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Dr. Peter Fritz Walter


Alexander Lowen writes in his book Pleasure, A Creative Approach to Life, Alachua, Fl: Bioenergetic Press, 1970/2004, which I have reviewed:

A healthy personality is a vibrant personality. A healthy body is a pulsating and vibrant body. In the state of health the body’s vibrations are relatively fine and steady, like the hum of a smooth running automobile. When the motor in an automobile goes dead, we sense it by the absence of vibration. In a similar way, it can be said that individuals whose bodies do not vibrate are emotionally dead. /34

What does that mean? It means that health is a state of vibrancy, the fact that our body vibrates, as all vibrates in a consciousholographic, and self-aware universe. This is true for both physical and mental health.

But the expression goes beyond a mere definition of health. In the sense I am using it, it would convey something like sanity, individual and public sanity. See my audiobook about the Hero Culture, which is our postmodern consumer culture and which  I consider as basically insane, or my psychoanalytic essay about the Oedipal Hero, the insane persecutor robot, the vigilante and Serve-the-Good-Cause executor who has taken insanity one level up, in implementing it on the Internet!

In my upcoming audio production ‘Oedipus Suite’ (in German language), I will present a full psychoanalytic assessment of this culture, with references to its social, historical and mythological roots,  and a detailed catalogue of answers why this culture is the most violent the earth has ever seen.

And there is still another meaning of the term. I use it also to convey that my universe is multi-dimensional, not unidimensional as most people’s life, but vibrating in different ways and on different levels. There is literary expression in the form of books and blog, there is my voice in the form of audiobooks, there is my music, and my visual art, and finally, there is my photography which I have outsourced to here. All these different forms of vibrant expression come from one single person, somebody who, to say it jokingly, is his own multinational.

This being said, finally I found a way to properly format my Kindle books. You find them here posted all, one by one.

Let me point you also to my blog, outsourced in the meantime to Medium, some audiobooks I produced back in 2007, and music I composed between 1994 and 2007.

As for my audiobooks, they will all be produced with Audible (Amazon) and sold on Amazon Stores.

My music was published on Soundcloud, my Youtube Channel and my ‘Charlie‘ album was also published with CDBaby.

As for my artwork, you can see a good collection of it on the site of my educational project:

Creative-C Learning

—Peter Fritz Walter
February 17, 2017