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Consciousness and Shamanism

Audiobook by Peter Fritz Walter
spoken by the author

Consciousness and Shamanism is the result of my Ayahuasca voyage in 2004 to Ecuador, where I was drinking the sacred brew in the presence of an experienced Shuar shaman. As a consequence of this mind-opening experience, I erect here the hypothesis that when the traditional Ayahuasca brew is ingested, it is not, or not directly, the plant’s DMT that causes the spiritual voyage, as it is assumed in the overwhelming part of the literature on shamanism and entheogens, and especially by the McKenna Brothers and Rick Strassman, but the shaman’s superconsciousness impacting directly upon the consciousness of the shaman’s client, the seeker of truth who comes to drink the brew.

I explain in this audio essay the various theories of causation, and then report my own Ayahuasca experience in all detail, and cite the few research results from other consciousness researchers (Narby, Leadbeater, Villoldo) that seem to corroborate my hypothesis. I also bring forth other examples that sustain my theory, taken from former experiences with Filipino spiritual healers, homeopathy, medical hypnosis and Bach flower treatments.

I confront the mechanistic plant chemistry causation theorists with the possibility and even probability that the shaman’s directed superconscious intent impacts on the plant’s consciousness matrix and uses this matrix as a transmitting and amplifying agent for his powerful thought forms. This might be accomplished in practice via the creation, by thought energy, of elementals that in last resort effect the alteration of the client’s consciousness during the trance.

I call this a multi-causative theory of causation versus the reigning single-causative theory that holds it is solely the plant’s or the brew’s DMT that causes the consciousness-altering effects. I also bring forth evidence from the experience itself that appears to strongly corroborate my conclusions.


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