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Minotaur Unveiled

Minotaur UnveiledAudiobook
by Peter Fritz Walter

Playing Time
1.1 Hours

Spoken By
Peter Fritz Walter

Minotaur Unveiled is dedicated to the late Dr. Edward Brongersma, Lawyer and Senator of the Dutch Senate (1911-1998). This audio book is a cross-cultural study, which presents an assessment of historical data featuring adult-child sexual interaction. My motivation for this research was to find out if the present media debate about so-called pedophilia is honest in its claim that the erotic love of children was a decadence-related cultural phenomenon. As I felt intuitively that such an assumption, while it seems to be mainstream, is pure mythology, I thus started a rather time-consuming research that extended over about six months intensive library search.

Whatever one may think about this controversial subject, the study produces a quite stable basis of cross-cultural evidence for the fact that pedophilia is a software that was installed rather early in the human setup, so to speak in the cradle of patriarchy, if not much earlier in the cradle of matriarchy.

Without being able to say precisely when, and avoiding the daring speculation that some scientists come up with, which says that pedophilia was a product of patriarchy and that it never existed in pre-patriarchal cultures, I think that this study establishes rather a basis for the view that adult-child sexual interaction is a universal phenomenon that passes over cultural and epochal borders. However, strictly speaking, it is true that this study does not deliver any evidence of pedophilia in pre-patriarchal cultures.

Please note that the study does not for this reason disprove the possible existence of pedophilia in pre-patriarchal times. I simply restricted his search of documented evidence to our patriarchal past. Thus, further research is needed for a complete assessment.

As for our patriarchal past, the study thus affirms that adult sexual interest in children is to be found quite constantly, and in all major cultures, since a few thousand years, and this independently of what has been called ‘the rise and fall of nations.’


Ancient Patriarchy


Victorian Era

Modern Times



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