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Love and Morality

Love and MoralityAudiobook
by Peter Fritz Walter

Playing Time
3 Hours

Spoken By
Peter Fritz Walter

Love and Morality is a concise study about the roots of violence. I show in a step-by-step approach that is intelligible for the lay reader how violence comes up, individually, systemically, collectively, domestically, and last not least structurally.

What distinguishes this study from many studies conducted on the roots of violence is that it shows the bioenergetic roots of violence, in explaining research evidence that demonstrates how the historical turn-down of the pleasure function through morality/moralism results in an inevitable upsurge of violence in the human brain, and, as a process of conditioning, then also in the overall behavior structure. The most important research results are:

  • Violence is learnt, not inborn, not ontogenetic, and not phylogenetic;
  • Violence is a response of the biosystem to the denial of pleasure/desire;
  • Violence is a collective malfunctioning of both education and society;
  • This malfunctioning has one single trigger: violent moralism.

I began the research for this audio book as early as 1985, and several essays were previously published that reported parts of the research results. In 2007, I eventually finalized the study, adding on to it some introductory lines as well as five additional chapters.

The timing was not so bad after all, as he was discussing the important Declaration of the United Nations’ General Assembly of August 29, 2006 that bears the signature of Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, Secretary-General of the UN. The declaration is an essential additional backup research for the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF, 1989, which entered into force September 2, 1990.

He used the abundant research done by the expert commission for the collection of data on violence against children perpetrated in the name of the child’s best, under the headers of morality and strict education. A particularly revealing information this research contains is educational violence inflicted upon children who are considered as delinquent, sexualized or otherwise have ended up in the claws of father state, in foster homes, child prisons, correction homes and the like. Here the information the UN research revealed is really shocking, and it confirms in every respect the information the author received on this topic first-hand from children in various countries, who have themselves made this experience.

What also is important about this research that was conducted worldwide over several years, is that no exception was made as to the countries and places investigated by the expert commission. This the entry statement of the Declaration:

United Nations General Assembly of August 29, 2006
“No violence against children is justifiable; all violence against children is preventable. Yet the in-depth study on violence against children (the Study) confirms that such violence exists in every country of the world, cutting across culture, class, education, income and ethnic origin. In every region, in contradiction to human rights obligations and children’s developmental needs, violence against children is socially approved, and is frequently legal and State-authorized.”

—Declaration of the United Nations’ General Assembly of August 29, 2006, UN-Doc. A/61/299 of August 29, 2006, A, I, 1, p. 5.

However, it has to be noted that the Declarations of the UN Assembly have no binding force for the member states. They are for the most part ignored by nation states around the world. They do not accomplish anything in changing our current reality; their effect is like the speech of a president to his citizens, at best.

With another research topic of this study, adoption and the newest adoption laws in Colombia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and China that are discussed in the study, it was equally good to wait, as the newest legislation, taken by China, just was finalized and entered in force the 1st of June 2007.

As these laws follow up to a UNICEF directive that dates back to the beginning of the 1980s and that was considering, in a real paranoid streak of thought, that most adoption from third world countries was abusive and was giving a free license to pedophiles for buying children, this study’s timeframe actually was coincidental. With the most recent turndown of international adoption by India and China, the two decades of paranoid pedophile-hunt by UNICEF’s righteous fighters was accomplished.

In the last chapter, I show that true child protection, in the good sense of the word, requires a totally different educational and legal policy if ever we want to really help children to develop their highest erotic and emotional intelligence, and their natural striving for autonomy and self-reliance.


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