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Ballads 2001

Ballads 2001Romantic-Poetic Piano Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Neunkirchen, Germany, 2001

Playing Time
53 Min.

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Ballads 2001, which I entitled Home Ballads, is a collection that continues my ballads tradition as an inspirational music collection. It came about in a depressed mood, under the spell of my mother’s death in the previous year. The mood is highly fantastic, exalted, spooky, grave.

Track 01/12

Track 02/12

Track 03/12

Track 04/12

Track 05/12

Track 06/12

Track 07/12

Track 08/12

Track 09/12

Track 10/12

Track 11/12

Track 12/12

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