uncooked and unprocessed, these fibers act as an intestinal broom. When food is cooked, the intense heat destroys its life. Its fibers, having lost their magnetism through the heat, being lifeless, dead, act in the nature of a mob swabbing through the intestines, all too often leaving a coating on the walls of the intestines. In the course of time this coating accumulates, putrefies and causes toxemia. The colon then becomes sluggish and distorted and constipation, colitis, diverticulitis and other disturbances result.

The juices extracted from fresh-raw vegetables and fruits are the means by which we can furnish all the cells and tissues of the body with the elements and nutritional enzymes they need in the manner they can be most readily digested and assimilated.

Notice that I said nutritional enzymes. This applies to the enzymes in our food. The cells and tissues of our body have their own corresponding enzymes which assist and cooperate in the work of digesting and assimilating our food. In addition, the composition of every atom and molecule in our body has a superabundant supply of enzymes. The oxygen is collected by enzyme action and then by the blood.

For example, the air we breathe is taken into our lungs as a combination of approximately 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. The air we expel from our lungs is mainly carbonic acid and carbon dioxide. What happens to the nitrogen? Two main classes of enzymes in our lungs come into action the moment air reaches the tiny bunch-of-grapes-like interior of our lungs, known as alveoli. One set of enzymes, known as oxidase, separate the oxygen while the other set of enzymes, known as nitrase, separate the nitrogen from the air. The oxygen is collected, through enzyme action, by the blood and circulates through the body, while the nitrogen, through the action of ‘transportation’ enzymes, passes into the body for protein generation.

Our entire system is composed of innumerable enzymes. These enzymes are found throughout the mouth, stomach and intestines. More than a dozen of them are involved in the digestion and assimilation of our food. They work in conjunction with the enzymes that are also found in the atoms and molecules contained in the food itself.

Cooked Foods

As a rule it will do no great harm to occasionally eat a little cooked food, but never fried food, provided that a sufficient quantity of raw food is also eaten. We are now living in the atomic age, and to slow ourselves down by eating much cooked food creates a physical and mental conflict within us which is a handicap blocking the streamline of our existence.

The juices extracted from fresh-raw fruits and vegetables form the means of furnishing all the cells in the body with the elements they need, in the manner in which they can be most readily assimilated.

We must bear mind that while it is true that cooked and processed foods sustain life, nevertheless that does not mean that they have the power to regenerate the atoms which furnish the life force to our body. On the contrary, progressive degeneration of the cells and tissues follows the continuous consumption of cooked and processed foods.

There is not a durg in the world that will supply the blood stream with anything in the way in which the body can use it for permanent repair or regeneration.

One can eat four or five big meals a day, and yet the body may be starved through the lack of the vital elements in the food and the disturbance of the enzyme balance.

Fruit juices are the cleansers of the human system, but the fruit should be ripe. An apple a day will keep the doctor away, if we also eat plenty of other raw food. But fruits, with only three or four exceptions, should never be eaten during the same meal in which starches and sugars are included. Fruits in sufficient variety will furnish the body with all the carbohydrates and sugars that it needs.

Vegetable juices are the builders and regenerators of the body. They contain all the amino acids, minerals, salts, enzymes, and vitamins needed by the human body, provided they are used fresh, raw, and without preservatives, and that they have been properly extracted from the vegetables.

Like all the most valuable things in life, the vital part of vegetables — that which contains the greatest concentrated value — is the most difficult to reach, being hidden within the fibers. Hence, the need for a thorough mastication of all raw vegetables.

In the final analysis, raw food is the nourishment intended for human beings. However, not everyone is able to change the lifelong habit of eating foods mostly or totally cooked and devitalized, and in their place eat only raw foods. Such a sudden change may cause disturbances which the individual may not be able to understand, but which, nevertheless, may be entirely beneficial. Under these circumstances, it is wise to consult someone who is experienced in the reactions which may result from such a change. After all, it does require considerable mental as well as intestinal fortitude to make this change and to stay with it, but we have found that it pays to do so.

In any event, fresh-raw vegetable juices are necessary as a supplement to every diet, even when no special diet is followed and the individual eats anything and everything he pleases.

When a promiscuous unregulated food regimen is followed or indulged in, such juices are of vital importance because they will furnish the body the live elements and vitamins deficient in the cooked and processed foods.

