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Eight Dynamic Patterns of Living

Eight Dynamic Patterns of LivingAudiobook
by Peter Fritz Walter

Playing Time
3.3 Hours

Spoken By
Peter Fritz Walter

Eight Dynamic Patterns of Living required several years of research into shamanism and aboriginal cultures for providing the evidence for the present cross-cultural study that forwards the thesis that there are eight dynamic patterns of living that are universally respected and applied by major tribal cultures all over the world. The audio essay concludes that it is these dynamic patterns of living that are the secret why tribal cultures that apply them in their life paradigm live peacefully, respectfully and integrally, and why they are in harmony with nature and live basically without crime and major lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart disease or aids.

The tenor of the study is that it’s because these patterns are conscious with native cultures that these peoples live peacefully, constructively and ecologically in accordance with their environment and the cosmos as a whole. The evaluation of multi-disciplinary scientific research clearly shows that postmodern international consumer culture triggers worldwide destruction economically, socially, health-wise, military-wise, ecologically, and in other ways.

The audio book namely puts up the hypothesis that the true reason of this destruction comes from the fact that all patriarchal dominator civilizations, without exception, have disregarded or even shunned every single of the eight dynamic patterns of living. This is so because the continuum balance that the eight patterns provide simply is lacking in patriarchal civilizations and in their latest historical vintage: postmodern international consumer culture; it is lacking in modern culture’s philosophy, science, military policy, diplomacy and foreign policy.

From this insight it becomes evident that the eight patterns are ideally suited to be taken as a guide concept to be implemented in a more wistful international culture of the future, perhaps within a greater paradigm of deep ecology as Fritjof Capra and others have suggested it.

This would then have to be worked out on a joint-governmental and supranational level and as part of our presently evolving post-industrial global culture.












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