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The Tao of Making Love


The Tao of Love Making is a unique collection. I composed it in 2014. The music is of a very soothing, relaxing quality, and it deliberately uses the Tritone overall.

The Tritone is a musical interval composed of three adjacent whole tones. It was considered ‘anathema’ in classical composition for very interesting reasons.

It was namely the Christian Church that declared the Tritone to be ‘heretical’ in its nature. Why was that? It was because the Tritone traditionally was associated with sexual desire and sexual fantasies. Conservatories around the world picked up on that in the 17th century and declared that the Tritone was ‘bad composition technique.’

The wake-up of this religious hypnosis was in the 19th century with Chopin and Scriabin, to name a few, and in the 20th century with composers such as Stravinsky or Ligeti. Scriabin’s entire musical philosophy was founded on the Tritone, and with Ligeti, we experience a veritable ecstasy of Tritones in his Etudes. And Stravinsky’s ‘Sacre du Printemps’ is unthinkable without the use of the Tritone in its overall composition.

In fact, the Tritone has a sexually exciting quality, and it is for that purpose that Romantic composers used it, including Wagner. It excites the emotional body and thereby, the sexual organs. And that is exactly why it was used in the Middle-Ages for love making before the Church condemned it and tried to eradicate it out of classical music.

In addition it needs to be acknowledged that love making is not just the satisfaction of desire. According to newest sex research, love making also leads to a spiritual transformation called ‘transcendence’ which means that people who make love regularly are more on the spiritual level of life than those who are not. Sounds uncanny? Not for someone who knows the Tao of Love.

This collection uses the Tritone deliberate to stimulate sexual desire and arousal for love making. Try it out and test it for yourself and your partner, and report to me the results by posting comments. Thank you!


01) Desire

02) Hot and Melting

03) Foreplay

04) Spectral Light

05) Pleasure 1/2

06) Pleasure 2/2

07) Transcendence

08) Ecstasy


You have my permission to use my music for your project, film or slideshow. Be kind enough to tell me about it, though:) I like to see my music being useful to others, not just for my own glory!

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