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ImprovisationsInspirational Piano Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Provence, France, 2003

Playing Time
17 Min.

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Improvisations, a collection that I realized in 2003 in the Provence, France, during a period of intense creation, meditation and solitude, is in its overall presentation an explosive and highly condensed sample of this particular style of mine.

It is to be noted that in all my following piano collections, recording and playback are in real-time, thus I did not use any more from that point in my musical creations acceleration as an artistic method. As the Yamaha P80 Digital Piano could not always follow my violent outbursts, I replaced it by the Roland RD-700 professional stage piano after realizing this collection.

Improvisation 1

Improvisation 2

Improvisation 3

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