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Passion and Harmony

Passion and HarmonyRelaxation Music Collection
by Peter Fritz Walter

Provence, France, 2004

Playing Time
1.5 Hours

Composed & Played By
Peter Fritz Walter

Passion and Harmony is a relaxation collection that ideally accompanies meditation. The long first track, Passion, intently is, while relaxing and soothing, intermixed with emotional patterns. Contrary to most common relaxation collections that overlook the need for working through emotional stress instead of covering it up under ‘nice sounds’, this music suits best for remembering conflicting or hurting emotional experiences.

The deep relaxation then occurs in the second track, Harmony, that, after cathartic cleansing, really brings about a deep and total relaxation.

The sounds are carefully chosen so as to bring about energizing, revitalizing, relaxation and, as a result, a state of feeling newborn after the experience.

It is absolutely essential to listen to this music with high-quality headphones.



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