Answering the question of a friend …

I need living companions, who will follow me because they want to follow themselves.
—Friedrich Nietzsche, Zarathustra’s Prologue

The stomach loves simple food.
The soul loves simple honesty.
The body loves simple exercise.

All things come to one whose mind is whole.
All people come to one who is humble.
All trials vanish in the face of one who seeks peace.

When rice is cooked neither too hard nor to soft, it is alive.
When soup is clear and tasting freshly, it is alive.
When water is drunk in the breeze of spring, it is alive.

Warmed up tea is lacking chi.
—Haiku by Peter Fritz Walter

Cultivating a ‘business attitude’ ultimately alienates us from our soul. Our busy modern world is a reflection of the robotic scheme of our society with its indoctrinating rather than self-revealing educational system, and the ‘bureaucracy of war’ that is the ultimate rationale to senseless military spending.

The educational budget of the United States is less than a tiny fraction of its military budget, less than 10% of the latter. Such a nation cannot rationally claim to care for the education of their citizens. What they care for is the long-term cultivation of violence, and war, and unavoidable social upheaval and unrest.

If you need business to make your living, look for other coaches and mentors. I am not for you, then. I care for real self-development which is, and I say this in all my books, soul development.

I am once again changing all my goals as I humbly saw recently what kind of people our big hero coaches are. Brian Tracy’s attitude toward me is absolutely under the belt. Instead of answering my questions on Twitter, such as when he’ll be speaking again in Vietnam, he bombards me with mailings about buying his stuff, aggressively so, and without knowing who I am, for my name doesn’t appear there, only my email ‘coachlog’ so I am ‘coachlog’ for him.

The aggressiveness of some of those ‘buying suggestions’ is just simply appalling, it goes from ‘you are lazy, you overlook the good things in life, to I am surprised you did not buy this or that product of mine,’ to ‘you don’t want to invest even 7$ into your future.’ I bought what I thought was a book for 7$ indeed, only seeing it was a video, one single blah blah with a published author who looks like a copy of Schwarzenegger and talks 20 minutes of bullshit.

Tracy and him spend all the time of the video complimenting each other for their ‘great achievements.’ And this is a behavior you can observe in all of the Anglo-Saxon business culture. Pages and pages of ‘Praise’ for books, one boosting the other, lauding the other in the firm expectation to get the same strokes, and books are published because an elite of self-lauding avatars has been firmly rooted in the publishing machinery in the United States, Britain, and Australia.

I am not going to get on this track for I know it’s all one single lie and besides, manipulation and tricking people out with washed-down content taken from other authors, and warmed up in lesser eloquent terms. All of Tracy’s books are simply boring, a collection of quotes and largely borrowed content, or copy-written by others. In truth, this highly famous man has not even read my various posts and messages to him, and his mailing list is of course effected by a robot, it’s all fully automated.

If people are so high in our business culture who are so inauthentic and stupid, and aggressive besides their stupidity and lack of soul, then this very business culture must represent these values, and is not the ground on which I am going to walk for the last decade or decades of my life. It has always betrayed me, always, and this is the last time I gave it a try.

My philosophy doesn’t consist of words for otherwise it would be blah blah. It consists of soul and is expressed in the dishes I cook, in the music I have composed and published, in the poetry and paintings I make, be they childish and immature.

True maturity is achieved through solitary concentration, not through the mechanisms of this fake culture that can only indoctrinate and hypnotize children and adults into consumer puppets that follow the doctrines of large corporations. It is achieved through difference, not through adaptation, through multiple pursuits not single-mindedness, through the absence of schedules and calendars, not the blind obedience to the exterior necessities of life.

I have to go grocery shopping at least twice a week if I like this activity or not. I have to sweep my kitchen every morning and evening if I like this or not. Maturity grows with accepting necessary and often repetitive tasks without moaning and rumbling, and to keep one’s inner poised mind clear of ambition.

Ambition and success are the greatest destructive forces in our society for the true human potential. They render millions of ‘business’ people to becoming slaves of a machinery of colossal dimensions for the enslavement of the human soul and its subordination under the so-called ‘necessities of life.’ To cope with these necessities without making a big deal of it is only possible to the mature mind, which is a non-choosing mind.

All choice is based upon good-bad judgments. All those judgments are superficial and trick the soul into believing there were exterior agents that influence human happiness. In truth there are none, as happiness is exclusively the result of an ongoing inner process of maturation and comprehension, and the gradually more and more clear-minded expression of our soul values in daily life.

To care for the soul is my quest and it’s this what I am mentor for, not so-called business skills that you can learn from 9999 other mentors. Twitter and Facebook are virtually asphalted with these kinds of people, there are millions of them, and I guess 9990 among them are pure fake, but they let the fake-machinery run smoothly.

I have not been published for a reason. I have been abused as a child for a reason. I haven’t found decent restaurants and hotels anywhere, even 5-star, for a reason. I haven’t found people who understand what a ‘service attitude’ is, nowhere, not in Germany, not in France, not in Italy, not in Cambodia, not in China — but perhaps, down the road, I may find them in Japan.

You, all of you, have your trials just as me. They are different or similar, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you allow those trials to influence or not influence your soul nature. In my experience, trials strengthen the soul while they may weaken the ego and the willpower. It was so in my life. But I can live well with a small ego and virtually non-existent willpower. But I cannot live without soul, without art, without writing, without contemplating life passively, as an observer, who doesn’t judge, but accepts all the shades of grey.

If you want to taste my philosophy, taste my simple vegetable soup, or my vegetable purée, and let me celebrate it with you! Words cannot express what the soul is moved by, which is way a true philosophy cannot be written about. It can only be hinted at, by metaphorical expressions, by mental images, by comparisons, by parables.