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The Drug Trap

by Pierre F. Walter

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Pierre F. Walter


THE DRUG TRAP was submitted as a white paper to a Drug Rehabilitation Center in the USA, back in 1998. The answer was the usual eternal silence I use to get anything I produce and publish – which did not for the least astonish me, but stringently corroborates what I am saying. Oedipal Culture’s denial of recognizing the child and adolescent as a sexual being, by denying erotic complexity has to be considered as the primary etiology of what today is fashionably called the ‘drug problem’, but which is just another outcome and inevitable consequence of patriarchy’s fundamental denial of the life function, the biological pleasure function, and the emonic vitality of the child.

Is is no wonder, thus, that so-called Drug Rehabilitation Centers are paddling in the same mud as political restoration and the eternal lies of global media manipulation that pervade the media today. They namely have to comply to the same credo and cover up with their ‘drug’ gibberish the same vital facts as our politicians in order to preserve their projections and beliefs in the total control of the citizen.

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The Etiology of Addiction
Healing Addiction

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