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StaccatophosModern Piano Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Neunkirchen, Germany, 2001

Playing Time
22 Min.

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Staccatophos is a collection that I realized as a musical satire, shortly after completing Haunting Pleasures. This collection has a funny anecdotic air around it as I always hated piano exercises that treated the staccato touch. In these pieces, one gets the impression that I make it all good what I formerly missed out: it is a true apotheosis of staccato, almost a staccato orgy, and there is much humor expressed in this music. When you have been taught music by teachers who never understood you, the only way to heal this narcissistic wound is humor. I am ridiculing here the whole sordid practice of so-called ‘classical piano’ thrown over the head of innocent children, and acting as a curse for their entire life. Strong humor and a sense of broad-minded sarcasm dissolves curses, obsessions, and traumata of all kinds!

Track 01/12

Track 02/12

Track 03/12

Track 04/12

Track 05/12

Track 06/12

Track 07/12

Track 08/12

Track 09/12

Track 10/12

Track 11/12

Track 12/12

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