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Preludes 2001

Preludes 2001Inspirational Piano Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Production / Copyright
Neunkirchen, Germany, 2001

Playing Time
26 Min.

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Preludes 2001 is succeeding my Preludes 1995 collection, in much the same way as Ballads 2001 and Ballads For Mar follow up to Ballads 1995. This collection presents rich and abundant musical lines and original ideas that manifest freely and spontaneously on the digital piano.

Prelude 01/12

Prelude 02/12

Prelude 03/12

Prelude 04/12

Prelude 05/12

Prelude 06/12

Prelude 07/12

Prelude 08/12

Prelude 09/12

Prelude 10/12

Prelude 11/12

Prelude 12/12

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