I have predicted fascism and civil war in Europe as early as in my poems and aphorisms, written between 1989 and 1992. In my books published from 2010, especially my writings on social policy making and sex laws, I have predicted that the turn-down of sexual choices in Western societies and the upholding of age-old medieval sex laws — enacted as Canonic Law under the Roman Catholic Church — will drive Western society into ideological camps which will erode democracy and bring about an increasing breed of fascist opinions that by now are already pervading the political spectrum in Europe and the United States:


While a direct link between so-called ‘strict morality’ and war may come over as esoteric for the non-educated reader, social history clearly proves this connection. It goes back to the ancient Greek and the ‘Spartan’ culture, and even early in history to the Assyrians who ran over the peaceful matriarchal Minoan culture in Greece, before the onset of written history.

We can make out right-wing ideological fronts now all over Europe and the Western world. We see it in the candidates that are lining up for election in Germany (Frauke Petry), France (Marine le Pen) and the United States (Donald Trump), we see it in the growing autocratic structures in regimes like Russia or Turkey with a clear turndown of democracy since more than a decade now. It is especially worthy to study the fascist youth movements in Ukraine that have taken the profile of Adolf Hitler to promote a new ‘Mein Kampf’ in Europe which comes up with simplistic solutions to old problems and a clear ethnic cleansing agenda.

It is high time for you to wake up for we are at the brink of a new world war which will also be a worldwide civil war, for this war will first of all be a confrontation of ideological ideas that are underlying all now still peaceful societies and that will drive these societies into separatist camps that will fight one another until the blood.

It has been predicted by Nostradamus in the 17th century that the flame will be ignited by Turkey and this to be seen right now in the violent crack-down of the uprising that will be a blood bath of unforeseen dimensions. It will throw Turkey into chaos and will have very severe repercussions especially in Germany but all over Europe. Turkey will reinstitute the death penalty and will execute thousands of dissidents. It will distance itself from the EU idea of democracy at a point of no-return.

According to Nostradamus, Turkey and Russia will unite as the ‘Red’ forces and they will be joined by radical separatist Muslim forces (so called by Nostradamus, today called ‘terrorists’).

How is this ideological conflict ending up in a world war? It’s through the aggressive strategy of NATO led by the United States to encircle Russia from all sides. We all know that a cornered wolf will attack, and so will Russia. NATO since more than a decade has vamped up nuclear and H-bomb missiles all over European air bases, especially in Germany, against the resistence of the populations.

If you believe the scenario will be different if Hillary Clinton instead of Trump is elected in USA, you are wrong. Clinton is known to be deeply embedded in the military-industrial complex where she has many vested interests. It would be naïve to believe that because she is a woman she would refrain from aggressive strategies and war. In reality, she is a hard-liner with all her blood and soul.

That I am by far not the only one to make these predictions in my quality of an expert on international relations show the following references: