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In the Provence, 2002Here you can listen to the only songs I have realized so far.

I recorded them back in 2002 in the Provence, and I again trusted my intuition that it would work, and it did—without much preparation other than a short moment of inner silence.

Baby Girls is the only rock song I ever composed, as it is not really my type of music, but it fit the purpose well.

I actually put more emotion in the second song, Love for Iraq, for it’s the result of my indignation with the unlawful conquest of Iraq by the United States, despite the heavy opposition of France, Germany, and the EU as a whole.

Let me tell you a little how I recorded this. There was no dubbing or post-production. What is also unusual in the recording industry, I did not record the piano first and then dub my voice on it, no: I did it all at the same time, live. And I can do that any time, and know I can!

Thus, I was only doing one session, in real time, for both of the songs, the same day, starting with Baby Girls. And I was lucky enough that it succeeded without mistakes. I used this equipment: Roland RD-700 Digital Piano and Sure VP-88 Stereo Mic.

Baby Girls (2002)

Love for Iraq (2002)

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