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Soul Jazz

Audiobook by Peter Fritz Walter
spoken by the author

Soul Jazz is an introduction in soul development or what others call spiritual coaching. If you wish something basic as an introduction and at the same time practical for making your first steps in living your own personal reality, it’s perhaps this audio guide. My approach to realizing soul reality is radical in the sense that it does not bother about the reigning social values, but simply situates soul values on a higher and truly spiritual level of human realization. The inevitable conflict between soul values and social values has to be resolved within yourself, and this is your unique responsibility as a human being.

I also show in this guide, with references to other books, and especially the bestselling book ‘Care of the Soul (1994)’ by Thomas Moore, that cultivating soul is in its largest sense what heals our rampant cultural and individual narcissism, which is especially marked in solar cultures like the United States of America. Moore points out that the soul loves the shadows in the painting of life, and that people without shadow are what that whole nation has become: deeply narcissistic. Like the author, Moore sees the greatest pitfall and handicap of evolution in the moralistic plague that pervades this solar society that is built around shining values and an all-pervasive hero paradigm.

This caring of our soul identity, our soul reality and our soul values requires total acceptance of our soul marginality, which is our intrinsic difference from the mainstream herd; this care for our soul encompasses the nourishment, instead of repression, of our greatest oddities, our most hidden perversities and our greatest shame. It means to grow beyond the adolescent Peter Pan worldview of a young nation that thinks it can better nature and throw order-and-goodness over the head of its citizens, if not the world at large.

I fully agree with Thomas Moore when he says that from the perspective of the soul, perversity is meaningful, and has to be embraced instead of being discarded out and wiped under the carpet. The present audio guide gives you a road map for this consciousness work, which leads not to the ‘betterment’ of self, which is an illusion, but to true self-knowledge.

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