On the other hand, an entirely raw food regimen, without the inclusion of a sufficient quantity and variety of fresh-raw juices is equally deficient. The reason for this deficiency lies in the fact that a surprisingly large percentage of the atoms making up the nourishment in the raw foods is utilized as fuel for energy by the digestive organs in their processes of digesting and assimilating the food, which usually requires as long as 3, 4, or 5 hours after every meal. Such atoms, while furnishing some nourishment to the body, are mostly used up as fuel, leaving only the smaller percentage available for the regeneration of the cells and tissues.

However, when we drink raw vegetable juices, the situation is entirely different, as these are digested and assimilated within 10 to 15 minutes after we drink them and they are used almost entirely in the nourishment and regeneration of the cells and tissues, glands and organs of the body. In this case the result is obvious, as the entire process of digestion and assimilation is completed with a maximum degree of speed and efficiency, and with a minimum of effort on the part of the digestive system.

The important thing is to drink juices fresh daily, irrespective of the manner of process by which they have been extracted. Naturally, the more complete the juice is extracted, the more efficiently it will work in the body.

My First Carrot Juice

My first experiments were made by grating carrots on anything that would reduce them to pulp, then squeezing the pulp in a cloth, to get the juice. After discovering the miracle of using that juice so simply made, I tried making the carrots into pulp by other means until I could make a larger amount of juice for myself in less time and with less effort. I soon discovered that these juices fermented and spoiled unless used immediately, the time element being the factor.

Eventually I discovered a means to triturate (pulverize) into a pulp nearly as fine as apple butter. This split open the interstices of the cells of the fibers, liberating the atoms and molecules. Then, by squeezing the pulp in a hydraulic press, I obtained a virtually complete extraction of the juice, and its quality was unsurpassed.

Naturally this is an expensive piece of equipment. However, do not consider the price involved, but rather the investment in health that pays for itself!

The centrifugal type of juicer which came on the market some years ago, has been improved over the years and there are some very satisfactory models on the market. These have their place in the extraction of juices, in that they are suitable for travel and also for use in small apartments where space is limited. The juices made with this type of equipment have been used with benefit by many people. we need to drink juices daily, irrespective of how they are extracted. However, the best quality of juice is the cheapest in the long run and the most effective for nourishing the body.

Any fresh-raw juice is better than no juice at all!

The juice extracted by the centrifugal method should be used immediately, because unless the extraction of the juice form the fibers is as complete as it is humanly and mechanically possible to achieve, oxidation and heat from friction will tend to spoil the juice in a short time.

In my experiments, I have found that the toxic sprays are retained in the fibers of the vegetables and are not present in the fiber-free juices.

Juices Are Not Concentrated Food

Our Creator gave us food both as nourishment and as medicine. It is only natural, therefore, to use our food with both these goals in view.

It is foolish to say that juices are a concentrated food. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A concentrated food is a product which has been dehydrated, from which its water content has been dissipated. Juices on the other hand are very liquid food, mostly organic water of the finest quality with the nourishing atoms and molecules in comparatively microscopic volume. It is the microscopic volume for which the cells and tissues of the body are starved!

In the extraction of ‘complete’ juices, it is essential that the fibers be properly triturated (pulverized) in order that the vial elements may be released into the liquid.

It has been demonstrated by the research of this author, one of the pioneers in the reduction of raw vegetables into their liquid form, that the fibers must be properly triturated (pulverized). The juice must then be expressed from the resultant pulp by a hydraulic or equivalent pressure. Otherwise, the vitamins, the enzymes, and the entire volume of vital elements of the vegetables are not likely to be found in the juice.

However, when extracted, the raw vegetable juices are readily and quickly assimilated by the human body. Because the juices are organic or live food, they regenerate the entire body with surprisingly rapid results.

Under no circumstances consider that fresh-raw vegetable juices are a concentrated food or medicine when they are in their natural state. As a matter of fact, they are among the least concentrated, and yet the most nourishing of our foods.

To dispel such nonsense about the concentrated quality of these juices, just consider how much more concentrated than the juices are the following items used as food: soy bean and soy bean four are 870% more concentrated than carrot juice and 940% more than celery juice. Popcorn is 2100% more concentrated than carrot juice and 2300% more than celery juice. White sugar is 4200% more concentrated than carrot juice and 4600% more than celery juice.

When we realize how colossal the concentration of these items used as food compared to juices is, we get an inkling of the underlying cause of the acidity generated in the body as a result of eating soy products, popcorn, sugar, and the like.

If a more convincing fact is needed to dispel the false assertion that because of ‘concentration’ (or any other reason) these juices are dangerous, compare carrot juice to fresh, undiluted cow’s milk. We find that in their natural chemical composition the water content of these two products is almost identical in volume. The relative natural water content is the basis upon which the concentration of a product is established.

