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2018 Music

Robot Music


My robot music, atonal.

It was the style I played when I was 6-years old and was sitting at a piano for the first time.

It was in the house of my mother’s friend for my mother hated classical music and there was no piano in our house as a result. (While she grew up in a really musical family.

My grandmother Irma and my mother’s older sister, Irmgard, played the piano and were great singers as well.

Sitting at the piano, my grandmother, Irma Eichenauer

Irmgard played at a high level, Liszt Etudes and Concertos, Chopin, Schumann.

My mother was deadly jealous and began to hate not only her sister, but as well classical music. What a shame!

So when I played for the first time, she shouted at me to stop ’the noise.’

That was all I needed to stop and feel bad about myself.

What a stupid mother, I thought to myself.

While her pianist friend only had watched me with big eyes, without giving any comment, careful and intelligent as she was.

Robot Music 1/5

Robot Music 2/5

Robot Music 3/5

Robot Music 4/5

Robot Music 5/5

When you listen to the music, please watch my robot drawings, done in 2015:

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