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A Psychological Revolution?

Audiobook by Peter Fritz Walter
spoken by the author

A Psychological Revolution is an audio book on the unique teaching of J. Krishnamurti. It starts with the question ‘What is Consciousness?’ – and carefully proposes a holistic definition, after reviewing the various psychological and spiritual theories that deal with this subject. However, the study goes farther and focuses on a more particular issue, a provocative question: How to empty consciousness of its content?

Krishnamurti, coming to the conclusion that only a psychological revolution can lead to a transformation of thought and therewith, of the psychological make-up of modern man, suggests that it was possible to empty the content of consciousness on an individual level so as to totally renew our thought and emotional patterns.

However, a careful examination of the question brought the author to the insight that consciousness cannot be emptied; what can be done instead is to integrate its content by the development of total awareness and vigilant attention.


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