Of course, to compare cow’s milk in any way to carrot juice is decidedly paradoxical. Cow’s milk is probably the most mucous-forming food used by human beings. The casein content of cow’s milk is exceedingly high, being about 300% more than is contained in mother’s milk. (Casein is a milk by-product used as one of the most tenacious adhesive glues for gluing wood together). This is one of the reasons for the mucous conditions experienced by both children and adults who grew up drinking quantities of such milk. Colds, runny noses, tonsil, adenoid and bronchial troubles are common results of mucous, whereas carrot juice is one of the greatest aids in the elimination of mucus.

This prodigious generation of mucus in the body as a result of drinking such quantities of cow’s milk is not limited to youngsters but is found just as much in adults, where the effects are likely to be far more disastrous because, as people grow older their resiliency is correspondingly lower than in the younger generation.

When milk is needed, there is one kind of milk that is compatible with human digestion from infancy to senility, raw goat’s milk.

Raw goat’s milk is not mucus forming. If a mucous condition develops after drinking it, it will usually be due to an excessive previous use of starches and sugars, not to the goat’s milk. This milk must be used raw, and it must not be heated above 118ºF, nor pasteurized.

For infants there is no better milk than mother’s milk. Raw goat’s milk is the next best. Some fresh-raw carrot juice may be added to it with benefit. In fact, raw goat’s milk can be added to any fresh-raw vegetable juice satisfactorily.

We must always bear in mind that in the use of fresh-raw vegetable and fruit juice the quality of the juice has a distinct bearing on the results obtained. (…)

Protection against Pesticides

There is a little-known fact regarding the effect of pesticides on our vegetables and fruits, which should be given much publicity in these times.

We have been able to determine that pesticides and sprays may be injurious in the consumption of vegetables and fruits; it is the fibers of such foods that collect these toxins. The enzymes, atoms and molecules are allergic to them.

How Much Juice Can Be Taken Safely?

Just as much as one can drink comfortably without forcing oneself. As a general rule, one pint daily is the least that will show any perceptible results, and preferably from two to eight pints or more. We must bear in mind that the more juice we drink the quicker the results. (…)

When we speak of water, the first thought is quite naturally of that which comes from the faucet or from the spring, or even rain water. Few people stop to wonder if, or even to realize that, there is vital organic as well as inorganic water. Nature has furnished vegetation as the laboratory in which to convert the inorganic water of rain and stream into life-containing atoms of vital organic water. Not only is the water from the faucet inorganic, it is also, because of the atoms that compose it, entirely devoid of the life principle. Nearly all cities contaminate the water supply with inorganic chlorine and other chemicals, making it truly unfit for human or animal consumption. The water in the rivers and streams and from the spring is also inorganic as is rain water.

The only source from which vital organic water is derived is vegetation — our vegetables and fruits and particularly the juices made from them. Such juices, however, must be raw to retain their vital organic quality and must not be cooked, processed, canned, or pasteurized.


— Alfalfa is a particularly valuable leguminous herb, not only rich in the principal mineral and chemical elements in the constitution of the human body, but it also has many of the trace elements obtained from deep in the soil where the roots reach down 30 to 100 feet. Of specific value, I would point out the rich quality, quantity and proper balance of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Sodium, Potassium and Silicon in Alfalfa. These elements are all very much needed for the proper function of the various organs in the body. /17

—The chlorophyll molecule is made up of a web of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms around one single atom of magnesium. It is interesting to compare this design with that of the hemoglobin of our red blood corpuscles, which has a similar web of elements girdling an atom of iron instead of the atom of magnesium. /18

— One of the richest chlorophyll foods we have is alfalfa. It is a food that builds up both animals and humans, all things considered, into a healthy, vital, and vigorous old age, and builds up a resistance to infection that is almost phenomenal. The juice of fresh alfalfa is too strong and potent to be taken by itself. It is best taken with carrot juice, in which combination the individual benefits of each juice are intensified. It has been found very helpful in most troubles with the arteries and dysfunctions connected with the heart. /18

— To carrot and alfalfa juice, lettuce juice may be added to enrich the combination with elements particularly needed by the roots of the hair. Drinking this combination daily, one pint a day, may help the growth of hair to a remarkable extent. /20

— In the form of juice, asparagus has been very effectively used as a diuretic, particularly when combined with some carrot juice, as it may prove to be uncomfortably strong in its reaction on the kidneys when taken alone. /20

