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UfotroniaNew Age Music Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Asbach, Germany, 1997

Playing Time
25 Min.

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Ufotronia is a unique collection. The motif of UFOs has haunted the composer since my school times, and this is his tribute to UFOs, alien abductions and secrets behind the UFO phenomenon. One cannot say how this music came about, other than by an accident of programming of my KORG X5, but that sounds like a rationalization, after all.

Track 01/12

Track 02/12

Track 03/12

Track 04/12

Track 05/12

Track 06/12

Track 07/12

Track 08/12

Track 09/12

Track 10/12

Track 11/12

Track 12/12

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