My Clear Vegetable Soup

Process philosophy and the teaching of Whitehead seems to be in full accordance with systems theory. Life is just that, a system of continuously evolving processes, nothing static, all in flow.

Actually, I think of it every day when seasoning my food or just eating plain fresh sliced garlic: to keep the juices in the body in full flow.

I have evolved in my cuisine. No more static cuisine with only cheeses and pasta, and potatoes that do not stimulate the body juices.

It’s therefore very important to add spices and an appropriate amount of salt, and fresh peppers, bay leaf and star anise, all to stimulate the body juices … the best proof is that when I eat my soup, I must go to the bathroom several times to clean my nose and wipe the top of my head where the water comes out — my sinus clean itself with a lot of slime coming out … thus my cuisine is geared toward keeping the processes in the body in full flow …

The static cuisine à la française is not very conducive to health. Bread, cheese, unflavored soups, eggs, meat, all this *stuffs* the body but doesn’t stimulate digestion and proper (and timely) elimination.

My secret of cooking is the wisdom of Paracelsus (1493–1541) whom I read rather early in life (in German original). All the flavors must be there to stimulate all the inner organs. And by the way, Chinese culinary wisdom is very similar:

— Sweet: stimulates the lungs
— Bitter: stimulates the gall bladder and kidneys
— Salty: stimulates the stomach and pancreas
— Sour: stimulates the skin tonus
— Savory: stimulates the sinus

Last not least and here I am grateful to Cambodian culture: the large intestines must be kept clean by washing the bowels with a water jet installed next to the toilet. In the morning, after waking up, first thing, wash the bowels clean.

Western diet, especially American diet, leads to colon cancer, why? Rotten substance all over the place, the use of toilet paper is deadly, really. The use of white bread (as you see it with Hamburgers) doesn’t digest well, it clumps in the intestines, building huge blocks that absorb the intestinal juices without putting them to good use.

Combine white bread with red meat and you have the ideal killer substance for your organism for both block the internal juices or rather absorbs them in great quantities, thereby leaving the body exhausted.

Thus the feeling of most red-meat eaters to ‘get energy’ from eating meat is a total illusion. In fact, they exhaust their bodies on a daily basis which is why red-meat eaters are not among Centenaries, according to all research done on the matter.