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The Star Script

Audiobook by Peter Fritz Walter
spoken by the author

The Star Script is a quite uncanny audio essay. I used karmic astrology profitably in my life for finding my own unique path of life, and yet I have not as a result developed a zeal for becoming a missionary of astrology. I am well aware of the fact that the self-knowledge you gain through astrology may not be the thing you really want. You may not be ready for it. You may not be mature enough to integrate this knowledge. And what we don’t integrate works against us. So how can this essay convince you of the usefulness of astrology?

You know intuitively what is true for you, and your problem may be lacking faith in your own innate wisdom. Astrology will deliver you a back reading of this innate knowledge you possess about your true soul destiny. The problem, then, obviously is not astrology, but how you use it! For if you tend to disregard your own hidden knowledge about your unique path of life, there is much chance that you will disregard the knowledge astrology provides as well. So you do your astrological quest, you pay the sometimes high fees to your astrologer, you read through the chart interpretation once or twice, and then lock it in a drawer—forever. And so what was the use of it all?

You can use astrology, but only from the moment you are open and ready to integrate the information it provides you with; this means you are then also open to see its limitations. When you see its limits, you get a felt sense also for its magnitude, and then you can appreciate the self-knowledge it provides you with.

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