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Jazzitations/RagtimesJazz/Blues Piano Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Production / Copyright
Asbach, Germany, 1997

Playing Time
22 Min.

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Jazzitations and Ragtimes were realized in 1995 and 1996. They mark the beginning of my personal piano style that is a mixture between jazz and cocktail piano, and classical influences, spiced with a good portion of childlike humor and unbridled ecstasy …

Jazzitation 1

Jazzitation 2

Jazzitation 3

Jazzitation 4

Jazzitation 5

Jazzitation 6

Jazzitation 7

Jazzitation 8

Ragtime 1

Ragtime 2

Ragtime 3

Ragtime 4

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