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Poetical AudioThe audio books listed below are two of my many poetical productions. Both are translations of writings of mine originally in German language. Monalisa Pamphlets is a satirical and humoristic take of Nabokov’s Lolita, Leonardo’s Monalisa, Greek Love, and generally, the love for children that is often hidden in our society when it’s not projected on one’s own offspring. In previous centuries, cultures around the world had a much more permissive attitude toward a fact of life that is as natural as the love between the sexes, but is different from the latter in that its nature is more on the poetic side of life, and much less as a matter of sexual attraction. Yami is a short story that I consider as a teaching tale, for I have it construct to show how a child can develop a sense of responsibility early in life if he is educated with love and respect. Further, I wanted to show how a holistic approach to medicine and pediatrics can be realized in a cross-cultural setting, where Chinese, Thai and Western cultural wisdom are present among medical professionals.

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