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Oedipal Hero

Oedipal HeroAudiobook
by Peter Fritz Walter

Playing Time
2.2 Hours

Spoken By
Peter Fritz Walter

Oedipal Hero is the final account of a problem I was pondering for nearly twenty years. I never intended to produce this audio essay. It is the fruit of encounters with people, not very nice encounters for the most part, encounters that estranged me and triggered in me the nasty feeling that I seem to be an alien in this world.

Why did I feel that way? I feel alien because I came to realize that I do not fit in all these schemes of behavior, which seem to be eternal molds, mental drawers and categories, belongings, group and people addictions, boomeritis, relational, educational and institutional codependence, and all the brilliant, eloquent, fashionable narcissism that goes along with all of this and that certain people bear on their chest like an amulet. It traps them in their quick thoughts and conclusions, their thousand and one theories about life and people that are not based on experience but on solitary roaming, mental masturbation and their taking-in of theories and still more theories, their more or less voluntary if not stubbornly rigid Cartesianism and their reductionist limitations that they arrogantly sell as science …, and last not least their questionable opinions about sexuality that are for the most part grown from textbooks, and not from lively copulation … as they are virgins, for the most part. And if not sexually, but in any case emotionally.

I tried to characterize in this audio essay a common and perhaps widespread personality type to be found in today’s postmodern international consumer culture, that I came to call the ‘Oedipal Hero.’ And for the astonishment of those who actually are falling into this group (of men), I have seen them exactly on both sides of what might be called a frontline of battle between pedophilia and anti-pedophilia. Among the leaders, namely, on both sides, are those Oedipal Heroes who differ only by their level of consciousness, but who share both all the characteristics I described.


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