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Orgonomy and Schizophrenia

Orgonomy and SchizophreniaAudiobook
by Peter Fritz Walter

Playing Time
1.4 Hours

Spoken By
Peter Fritz Walter

Orgonomy and Schizophrenia is an audio essay about Wilhelm Reich’s little known therapy approach to schizophrenia.

It is of particular interest to have a new regard on schizophrenia, a regard that beyond the clichés of reductionist psychiatry that recognizes only physiological reasons for mental disease. This has changed already in the first half of the 20th century. In 1939, Carl Jung writes in his article ‘On the Psychogenesis of Schizophrenia’: “There is little doubt nowadays about the psychogenesis of hysteria and other neuroses, although thirty years ago some brain enthusiasts still cherished vague suspicions / that at bottom ‘there was something organically wrong even with neuroses’. But the consensus doctorum in their vast majority has admitted the psychical causation of hysteria and similar neuroses.” (Carl-Gustav Jung, On the Psychogenesis of Schizophrenia, p. 475).

While, for a large number of psychiatrists, this view is still valid today, Wilhelm Reich, as early as in 1945, achieved complete healing of a female schizophrenic patient using bioenergetic or, as Reich termed it, orgonotic treatment. Reich described the treatment in a case report entitled ‘The Schizophrenic Split’ that was never published and that the author ordered from the Wilhelm Reich Trust’s Bookstore.

Many a reader, and certainly mental health professionals, know about the ground-breaking work of Ronald David Laing and other members of the movement of antipsychiatry regarding the alternative treatment of schizophrenia. However, small is the number of individuals who have noticed that Wilhelm Reich’s research and mental health treatment approach by far preceded those much more well-known and acclaimed methods.

In fact, Reich achieved remarkable results with simply redirecting the patient’s orgonotic energy flow. Reich’s schizophrenia treatment seems revolutionary. However, for those who have had a deeper look into Chinese medicine, acupuncture and the energetic principles of Feng Shui, Reich’s holistic science approach and his cancer biopathy appear logical, systemically sound and effective.


The Energy Code

The Schizophrenic Split


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