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Native Tales

Native TalesNew Age Music Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Lombok, Indonesia, 1997

Playing Time
33 Min.

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Native Tales is a collection inspired by the wisdom and beauty of native peoples around the world, and it is dedicated to their welfare.

Track 01/24

Track 02/24

Track 03/24

Track 04/24

Track 05/24

Track 06/24

Track 07/24

Track 08/24

Track 09/24

Track 10/24

Track 11/24

Track 12/24

Track 13/24

Track 14/24

Track 15/24

Track 16/24

Track 17/24

Track 18/24

Track 19/24

Track 20/24

Track 21/24

Track 22/24

Track 23/24

Track 24/24

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