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Pour les Notes

Pour les notesModern Piano Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Neunkirchen, Germany, 2001

Playing Time
15.4 Min.

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Pour les notes is an unusual collection. It was composed in 2001, after Night Melodies and Staccatophos, the last collection of that productive year. This music was inspired by Debussy’s Pour le Piano and the piano etudes of the great French composer. Each peace treats another technical problem. The magic of these pieces is that after all they are not what they are supposed to be: piano etudes. For they were played spontaneously … without any previous planning, program or technical composing. Another influence upon my musical lines was Béla Bartók; in fact, I had studied his musical heritage for years, while I never really liked to practice the style, because it is pianistically so queer and unsatisfying.

Pour les notes répétées

Pour les accords alternés

Pour les tièrces

Pour les quartes

Pour les quintes

Pour les sixtes

Pour les septes

Pour les octaves

Pour les arpèges

Pour les mélodies

Pour les gammes

Pour les trilles

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