— As the human system cannot completely digest and assimilate so-called ‘complete proteins,’ such as meats and meat products, the ingestion of too much of these causes the greater part of the uric acid generated thereby to be absorbed into the muscles. The continuous use of meat protein taxes the workings of the kidneys and of other eliminative organs, straining them to the point where a progressively greater amount is absorbed by the muscles. The result is painfully known as rheumatism. /20

— Taken alone, beet juice, in greater quantities than a wineglass at a time, may cause a cleansing reaction which may make one a little dizzy or nauseated. /21

— Gallstones, kidney stones, and gravel in the gall bladder and kidneys are the natural result of the inability of the body functions to eliminate from teh system the inorganic calcium deposits formed after eating concentrated starches and sugars. /22

— Vital organic calcium is needed by the entire system, and such calcium, the only kind that is soluble in water, can be obtained only from fruits and vegetables, and their juices when these are raw and fresh. As such, it passes through the liver and is completely assimilated in the process of gland functions and cell and tissue building. /23

— A few atoms of inorganic calcium, either in the gall bladder or in the kidneys, may not do much harm, but with the continuance of the use of bread, cereals, cakes, and other flour products, the deposits become progressively cumulative and result in the formation of gravel or stones in these organs. /23

— Lemon juice, in the proportion of the juice of one lemon to a tumblerfull of hot water, taken many times a day, supplemented with a tumblerfull of the combination of carrot, beet, and cucumber juice three or four times a day, has helped a great many sufferers to experience with satisfaction the disappearance of both gravel and stones sometimes within a matter of a few days or a few weeks. /23

— The juice of brussels sprouts combined with that of carrot, string bean, and lettuce furnishes a combination of elements which helps to strengthen and regenerate the insulin generating properties of the pancreatic functions of our digestive system. For this reason, it has been found of inestimable benefit in cases of diabetes. This benefit, however, has been derived when all concentrated starches and sugars were avoided altogether and when colonic irrigations and enemas were used regularly to cleanse waste matter from the system. /25

— Nursing mothers should drink plenty of raw carrot juice, properly prepared, to enhance the quality of their milk, as a breast milk diet may under certain circumstances not provide sufficient vital foods. During the last months of pregnancy, raw carrot juice, taken in sufficient quantities, tends to reduce the possibilities of puerperal sepsis at childbirth. One pint of carrot juice, daily, has more constructive body value than 25 pounds of calcium tablets. /27

— Raw celery contains more than four times as much vital organic sodium as it does calcium. This fact makes it one of the most valuable juices for people who have used concentrated sugars and starches more or less consistently all their lives. /33

— In the case of nervous afflictions resulting from the degeneration of the sheathing of the nerves, the abundant use of carrot and celery juice has helped to restore these to their normal condition and thus alleviate or remove the affliction. /36

— Celery is very high in magnesium and iron content, a combination which is invaluable as a food for the blood cells. Many diseases of the nervous and blood system are due chiefly to the inorganic mineral elements and salts taken into the body by means of devitalized foods and sedatives. /36

— The addition of cucumber juice to carrot juice has a very beneficial effect on rheumatic ailments which result from an excessive retention of uric acid in the system. Teh addition of some beet juice to this combination speeds up the general process. /37

— Skin eruptions of many kinds have been helped by drinking cucumber juice to which the juices of carrot and lettuce have been added. The addition of a little alfalfa juice in some cases has helped to speed up the efficiency. /37

— Dandelion juice is one of our most valuable tonics. It is useful to counteract hyperacidity and to help normalize the alkalinity of the system. While exceedingly high in potassium, calcium, and sodium, it is our richest food in magnesium and iron content. /37

— All chemical magnesium preparations, whether powdered or in so-called milk form, result in deposits of inorganic waste matter in the system. While they may give the more or less immediate results claimed for them, such results are purely temporary. The aftereffects of the deposit of such inorganic matter in the body may have repercussions of a more or less devastating nature in the future. We prefer to follow in the footsteps of the sage whose principle was to be safe now rather than to be sorry later. /38

— Endive is closely allied to the dandelion plant, and their chemical constituents are more or less alike. Endive, however, has food elements of which the optic system is constantly in need. /39

— The addition of endive juice to that of carrot, celery, and parsley, will furnish nourishment to the optic nerve and muscular system, which bring amazing results in correcting many eye defects. One or two pints daily of this combination has frequently corrected eye trouble in the course of a few months or the extent that normal vision was regained, making the use of glasses unnecessary. /39

— Fennel juice is a very valuable blood builder and is, therefore, of the utmost benefit in menstrual disorders. It has been used successfully alone or in combination with carrot and beet juice in this connection. /40

