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The Hero Culture

The Hero CultureAudiobook
by Peter Fritz Walter

Playing Time
2.1 Hours

Spoken By
Peter Fritz Walter

The Hero Culture is an audio essay meant to be the psychoanalysis of Postmodern International Consumer Culture—which I came to call Oedipal Culture or Hero Culture!

Behold, this is not a text that expresses any kind of ideological direction or opinion. In other words, this is a psychological analysis, not a guidebook for anarchy! It is also a poetic essay which should not be taken as the last word on the matter …

Preface / Introduction

The Mute Hero

Sex and Reality

The Porno Hero

Sex and Soul

The Neurotic Hero

Hot and Sweaty

The Stupid Hero

The Child Hero

The Football Hero

Yin Power

The Coffee Hero

Sex Therapy

The Murder Hero

Upside Down

The Admin Hero

Let the Children Play

The Love Hero


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