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Golden Age

Golden AgeRomantic-Poetic Piano Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Provence, France, 2003

Playing Time
29 Min.

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Golden Age, a collection that I realized in 2003 in the Provence, France, contains a mix of older piano pieces and new ones, among which range, first of all, the title song. Some of these older pieces have a truly mystical quality about them. The title song, Golden Age, is a quite extraordinary creation, as it came about spontaneously as all the other pieces, but it’s a quite complex musical piece because of the mix piano-strings. I simply had split the keyboard and played the strings on the left side and the piano part on the right side of the keyboard—simultaneously. The same is true for Romantic Me, one of my favorites, that I created in a similar way, back in 1998 in Jakarta, and with my old Korg X5 synthesizer.


Piano Mystique

Romantic Me

Crystal Piano

Easy Ride

Mystic Vibes

Golden Age

Morning Jazz


Blues for Steve

Cocktail Blues


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