— Garlic is rich in mustard oils and this, in conjunction with the combination of cleansing elements composing it, has a most beneficial effect on the entire system, from stimulating the appetite and the secretion of gastric juices, to the promotion of peristalsis and diuretic action. The ethers in garlic juice are so potent and penetrating that they help to dissolve accumulations of mucus in the sinus cavities, in the bronchial tubes, and in the lungs. They help the exudation of poisons from the body through the pores of the skin, until we wonder whether the effluvium of the fragrance is any better than the dormant poisons within us. Garlic juice has proved very effective in helping to eliminate intestinal parasites. /40

— The magnesium in lettuce has exceptional vitalizing powers, particularly in the muscular tissues, brain, and nerves. Vital organic salts of magnesium are cell builders, especially of the nerve system and of the tissues of the lungs. They also assist in maintaining the normal fluidity of the blood and other functions without which it would be impossible for metabolism to operate properly. /45

— Although the juice of mustard greens, by themselves, may cause some discomfort, nevertheless, a small quantity in combination with carrot, spinach and turnip juice has been used with much benefit to help dissolve hemorrhoids. /47

— Raw parsley juice has properties which are essential to oxygen metabolism in maintaining the normal action of the adrenal and thyroid glads. The elements in parsley are proportioned in such a manner that they help maintain the blood vessels, particularly the capillaries and arterioles in a healthy condition. It is an excellent food for the genitourinary tract, being of great assistance in conditions of calculi in the kidneys and bladder, albuminuria, nephritis, and other kidney troubles. It has been used effectively in dropsy. /48

— The juice of raw potatoes, combined with that of carrot and celery, is a boon to those suffering from gastric, nerve, and muscle disturbances, such as gout and sciatica. In such cases, one pint of this combination in addition to one pint of carrot, beet, and cucumber juice daily, has often given complete relief from these discomforts in a surprisingly short time, provided that meat, fowl, and fish were eliminated completely from the diet. /51

— Sauerkraut is a preparation of pickled cabbage, finely cut and fermented in brine composed of a great deal of salt. This pickling and fermentation is exceedingly injurious to the mucous membranes of the alimentary canal and affects adversely the texture of the skin, tending to coarsen it. Its stimulating effect on the digestive organs is very detrimental because of the presence of such much inorganic salt solution. /53

—Spinach is the most vital food for the entire digestive tract, both the alimentary section of the body (the stomach, duodenum, and small intestines) and for the large intestine and colon, and it has been so recognized from time immemorial. In raw spinach, Nature has furnished man with the finest organic material for the cleansing, reconstruction, and regeneration of the intestinal tract. Raw spinach juice properly prepared, taken at the rate of about one pint daily, has often corrected the most aggravated case of constipation within a few days or weeks. /54

— Another valuable feature or raw spinach juice is its effect on the teeth and gums in helping to prevent pyorrhea. This disease is a mild form of scurvy and results from a deficiency in the body of the elements found particularly in the combination of carrot and spinach juices. Bleeding gums and fibroid degeneration of the pulp of the teeth has become a common defect due to the habitual use of devitalized cereals, refined sugar, and other deficiency foods. It is due to a Vitamin C deficiency. /55

— String bean juice is of particular benefit to diabetes. Diabetes is a dietary disease resulting from the excessive consumption of concentrated starches and sugars, and is aggravated by the consumption of meat. It is definitely conceded that the hypodermic injection of insulin does not furnish a cure for this disease. Diabetes is not a hereditary disease. It may, however, be caused by the hereditary habit of the excessive use of concentrated carbohydrates. The feeding of inorganic cooked flour and grain products and pasteurized or boiled cow’s milk to infants is the contributing factor in the development of diabetes in children and adolescents primarily and in adults eventually. /58

— No vegetable contains as high a percentage of calcium as the juice of turnip leaves, the calcium being more than one-half of all the other minerals and salts combined. It is therefore a most excellent food for growing children and for anyone having softening of the bones in any shape or form, including the teeth. By combining turnip leaf juice with carrot with carrot and dandelion juice, we obtain one of the most effective means of helping the hardening of the teeth as well as the entire bone structure of the body. The very high magnesium content of the dandelion together with calcium in the turnip leaves and the elements in the carrot combine to give the bone structure firmness and strength. The potassium content is also very high in turnip leaves, which results in this being a strong alkalinizer, particularly when combined with celery and carrot juices. It is therefore excellent to reduce hyperacidity. Turnip leaves also contain much sodium and iron. /59