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Peter Fritz Walter

Yami is a short story I have written and produced as an audio book; it that plays in 1970s Thailand. Yami, a country boy from Buriram, went with his family to Bangkok after the death of his father, where his mother gave birth to his sister Tania. While in the hospital, she made the acquaintance of Dr. Kenny Tsanaga who later leaves his family to devote his life entirely to help native children to survive. For this purpose, he moves to Chiang Mai, with his daughter Kani and after having adopted Yami informally because Yami preferred to live with him instead of staying with his mother and her new partner. Here he becomes the right hand of the director of a pediatric clinic, Dr. Patum Cheng, that was setup to cure the children of Mong and other mountain tribes in North Thailand from child asthma.

I used this story as a teaching tale for demonstrating vividly how children can be educated in other than codependent and emotionally suffocating ways as it is now rampant in our postmodern international consumer culture, and how adults can be emotionally and sensually nutritive in educating children without being incestuous or sexually abusive. I show in this tale how important natural sensuality is in adult-child relations, and how it can be integrated in a pleasure-affirming permissive education, by giving children an utmost of autonomy and by affirming their sexual development through a body-affirming attitude, and through non-interference in their erotic or nonerotic peer relations.

In its later part, the story also illustrates some of the holistic medical techniques used to heal the children, and not just the symptoms of child asthma. In fact, Dr. Cheng had adapted these curing techniques from actual native healing methods he had found practiced with the Mong in North Thailand and the cross-border Mong tribes in Vietnam and Laos.

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