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Notes on Consciousness

Notes on ConsciousnessAudiobook
by Peter Fritz Walter

Playing Time
1 Hour

Spoken By
Peter Fritz Walter

Notes on Consciousness is a quite unusual audio essay. Not really an essay. It’s more of a mini pamphlet in Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ style. I am presenting here an expanded worldview, a concise sketch of ‘realizable’ new ways, both individually and collectively, or, in a more expanded formulation, a new worldview that institutes proven ethical principles.

The emphasis here is on the integrative aspect, as we have so many fragmented views and opinions in our society. What we need are integrative or holistic solutions for the future. This includes all possible aspects of a holistic perspective and melts them into an organic whole.

This condensed and largely intuitive pamphlet is thus the result of more than twenty years of both intellectual and artistic pursuit combined with meditation and comparative religious studies, and not to forget, the integration of the whole body of esoteric and channeled literature that was produced by humanity throughout the ages.

Consciousness, §§1-17

Love, §§18-31

Power, §§32-35

Science, §§36-40

Health, §§41-53

Emotions, §§54-57

Law, §§58-65

World Peace, §§66-72


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