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While the first track is a free improvisation, the next series of 6 tracks was inspired by Debussy’s ’12 Etudes.’

However, I treat those etudes in a way that my hands are comfortable with and in a way absolutely not in alignment with classical piano teaching.

That is how I could reach the speed and accuracy of the diction, not because I practiced a lot of classical etudes. In fact, I practiced only one—Chopin’s op. 10/1—while generally playing etudes did not appeal to me.

For me etudes are simply a creative outflow of musical ideas arranged in a certain way with no purpose other than producing music—not producing musical idiots and people at conservatories who can hammer down any piano under their hands.

Staccatophos is a series of ideas spanning the years 2000 and 2001, a time of mourning for my mother who died in January 2000. It was a time for me to get deeply into Hakai poetry and Chinese/Japanese sonorities, which helped me to cope with my sadness.

These musical anecdotes remind in their brevity and their repetitive character the Asian puppet theater tradition, Wayang Golek in Indonesia or Kabuki or Hina Dolls theater in Japan, and they are characterized by syncopes, recurring ostinato, repetitions, ‘impossible’ speed (acceleration was used in post-production), parallel tonalities, duo-tonality, superposition of tonalities, moderate atonality and the purpose of using the piano as a percussion instrument in remembrance of modern piano music by Bartók, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Ligeti, as well as serial music. Another effect is strong dynamic contrast in the sense of Pianissisimo v. Fortississimo.

No recording gimmick was used, no overdubbing, no ‘cut-outs,’ no ‘double track’ and no overlay.


01/ Expériences magiques

02/ Petit Mozart

03/ Pour les quartes

04/ Pour les gammes

05/ Pour les tierces

06/ Pour les sextes

07/ Pour les sonorités

08/ Staccatophos 01/12

09/ Staccatophos 02/12

10/ Staccatophos 03/12

11/ Staccatophos 04/12

12/ Staccatophos 05/12

13/ Staccatophos 06/12

14/ Staccatophos 07/12

15/ Staccatophos 08/12

16/ Staccatophos 09/12

17/ Staccatophos 10/12

18/ Staccatophos 11/12

19/ Staccatophos 12/12

20/ Sunset


You have my permission to use my music for your project, film or slideshow. Be kind enough to tell me about it, though:) I like to see my music being useful to others, not just for my own glory!

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