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Monalisa Pamphlets

Monalisa PamphletsAudiobook
by Peter Fritz Walter

Playing Time
2.4 Hours

Spoken By
Peter Fritz Walter

Monalisa Pamphlets is a sampler volume that contains approximate translations of my German Monalisa Traktate. These pamphlets are among my best poetic writings. The translations are intentionally held simple and focus on the basic content, while the German original texts are more perfumed, outgoing, spicy and daring.

It should be noted that the pamphlet is an old literary art form dating back to the late Middle-Ages and early Renaissance. It is a literary genre that was later on completely neglected if not forgotten. At the time, the pamphlet was recited in a recitativo style, by a clown-like figure on public fares, and in circuses. The content was often real, but caricatural, or invented, but when it was invented, the story still was written in a manner that it appeared to be real.

The main cultures where the pamphlet flourished were Italy and Germany, in Germany being called Traktat. Typical for the literary art form is its grotesque and sometimes macabre humor, in which often is mixed a biting criticism of the reigning culture and mores.



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